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FIFA 15 PC demo released, now available on Origin

300 days 12 hours ago - As foretold by the prophets (or by an Origin news post, anyway) the FIFA 15 PC demo is now available. You can download it for free by heading to Or... | News | PC


Hatoful Boyfriend Review | IncGamers

302 days 8 hours ago - When ornithology becomes hornithology, which Hatoful Boyfriend will set your heart aflutter? IncGamers' Peter Parrish is just the man to find out. | Review | PC


Elite: Dangerous to make explorers rich, SLI coming in Beta 2

304 days 11 hours ago - The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter (#39) contains some interesting details about how exploration will function in the full game. It’s described... | News | PC


The Walking Dead Season 2: Everything Telltale got right, and wrong

306 days 9 hours ago - With the Walking Dead’s second season now concluded, IncGamers' Peter Parrish looks back on the high and low points of Clementine’s Bogus Journey. | Opinion piece | PC


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Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Review | IncGamers

309 days 2 hours ago - Is Crown of the Old Iron King’s land of smelting and ash another worthwhile add-on? IncGamers' Peter Parrish travels below to furnace you with answ... | Review | PC


Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Old Iron King Guide, Hints & Tips

311 days 10 hours ago - Whether you’re being battered by the bosses or irritated by ashen idols, the IncGamers guide to the Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Old Iron King DLC can... | Opinion piece | PC


Elite: Dangerous details new Ocellus starport and missions

311 days 12 hours ago - The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter has been issued, containing a few details (and images) of a new Ocellus starport plus Beta 2 mission info. | News | PC


IncGamers Podcast #178 with Solarix Producer Mark Gregory

313 days 11 hours ago - This week: The IncGamers Podcast team is joined by Solarix' Mark Gregory to discuss development on that game, as well as Lizard DDoSing and Twitch... | Podcast | PC


Dynasty Warriors 8: XL PC Japanese Voice DLC should now download properly

314 days 12 hours ago - When it was “released” last week, the Dynasty Warriors 8: XL Japanese Voice DLC pack didn’t actually download properly through Steam. It’s now ther... | News | PC


Elite: Dangerous Beta 1.3 Impressions | IncGamers

318 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish makes sure the universe will never go short of fish ever again, in space trucking odyssey Elite: Dangerous. | Preview | PC


PES 2015 missing PC visuals detailed by Konami

318 days 12 hours ago - Konami surprised and frustrated a lot of PC users when it revealed last week that the PC version of PES 2015 would actually look worse than the Xbo... | News | PC


Invisible, Inc. Early Access Preview | IncGamers

319 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers' Tim McDonald learns that running a mercenary espionage outfit in a dystopian, megacorporation-run future is harder than it sounds. | Preview | PC


Dark Souls 2 Calibration 1.10 update coming 25 August

319 days 11 hours ago - Ahead of the release of Crown of the Old Iron King next, Dark Souls 2 will be getting an new Calibrations 1.10 patch tweaking various things. It’s... | News | PC


Ubisoft says it will improve PC support: Do we believe them this time?

322 days 12 hours ago - In what may soon be an annual event, Ubisoft says the company will improve how it creates and supports games on PC. That’s an easy thing to say, bu... | Opinion piece | PC


Elite: Dangerous hid free Beta access USBs in Cologne

325 days 11 hours ago - If you happen to live in Cologne, there is a very small chance that you might be able to get access to the Elite: Dangerous Beta for free. The Fron... | News | PC


Europa Universalis IV: The Art of War DLC revealed

326 days 2 hours ago - Paradox has revealed a new upcoming expansion for Europa Universalis IV. It’s called The Art of War, which gives something of a clue as to what kin... | News | PC


Crusader Kings 2′s next DLC is all about Charlemagne

326 days 9 hours ago - Paradox didn’t leave out Crusader Kings 2 at their fan event in Gamescom, announcing a new DLC for that game as well. This add-on will be all about... | News | PC


Cities: Skylines announced at Paradox fan event

326 days 9 hours ago - Perhaps the most surprisingly reveal of Paradox’s Gamescom event was Cities: Skylines, an old school city builder from Colossal Order. They’re the... | News | PC


Total War: Rome 2 gets free unit update and Daughters of Mars DLC

326 days 10 hours ago - You’ll now be able to sweep the planet (or, well, Europe and some of Africa) with an army worthy of Boudicca in Total War: Rome 2, as Creative Asse... | News | PC


Europa Universalis IV expansion to be revealed 14 August

327 days 7 hours ago - Paradox will be announcing (and maybe demonstrating) a new Europa Universalis IV expansion as part of their fan event in Gamescom. | News | PC


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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