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BioShock Infinite’s Burial at Sea conclusion includes a Thief-tastic 1998 mode

202 days 5 hours ago - BioShock Infinite's Burial at Sea Part 2 will include a stealth-focused "1998 mode" in a nod to the Looking Glass title Thief: The Dark Project. | News | PC


Rhianna Pratchett “chose not to talk about” her work on Thief

204 days 3 hours ago - There are further indications of a disjointed and unhappy development process behind the new Thief title in a series of tweets from Rhianna Pratche... | News | PC


DayZ, Dean Hall’s Departure and the Dramas of Early Access

204 days 3 hours ago - In the great DayZ Dean Hall departure debate, almost everybody is right. Including Dean Hall, writes IncGamers' Peter Parrish. | Opinion piece | PC


Deus Ex: The Fall appears to be bound for PC

204 days 13 hours ago - It appears the iOS title Deus Ex: The Fall will be coming to PC in the near future. A fellow going by the name of DevinWatson has been combing thro... | News | PC


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar Preview | IncGamers

205 days 4 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish dabbles in some Early Access legions, supply lines and trebuchets with Longbow Games' Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar. | Preview | PC


IncGamers Plays Cloudbuilt

208 days 2 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish attempts to keep his footing in a pair of Cloudbuilt's early parkour levels. | Video | PC


Starbound releases Hotfix 4 for Enraged Koala, stops container deletion

208 days 23 hours ago - The last thing you want in Starbound is for all your stuff to go missing. Luckily, Hotfix 4 should put a stop to that. | News | PC


IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #153

209 days 23 hours ago - This week on the IncGamers Podcast: Irrational Games closure, Steam tags outrage, Harmonix's music-meets-FPS drug trip and lots of Titanfall discus... | Podcast | PC


Titanfall Preview - IncGamers' Impressions of the Beta

209 days 23 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish and Tim McDonald discuss the PC Titanfall Beta. They may have Titanfallen for it. | Preview | PC


Cloudbuilt Preview | IncGamers

210 days 1 hour ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish finds that you’ll have to be pretty cumulonimble to master this one. | Preview | PC


IncGamers Plays Titanfall

210 days 2 hours ago - See the IncGamers team get shot at, kicked, stepped on and blown up across all of Titanfall's beta game modes. Footage from the PC version of the g... | Video | PC


Banished Review | IncGamers

211 days 16 hours ago - IncGamers' Paul Younger spends some time with the exiled people of Shining Rock's settlement builder. | Review | PC


Total War: Rome 2′s Beasts of War DLC includes bee catapults

211 days 23 hours ago - Fancy launching bees, snakes and scorpions across the ancient world? Total War: Rome 2 can sort you out, for a price. | News | PC


IncGamers Plays Banished – Part 2

212 days ago - IncGamers' Paul Younger returns to Shining Rock's settlement builder to see if he can keep everybody properly fed and sheltered. | Video | PC


Dirt 4 teased again by Codemasters

215 days 3 hours ago - We’re pretty much at the point where a Dirt 4 announcement is coming sooner rather than later from Codemasters. Today, the official Dirt twitter ac... | News | PC


IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #152

216 days 2 hours ago - This week on the IncGamers Podcast: curtains, The Elder Scrolls Online, Tim's bid for world power, Dark Souls 2 and exclusive speculation about Dee... | Podcast | PC


Tropico 5 screenshots show deco skyscrapers, beaches and a tornado

218 days 2 hours ago - More screenshots from Tropico 5, courtesy of Kalypso. These ones show some of the various island buildings through the ages and a rather menacing t... | Screenshot | PC


Valve’s In-Home Streaming beta: How it copes over a limited home network

218 days 4 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish investigates whether the magical data transfer power of Valve’s In-Home Streaming can overcome his quite rubbish wireless... | Opinion piece | PC


Dark Souls II’s Teen ESRB rating isn’t cause for alarm

218 days 22 hours ago - Fans are understandably wary of this ratings downgrade, but Dark Souls II sounds just as grim as its predecessor. Even in the ESRB's own words. | Opinion piece | PC


Mantle revisited: AMD’s Catalyst 14.1 beta drivers and Battlefield 4

219 days 3 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish takes a look at how AMD's Mantle performs in DICE’s troubled shooter. | Opinion piece | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post
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