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Elite: Dangerous Beginner’s Starting Guide & Tips

292 days 3 hours ago - Learn how to tell your Asp from your elbow with the IncGamers beginner’s guide to getting up and running in the daunting world of Elite: Dangerous. | Opinion piece | PC


Dark Souls Steam migration details coming on Monday

295 days 14 hours ago - Bandai Namco community manager J Kartje has provided another update about the Steam migration process for Dark Souls. | News | PC


Steam Winter Sale begins 18 December, preceded by auctions

296 days 10 hours ago - Valve has announced the start date (and time) of the 2014 Steam Winter Sale, and come up with a way for people to recycle unwanted trading cards. T... | News | PC


Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Port Impressions | IncGamers

296 days 14 hours ago - Have Square Enix learned their porting lessons for Final Fantasy XIII-2? IncGamers' Tim McDonald finds out. | Preview | PC


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post

Dragon Age: Inquisition PC hotfix for Patch 2 released

296 days 15 hours ago - Patches within patches continue for the PC version of Dragon Age: Inquisition, with today bringing a hotfix for Patch 2’s graphical woes. Welcome …... | News | PC


Football Manager 2015 version 15.2.0 makes Frank Lampard more cheerful

297 days 12 hours ago - Grumpy Frank Lampard will no longer automatically hate it in New York, thanks to this new update for Football Manager 2015. | News | PC


Elite: Dangerous Gamma 2.0 released, adds ships and route planning

297 days 15 hours ago - Elite: Dangerous has skipped right over Gamma 1.6-1.9 and headed straight to Gamma 2.0 for this sizeable update. | News | PC


SimCity 2000 Special Edition is free on Origin for a bit

298 days 16 hours ago - One of EA’s semi-regular ‘On the House’ Origin offers has appeared today, giving away SimCity 2000 Special Edition for free. | News | PC


Far Cry 4 PC patch 1.5.0 released, stuttering still remains

299 days 15 hours ago - The previously detailed PC patch 1.5.0 for Far Cry 4 has been released by Ubisoft today, but players are still reporting problems with stuttering a... | News | PC


Far Cry 4 PC Patch 1.5.0 detailed, due next week

302 days 7 hours ago - Ubisoft has detailed a forthcoming new PC patch for Far Cry 4, which will be available at some point next week (8 December onwards). | News | PC


Dark Souls Steam migration should be “next week or so”

302 days 7 hours ago - Bandai Namco haven’t forgotten about moving Dark Souls over to Steamworks, and according to their US community manager J Kartje hope to get it done... | News | PC


Game of Thrones: Episode One – Iron From Ice Review | IncGamers

304 days 5 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish searches frantically for the “don’t trust anybody about anything” dialogue option in Telltale’s take on Game of Thrones. | Review | PC


The Old City: Leviathan Review | IncGamers

304 days 16 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish gets to dust off some post-modern texts and bust up some meta-narratives, all thanks to The Old City: Leviathan. | Review | PC


The Crew PC Port Impressions | IncGamers

306 days 5 hours ago - Since Half-Life 3 is never coming out, it’s nice to see The Crew letting people cosplay as hipster Gordon Freeman. IncGamers weighs up the PC port... | Preview | PC


Starpoint Gemini 2 Review | IncGamers

306 days 17 hours ago - IncGamers' Paul Younger mucks about in the great big space sandbox that is LGM and Iceberg Interactive's Starpoint Gemini 2. | Review | PC


Rollers of the Realm Review | IncGamers

313 days 16 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish reviews Rollers of the Realm and finds that these deft dungeon grind kids sure play a mean pinball. | Review | PC


Far Cry 4 PC patch 1.4.0 released, claims to fix black screen issues

313 days 16 hours ago - The previously delayed PC patch 1.4.0 for Far Cry 4 has now been released, and should roll out across uPlay and Steam throughout the day. | News | PC


Valkyria Chronicles patch fixes mouse sensitivity, more

316 days 16 hours ago - SEGA’s PC port of Valkyria Chronicles was already pretty solid, but a new patch has removed a couple of the minor issues. | News | PC


Rugby 15 Review | IncGamers

316 days 16 hours ago - HB Studios release their latest rugby union game, Rugby 15, and IncGamers' Paul Younger scrums down to find out if this is a game rugby fans should... | Review | PC


Elite: Dangerous Beta 3.9 update detailed, goes live “in about an hour”

316 days 22 hours ago - Beta 3.9 is scheduled for launch today, and according to a post on the Frontier forums should be going live in “about an hour.” Full changelog deta... | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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