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War for the Overworld Interview with Subterranean Games

138 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers' Rich Nolan talks to Subterranean Games' Josh Bishop and Lee Moon about War for the Overworld, their Kickstarted 'spiritual successor' to... | Interview | PC


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review | IncGamers

139 days 11 hours ago - Do you like hurting other people? You should probably read Tim McDonald's Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number review first anyway, either way. | Review | PC


Europa Universalis IV El Dorado DLC Review | IncGamers

145 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish tries to follow the path of the setting sun to El Dorado, but winds up in Glasgow surrounded by Scottish Mayans. | Review | PC


Dwarf Fortress Interview with Tarn ‘Toady’ Adams | IncGamers

146 days 9 hours ago - IncGamers' Rich Nolan talks to Tarn 'Toady' Adams, creator of the enduringly complex and inspiring Dwarf Fortress, about the game's history, future... | Interview | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate Independence Day with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Bear Simulator “very much alive,” but still no Kickstarter updates

147 days 7 hours ago - IncGamers has received an email from Bear Simulator press contact Britnie Farwick, which claims that the game is “very much alive” and suggests the... | News | PC


Standardising Release Dates: What Games Can Learn from Music | IncGamers

148 days 9 hours ago - Last week, the music industry took action to standardise global release dates. Time for the games industry to take similar steps, thinks IncGamers'... | Opinion piece | PC


StarDrive 2 Preview | IncGamers

151 days 6 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish fends off space blackmail and elephant racists in this hands-on look at a beta build of StarDrive 2. | Preview | PC


IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #202

153 days 8 hours ago - This week on the IncGamers Podcast: Robot Wars references, Steam VR (maybe,) GTA V delayzzz, Nvidia being naughty, Homeworld chat and Frozen Cortex. | Podcast | PC


Resident Evil Revelations 2 PC Port Impressions | IncGamers

153 days 8 hours ago - IncGamers' Tim McDonald takes a look at whether the PC version of the latest Resident Evil is a revelation, or a horror. | Preview | PC


Bear Simulator dev vanishes, last Kickstarter update in September

158 days 9 hours ago - It’s been almost five months since the Bear Simulator Kickstarter posted an update (23 September,) and efforts to contact the creator “John Farjay”... | News | PC


Sunset Preview | IncGamers

161 days 10 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish spends some time in Sunset’s 1970s South American penthouse, a place with more orange and brown than a tanning salon colou... | Preview | PC


Evolve Review | IncGamers

162 days 12 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish ventures into the marshes and gorges on raw flesh until he turns into a twisted beast of unimaginable power. Then he revie... | Review | PC


Darkest Dungeon Early Access Impressions | IncGamers

167 days 10 hours ago - Tim McDonald's +2 Hat of Dungeon-Exploring Synonyms makes him the perfect IncGamers person to delve into the gaming world's Darkest Dungeon and rep... | Preview | PC


IncGamers PC Gaming Podcast #200

168 days 4 hours ago - This week on the IncGamers Podcast: Bethesda at E3, Shadow Realms cancelled, Eye tracking (what?,) Cities XXL, Spec Ops and Darkest Dungeon. Plus,... | Podcast | PC


Underworld Ascendant Interview: Paul Neurath on immersive design | IncGamers

172 days 9 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish speaks to Looking Glass Studios founder Paul Neurath about revisiting the Underworld series and immersive game design. | Interview | PC


Game of Thrones: Episode 2 – The Lost Lords Review | IncGamers

174 days 4 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish logs more time with the Forresters in Telltale’s ongoing adaptation of Game of Thrones. Who's going to die this month? | Review | PC


Apotheon Review | IncGamers

175 days 13 hours ago - IncGamers' Peter Parrish finds Apotheon to be a Grecian side-scrolling brawler-RPG that really urns its plaudits. | Review | PC


Grim Fandango Remastered Review | IncGamers

182 days 23 hours ago - No bones about it, Grim Fandango is the greatest adventure game in all the land of the living. IncGamers' Peter Parrish reviews the remastered edit... | Review | PC


The Escapists Early Access Impressions | IncGamers

183 days 12 hours ago - Early visiting hours are open for Mouldy Toof’s sandbox test of prison escapology. IncGamers' Peter Parrish puts his rope-blanket creation skills t... | Preview | PC


Way of the Samurai 4 PC release pushed to February

187 days 7 hours ago - People looking forward to Ghostlight’s PC port of Way of the Samurai 4 will have to wait a bit longer than previously thought, as the game is now e... | News | PC


YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post
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