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Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Review | Rule of Three

20 days 14 hours ago - Rule of Three: "I love the Fatal Frame games, but Maiden of Black Water is the weakest in the series." | Review | Wii U


Assassin's Creed Syndicate review | Good Game

20 days 14 hours ago - The series has finally hit its peak. They've finally perfected the formula and done away with a lot of the problematic and tedious elements. It's j... | Review | PC


The Voice of Vanille to Play Final Fantasy XIII For Charity

20 days 21 hours ago - FFU writes: "You may remember Georgia Van Cuylenburg from her work on Final Fantasy XIII. Well now she is arranging a special event where she'll be... | News | PC


Tacoma and the new world of making games

21 days 7 hours ago - With a hit under their belts, the makers of Gone Home are setting up a different kind of studio. | Interview | PC


Win the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset!!

Now - Join us on FIlmwatch to find out how you could win the much anticipated Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 2 Boxset on Blu-ray. | Promoted post

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Review | Slant Magazine

21 days 8 hours ago - Maiden of Black Water isn't perfect, but it's a compelling experience, made all the more precious now that there's so little like it. | Review | Wii U


Review: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water | Nintendojo

21 days 9 hours ago - Maiden of Black Water needs to be on everyone’s wish list. | Review | Wii U


Tacoma's Ordinary World: The Blessedly Banal Future of the Future in Gaming

21 days 12 hours ago - Paste: "The future in videogames is often a nigh-on operatic affair, with grandiose plotlines and Wagnerian heroes and villains set to epic setting... | Opinion piece | PC


I'm afraid to play Fallout 4

22 days 11 hours ago - Polygon: Don't get me wrong, I'm going to play Fallout 4. I've been waiting for the game since I finished Fallout 3 in 2009, though I've returne... | Opinion piece | PC


Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Review | Brash Games

23 days 6 hours ago - Despite its issues though, there is a lot to like about the latest release in the long running, Project Zero series. Quite unlike anything else ou... | Review | Wii U


How Fatal Frame’s Creator Scares Players And His Real Life Ghost Stories

23 days 6 hours ago - Siliconera: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water takes players to Mt. Hikami where you’ll guide three characters who are investigating the truth behi... | Interview | Wii U


8 Bits of Fallout Logic to Remember for Fallout 4

23 days 6 hours ago - OX writes: If you're going to survive the post-war devastation of Fallout 4, you're going to have to set aside your pre-war common sense, because... | Opinion piece | PC


European Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Limited Edition unboxing

23 days 9 hours ago - This Friday, Europe will be getting Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, including a limited edition version at retail. You can take a look at an un... | Video | Wii U


Why Final Fantasy VIII Is Still My Favorite

23 days 11 hours ago - Nerd Union: "I’ve never liked the idea that I should like something simply because it’s expected or that the majority prefers it. When I tell peopl... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Ways Final Fantasy VI Defined Your Gaming Childhood

23 days 12 hours ago - Dork Shelf: OK, fine. By “your childhood” I mean “my childhood,” but the Super Nintendo’s gold standard role-playing game had enough appeal to have... | Opinion piece | Retro


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water review | 4Gamers

24 days 9 hours ago - Fatal Frame: Maiden or Black Water is a game that brought the (Japanese) horror atmosphere back, thanks to sound audiovisual work and a dark story. | Review | Wii U


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (Wii U) Review | Cubed3

24 days 10 hours ago - Perhaps one day Fatal Frame will be in better hands, but for now Maiden of Black Water ranks as one of the better horror games to come out in a lon... | Review | Wii U


Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water review | Pressplay

24 days 10 hours ago - While production qualities for the game are quite respectable, it hooks mainly on gameplay. | Review | Wii U


Analyzing All 18 Of Overwatch's Playable Beta Characters

24 days 13 hours ago - Forbes: I wanted to go a little deeper into each character that’s currently available for play. I’m no competitive FPS expert, but as an average pl... | Opinion piece | PC


Mike Faces the Actual Stig in Forza Motorsport 6

24 days 13 hours ago - OX writes: A few weeks ago, Microsoft set me a little challenge: beat The Stig from Top Gear in a Bentley Continental GT while being thrown around... | Videocast | Xbox One


Slender Kid is a Jerk in Slender: The Arrival on Xbox One

24 days 13 hours ago - OX writes: After yesterday's adventure in haunted paintings, we continue our Halloween horror spooktacular by returning to Slender: The Arrival. I... | Videocast | Xbox One


Super Mario Maker (Wii U) Review

Now - Justin tries his hand at creating supreme Mario levels. | Promoted post
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