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Cataegis: The White Wind Has A Dynamic Story To Match Its Action

10 days 5 hours ago - After a few years’ work, solo developer Ácido Cinza has finished his retro-style 2D action arcade game Cataegis : The White Wind and released it on... | News | PC


Video Games Can Make Kids Healthier, Happier, And More Successful In School

10 days 5 hours ago - Forbes: Jane McGonigal’s first book, Reality Is Broken (2011), was an international bestseller. In it she celebrated the positive aspects of gaming... | News | Culture


Until Dawn review | PC Games

10 days 7 hours ago - Until Dawn is very entertaining, but certainly not for everyone. | Review | PS4


Xbox Head's Excuses For No 'Halo 5' Splitscreen Are Nonsense

10 days 7 hours ago - Spencer’s line about people being “too busy” to all hang out in the same place so splitscreen isn’t needed makes literally no sense. | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Get Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS - Now 60% off!

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Closers – SEGA shuts down Japan server due to third party attacks

10 days 9 hours ago - Recently, the servers for Closers Japan got attacked by what was a “third party attack”, which led publisher SEGA to shut down the game until early... | News | PC


Shapes are scary in Euclidean, a 'geometric horror'

10 days 9 hours ago - KSD writes: There’s a moment in the Strugatsky brothers’ Roadside Picnic when its protagonist, Redrick—overtaken by the side effects of time spent... | Opinion piece | PC


Until Dawn review | Tertangala

10 days 10 hours ago - Tertangala: "Not only is Until Dawn one of the best games I’ve played this year, it also marks an important first step into a new direction for emo... | Review | PS4


Until Dawn (PS4) Review | GameAxis

10 days 10 hours ago - Until Dawn isn’t a bad game but it certainly isn’t for everybody. To truly enjoy the game, one needs to put aside expectations of what video games... | Review | PS4


Dear Square Enix, FFVII isn’t Broken, so please don’t “fix” it

10 days 13 hours ago - GE writes: Final Fantasy VII has won numerous awards including “Best RPG” of all time, “Best Game of All Time” and even won a “Readers’ Choice Game... | Opinion piece | PS4


'Until Dawn': 5 Cast And Gameplay Tweaks A Sequel For Supermassive's PS4 Exclusive Must Have

10 days 20 hours ago - Design and Trend: "Until Dawn" has proven to be one of the PS4's best exclusives and a major YouTube success. In that sense, a sequel to the spooky... | Opinion piece | PS4


9 Other Dignity-Free Ways to Win at Games

10 days 20 hours ago - OX writes: We recently shared some sneaky tricks that give you the edge over your enemies at the bargain price of your self-respect, which we were... | Opinion piece | Culture


Until Dawn - PS4 Game Review | The Bristolian Gamer

10 days 22 hours ago - Until Dawn is a tense and creepy adventure that will keep you hooked from start to finish. | Review | PS4


Eri Sasaki to sing the theme song for the new YU-NO game

10 days 22 hours ago - Next year, the remake of the YU-NO game will be released. It has been revealed that the opening theme song for the game will come from Eri Sasaki. | News | PS4


Assassin's Creed Syndicate's Jacob Frye Is a Comedy Idiot

10 days 22 hours ago - OX writes: Assassin Creed Syndicate hero Jacob Frye isn't the suave Ezio Auditore clone we were expecting. As you will discover in this gameplay,... | Videocast | PC


Until Dawn Review | Review Gamers

10 days 23 hours ago - Until Dawn is a flawed, but fun experience. Although an unfocused story means it falls short of greatness, it is an otherwise entertaining homage t... | Review | PS4


Until Dawn Game Review | Grue Monkey

10 days 23 hours ago - Pick it up, make sure to play through it more than once, and enjoy! | Review | PS4


Until Dawn Review | spin1038

10 days 23 hours ago - Despite all that, Until Dawn is still a heck of a lot of fun, one of the few games that passive viewers can enjoy almost as much as the active play... | Review | PS4


Lara Croft Rampages Through Siberia in Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay

11 days 3 hours ago - OX writes: Lara Croft gets back to raiding tombs in Rise of the Tomb Raider, due on Xbox One in November. Watch as Mike and I use cunning, stealth... | Videocast | PS4


Final Fantasy X: A Walk Down Memory Lane

11 days 5 hours ago - Comixasylum: " While everyone is gearing up for the re-release FFV and the anticipation of the launch for FFXV in 2016, I want to sit back and disc... | Opinion piece | PS2


I Know That Voice: Meet The Trans Voice Actress from Red Dead Redemption

11 days 5 hours ago - HuffPost: Owner and operator of GTAGaming.com, professional transgender voice actress Casey Mongillo oversees a fan base with hundreds of thousands... | Interview | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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