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WWE 2K15 Roster: 12 Superstars Who Could Make Their Franchise Debut

6 days 18 hours ago - This feature will talk through WWE’s new additions and how they’ll fit into the video gaming context. | Opinion piece | PC


Japanese Rocker GACKT Attempts To Play Megaman 2...Again

6 days 19 hours ago - Continuing their odd collaboration, Japanese rocker GACKT and Nestlé have released another "Game Center" video, where GACKT must play a game every... | Video | Wii


20 Most Ridiculous Gaming Peripherals

6 days 19 hours ago - You'd be better off making your own controller than buying this rubbish! | Opinion piece | Culture


PES 2015: 8 Features You Need To Know

6 days 19 hours ago - What gameplay improvements can gamers expect from Konami this year? | Opinion piece | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

10 Batman Villains That Need Their Own Video Games

6 days 19 hours ago - For the truly fearsome villains that were never meant to be the underlings of anyone. | Opinion piece | Culture


Moonlight Blade – Brief look at Closed Beta 3 for new martial arts title

6 days 20 hours ago - With companies such as Perfect World (Swordsman) and Snail Game (Age of Wushu) churning out flagship martial arts title, China’s biggest gaming com... | News | PC


20 Mind-Blowing Gaming Facts You Probably Never Knew

6 days 21 hours ago - WC writes: If there’s one thing the gaming medium does more than any other, it’s surprise us, and here we’ve come up with 20 bizarre, hilarious and... | Opinion piece | PC


20 Most Frustrating Video Game Moments Ever

6 days 22 hours ago - These titles come with a warning that you will probably end up wanting to snap the disc clean in half. | Opinion piece | Culture


Dragon Slayer – Debut test phase to begin later this month in Taiwan

6 days 22 hours ago - Developed by Taiwanese studio X-Legend Entertainment (Aura Kingdom), Dragon Slayer will be entering its debut test phase on 17th July. Similar to a... | News | PC


GRID Autosport Review | Good Game

7 days 5 hours ago - GRID Autosport is not a game for everyone, and the massive campaign just doesn't really reward you enough to make you want to go back to it. But if... | Review | PC


Fright - Review | AACG

7 days 10 hours ago - Fright is not exactly frightening, but it is surely a very sinister HOPA. The environment is awesomely eerie, the plot is interesting, the gamepla... | Review | PC


7 Kinect Disasters That Ruined Motion Controlled Gaming

7 days 14 hours ago - WC writes: Kinect is all but redundant – it’s not without reason that Microsoft saw fit to backtrack on the compulsory inclusion of the updated ver... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Ultimate Anime Summer Kicks Off Free Gifts In Mabinogi

7 days 15 hours ago - With summer here, MMORPG Mabinogi is bringing with it the “Ultimate Anime Summer”. It’s a series of events lasting throughout the season. | News | PC


The 7 best things about the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U

7 days 15 hours ago - The moment you break open a next-gen console’s packaging is special. | Opinion piece | PS4


Far Cry 4 pre-orders announced for India, freebies exclusive to Games The Shop for now

7 days 17 hours ago - As if last week’s Assassin’s Creed Unity pre-order bonanza wasn’t enough, Ubisoft’s announced what you get on paying upfront for Far Cry 4. | News | PC


Phantom Breaker: Extra Is Being Gauged For U.S. Release

7 days 21 hours ago - PR and marketing firm Strangely Compelling are at Anime Expo this year, and they’ve brought the PlayStation Vita version of Phantom Breaker: Battle... | News | Xbox 360


English version of MMORPG Onigiri off to a bad start with game launcher crashes

7 days 22 hours ago - Cyberstep’s latest MMORPG Onigiri was officially released yesterday, but not without issues, as there have been reports of the game launcher crashing. | News | PC


Aksys To Publish BlazBlue: Battle Cards For iOS Devices

7 days 22 hours ago - BlazBlue Battle Cards is a game for iOS devices, and is being released by Aksys Games in North America this Fall. | News | iPhone


Aksys To Publish Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters In North America

8 days 7 hours ago - Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters is coming to North America, courtesy of Aksys Games. | News | PS3


Under Night In-Birth Coming To North America

8 days 10 hours ago - Aksys Games are localizing Under Night In-Birth for release in North America. | News | PS3


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