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New TERA promo images feature sexy Korean girl group f(x)

9 days 1 hour ago - A batch of new promotional images have been released for TERA. The pictures feature sexy Korean girl group f(x) who are the spokesmodels for the game. | Image | PC


Far Cry 4 Review | The Skinny

9 days 1 hour ago - Bloated though it may occasionally appear, at its best Far Cry 4 is pure unadulterated fun and one of the most satisfying open world experiences av... | Review | PC


Asuna and Miyuki show Christmas cheer for The Irregulat at Magic High School: Out of Order

9 days 1 hour ago - It is finally December, which means the Christmas season is finally upon us, and to bring so seasonal cheer, Sword Art Online’s Asuna and The Irreg... | Image | PS3


Far Cry 4 Review : An Exhilarating Journey through Kyrat | Gaming Central

9 days 2 hours ago - Amazing Graphics, immersive world and atmosphere. Everything you could want from a sequel to Far Cry 3. This game is amazing and worth your money. | Review | PC


Win a PS4!!

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Nintendo Localizing Devil Survivor 2: Break Record For Korea

9 days 3 hours ago - Devil Survivor 2 wasn’t released in Korea, but the expanded 3DS version will. Nintendo of Korea is localizing and publishing Devil Survivor 2: Brea... | News | 3DS


Bravely Second Introduces The New Cat Master Class

9 days 3 hours ago - Square Enix has something for you cat-lovers out there in Bravely Second. | News | 3DS


Far Cry 4 Review | Bone-idle

9 days 3 hours ago - Far Cry 4 is a really good game, it is just not as good as Far Cry 3. | Review | PC


Far Cry 4 – review | tn2 Magazine

9 days 5 hours ago - Far Cry 4 is not a major departure, but it didn’t need to be. If you liked the previous game you’ll love this one, but maybe hold off on buying a... | Review | PC


'Far Cry 4′ Review | Nerdly

9 days 5 hours ago - An improvement on the previous retail game, Far Cry 4 still doesn’t scratch my FPS itch the way that Blood Dragon, and to a lesser extent, the orig... | Review | PC


Far Cry 4 review | Budgetgaming

9 days 5 hours ago - These frustrations put aside, Far Cry 4 is certainly a fantastic game that builds on the road that Far Cry 3 is stamped. | Review | PC


'Far Cry 4′ Review: Watch Out for Tigers | EM

9 days 5 hours ago - Far Cry 4 may not just be a fantastic sequel, it may be one of the best open world games ever created. | Review | PC


Time Avenger (Aka AeternoBlade On 3DS) Is Coming To PlayStation Vita

9 days 5 hours ago - It appears Arc System Works is working on a PlayStation Vita port of AeternoBlade, a side-scrolling fantasy game for Nintendo 3DS. The game was ren... | News | PS Vita


Boys Can Be Magical Girls, Too

9 days 8 hours ago - Magical Boys is a short, freeware visual novel about three boys who gain magical powers when wearing frilly outfits. | News | PC


Grisaia no Rakuen: Le Eden De La Grisaia Opening Movie released

10 days 1 hour ago - Prototype have released the official opening movie for the upcoming new version of Grisaia no Rakuen: Le Eden De La Grisaia. | Video | PSP


New Idol Unveiled for Korean Edition of iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

10 days 1 hour ago - DeNA Seoul, the publishers of the Korean edition of the massively popular Japanese mobile card game The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls, unveiled a n... | News | iPhone


Etrian Odyssey Untold II Has A Downloadble Quest Designed To Level Your Party Up

10 days 2 hours ago - Atlus has three more downloadable quests for Etrian Odyssey Untold 2. One is made for adventurers level 85 and above while the other is made to hel... | News | 3DS


Review: New Nintendo 3DS XL - Stop gaming on your smartphone | CyberShack

10 days 2 hours ago - The New 3DS is what the 3DS should have been when it first launched in 2011. The New 3DS is a handheld for those who love gaming. | Review | 3DS


Review: Geometry Wars 3 - Sometimes love don't feel like it should | CyberShack

10 days 5 hours ago - Geometry Wars 3 is worth a lot more than its AUD$20 asking price. | Review | PC


Review: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX - Hearts Alive | CyberShack

10 days 5 hours ago - While Re:Coded and Birth By Sleep are a little hit-and-miss, the huge improvements to Kingdom hearts II make 2.5 ReMIX a great addition to the fran... | Review | PS3


The Scotsman Games review: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions | Scotsman

10 days 6 hours ago - The new Geometry Wars title breaks out into three dimensions. | Review | PC


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