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‘Minecraft: Story Mode’ Celebrates Gamer Creativity, but Telltale's Charm Is Fading

42 days 22 hours ago - The creators of 'The Walking Dead' pay homage to Mojang's game with an utterly unadventurous adventure. | Opinion piece | PC


It’s Time to Rethink Voiceless Video Game Protagonists

42 days 22 hours ago - Gordon's no free man when all he can do is stand and stare at everyone else chatting away, remaining stony silent, disturbingly mute. | Opinion piece | Culture


Understanding Video Gaming’s PR Machine with ‘The Witcher 3’ and ‘World of Tanks’

43 days 2 hours ago - Free DLC? Whoever heard of such a thing? But after 'The Witcher 3' gave players some things for nothing, other games are following its lead. | Opinion piece | PC


Dear Ubisoft, Please Don’t F*** Up Far Cry, Thanks

43 days 3 hours ago - VICE: "It's my favourite series from you guys, and if you dare turn it into another Assassin's Creed, well, I know where you work." | Opinion piece | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Local Co-Op Gaming’s Awesome and Everything, But Only When It’s Playing Fair

43 days 5 hours ago - It's not even a question of gamer skill – it's more about player two getting dicked over when it comes to what they're supposed to be doing. | Opinion piece | Culture


Fatal Frame Wii U Impressions and More – Week in Review 10/10/15

43 days 11 hours ago - NE writes: The latest edition of Week in Review is here, and this week is a special week. I have been playing some Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Wat... | Podcast | Wii U


Playing In the Dark: On Gaming’s Blind Protagonists

43 days 19 hours ago - VICE: 'Perception' and 'Beyond Eyes' are very different experiences connected by their protagonists' shared disability. We speak to their makers. | Interview | PC


The Definitive Version of the Greatest-Ever Sonic Game Just Came Out

43 days 19 hours ago - If you've got a 3DS and you're not playing the new 'Sonic the Hedgehog 2', reconsider your priorities. | Opinion piece | 3DS


Oh right, a new Fatal Frame comes out next week

43 days 19 hours ago - Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is creeping its way to North America next week. Literally. Nintendo of America hasn't been terribly gung-ho a... | Article | Wii U


10 Video Games You Need to Play This Fall

43 days 20 hours ago - Even more so than Oscar season is for movie lovers, fall is an overwhelming time for gamers—a three-month pre-holidays blitzkrieg during which ever... | Opinion piece | PC


Will the Real Agent 47 Please Stand Up?

43 days 22 hours ago - Face to face with Hitman actor David Bateson, the voice behind gaming's most infamous assassin. | Interview | Culture


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Hands-On Preview | NWR

43 days 23 hours ago - So far the game is shaping up to be a lot of fun, and a triumphant return of the series to North American fans who missed out on the last two games. | Preview | Wii U


Top 10 Video Game Idle Animations

45 days 3 hours ago - Sometimes you set your controller down to go to the bathroom or answer a phone call, and you get back to the game only to discover your character h... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 10 Failed Gaming Franchises

45 days 3 hours ago - Whether due to poor timing, bad promotion, or simply low-quality games, these franchises ended without dignity or grace. | Opinion piece | Culture


Taking killer ghost selfies in the new Fatal Frame

45 days 14 hours ago - Polygon: "Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is a horror game where you explore haunted locations while being ravaged by ghastly apparitions. But,... | Video | Wii U


First half hour of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water’s English build

47 days ago - NE writes: "Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water will be out in two weeks, and Dennis has been playing the final English build. We’ve captured the fi... | Video | Wii U


‘Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water’ initial thoughts | Examiner

48 days 1 hour ago - “Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water” may be the best game in the series since the original. | Preview | Wii U


The First 8 Minutes of ‘Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water’

48 days 3 hours ago - One of the survival horror genre’s most beloved franchises returns later this month with the Wii U-exclusive Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. Ni... | Video | Wii U


Tales from the Borderlands Interview – Fiona Voice Actress Laura Bailey Discusses the Finale

52 days ago - AotF writes: "Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands series is only one episode away from the finish. With Episode 4 launching in August, we shouldn... | Interview | PC


Until Dawn Review: Surviving the night | Everybody Plays

52 days 1 hour ago - So, do you feel like being scared witless, to the point that every decision you're faced with makes you want to cry? Then you'll be wanting to pick... | Review | PS4


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