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Majora’s Mask Should Terrify You, and This is Why

2 hours ago - ZD: "It doesn’t take much effort to find horror stories inspired by “Majora’s Mask” online. We might think the reason obvious: “Majora” is arguab... | Opinion piece | Retro


Want to Learn How to Design Sidequests? Play Majora’s Mask

6 hours ago - ZD: "In video games, we can often draw a distinction between two major classes of “things to do”: main quests and sidequests. Main quests are obj... | Opinion piece | Retro


Linking Masks and Majora - Possession in Majora’s Mask and Noh Theatre

6 hours ago - ZI: Based on its title alone, it can be assumed that at least one mask in Majora’s Mask will play an important role in the game. Within an hour of... | Opinion piece | Retro


Should Masks be Brought Back in a Future Zelda Title?

7 hours ago - ZI: Whenever someone says the words "Zelda" and "mask" in the same sentence, it's needless to say that the first thing that pops into most people's... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Win a PS4!!

Now - Join us on Filmwatch to find out how you can win a free PS4 this holiday season! | Promoted post

What It Means to Be a Hero: Link’s Iconic Role in the Zelda Series

7 hours ago - ZI: "Zelda games come in many shapes and sizes. They appear on both handhelds and home consoles. They span massive 3D adventures, dense top-down qu... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Here’s a High Quality Map of Termina Just in time for Majora’s Mask 3D

7 hours ago - ZI: "In my search on the internet all these years I've been hard pressed to come across a detailed map of Termina. Even the original players guide... | Image | 3DS


Do Zelda Games Age As Well As They Could/Should?

7 hours ago - ZI: "Zelda games have been around for 28 years and counting, spanning every single Nintendo handheld and home console. They frequently set a benchm... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Sleek and Beautiful Final Fantasy VII Tribute Art

8 hours ago - Geeky Rant: "Hanie Mohd's work is just lovely with its silky smooth lines and bright coloring, and while I've gushed about her work before (you can... | Image | Culture


Why Majora’s Mask May be the Best Zelda Ever

11 hours ago - ZI: "It’s no secret that Majora’s Mask is a beloved game here at Zelda Informer – regularly picked by our fans and our staff as one of the top game... | Opinion piece | Retro


Wanna sell your mobile game in Japan? You better make a TV commercial

14 hours ago - It should come as no surprise that some of Japan's smash hit games are also the most heavily advertised on television. | Opinion piece | iPhone


Pop'n Music Lapistoria original soundtrack album released today in Japan

14 hours ago - Today, KONAMI released the new Pop'n Music Lapistoria soundtrack album in Japan! | News | Culture


2014: Hex's Year In Review

20 hours ago - Good Game's Hex takes a look at her favorite and most memorable games of 2014: "When I look back on 2014 - it feels like it was a bit of an awk... | Video | PC


Despair: Americana Dawn's Kickstarter failed to reach its goal

20 hours ago - Japanator: "Oh my. I never expected that it would come to this, but I'm afraid that Americana Dawn's Kickstarter couldn't achieve its $70,000 goal,... | News | PC


10 Questionable Moments In Nintendo Games You Totally Ignored

20 hours ago - Just as Disney can surprise us, so too can Nintendo, such as the time when… well, just read on. | Opinion piece | GameCube


PES 2015: 10 Improvements Konami Must Make

20 hours ago - WC: Pro Evolution Soccer has had an illustrious time in the gaming industry. There are scarcely any better football games out there when the Kon... | Opinion piece | PC


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – 6 Essential Tips To Rank Up Fast

20 hours ago - So you’ve given in to the hype and bought a copy, as everyone’s been telling you how amazing it is, and how they’ve been getting all sorts of ‘scor... | Opinion piece | PC


20 Best Video Games Of 2014

20 hours ago - WC: Shining a light on the best of the best is exactly what’s needed when so many consumers of next generation consoles and media might be feeling... | Opinion piece | PC


10 Best Keith David Voice Acting Performances In Video Games

20 hours ago - It doesn't get much cooler than "Keith David as Keith David". | Opinion piece | Culture


2014: The Year in Gaming in Under 2 Minutes

22 hours ago - UM writes: "The individual who created this video says it best right here: 2014 has been an intense time for games. It has been a year of big de... | Video | PC


Alien: Isolation's Character Art Is Just The Best

22 hours ago - Kotaku: It featured in my roundup of the best art of the year, so it's only fair that Callum Alexander Watt's work on Alien Isolation gets its own... | Image | PC


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