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Mabinogi Heroes – New character video and images leaked

1 hour ago - First teased last week, Arisha will be the latest playable character to join Mabinogi Heroes, otherwise known as Vindictus in the English market. H... | News | PC


10 Sports Games Which Totally Nailed That Feeling

3 hours ago - These are the games which captured the essence of the sport better than any other. | Opinion piece | Culture


10 Reasons To Drop Everything And Play Earthbound

3 hours ago - WC writes: It’s been slightly over a year now since Earthbound finally found its way to European shores, albeit as a download for the Wii U’s Virtu... | Opinion piece | Retro


10 Celebrity Endorsed Video Games That Should Offend You

6 hours ago - WC writes: "Terrible execution, poorly received - and that's just their hits. Attaching the name of a celebrity to a video game title is never a... | Opinion piece | Culture


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Now - Drew takes on some paranormal investigation. | Promoted post

This PlayStation Vita Visual Novel Is About Anti-Terrorism With A Touch Of Sci-Fi

9 hours ago - Visual novel makers Minato Soft have had a few of their titles ported to console, but they’ll be making their first console game with Kurogane Kaik... | News | PS Vita


Toy Defense 3 - Fantasy - Review | AACG

11 hours ago - Toy Defense 3 - Fantasy is a solid time-passer that is definitely worth playing. | Review | iPhone


M&M's Shell Shocked (PS1) - Continue?

11 hours ago - “Melts in your hands, not in your mouth” Something a liar once said. The boys get PTSD from M&M’s Shell Shocked for the PS1. | Video | Retro


Super Mario Bros. Super Show - PBG

11 hours ago - PBG: "I guess if we're not going to play a video game, there's only one thing left to do - watch a tv show about a video game. You will want pizza... | Video | Culture


10 Greatest Second-Bananas In Gaming

11 hours ago - WC writes: In a time where superheroes are more popular than they have ever been, we felt it was time to take a look at the unsung heroes that lurk... | Opinion piece | Culture


Nippon Ichi’s Vita Game Revealed As Great Edo Blacksmith

15 hours ago - According to Nippon Ichi, Great Edo Blacksmith is targeted at men in their 20s, and will have erotic elements, similar to Criminal Girls. | News | PS Vita


20 Problems Only A Fallout Gamer Will Understand

23 hours ago - Shoot enemy at point blank range with a flamethrower. Miss. | Opinion piece | PC


10 Ways Video Games Are Ruining Your Sex Life

23 hours ago - When you expect to unlock an achievement after every sexual exploit, you have a problem. | Opinion piece | Culture


Ami Suzuki releases special game app for 15th anniversary

1 day 1 hour ago - Ami Suzuki’s official website has announced that the popular Japanese singer will be receiving her own game app in celebration of her 15th annivers... | News | iPhone


Jontron Plays Crappy Titanic Games

1 day 1 hour ago - Jontron: "It wasn't an iceberg that caused all the casualties on the Titanic. Apparently it was Jack. Every night in my dreams, I wish this didn’t... | Video | Retro


Fatal Frame 4's ghoulish Kodak moments

1 day 1 hour ago - Joystiq: It's fitting that Fatal Frame: Nuregarasu no Miku, the first HD entry in the series, would find its home on Nintendo's Wii U. Like Fatal... | Video | Wii


Which Video Games Are So Addictive You Had To Stop Yourself Playing?

1 day 3 hours ago - Gamers can turn "just one more go" into five hours at the drop of a hat. | Opinion piece | Culture


13 Greatest Dying Words From Video Game Characters

1 day 17 hours ago - WC writes: "When it comes time for a character to bow out, it’s important to capitalise on the unique relationship only gamers can have with their... | Opinion piece | PC


Fatal Frame Trailer with English Subtitles

1 day 18 hours ago - A few days ago Koei Tecmo officially unveiled Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden on Wii U with a live stream of gameplay as well as scree... | Trailer | Wii U


5 Reasons Why Fatal Frame Wii U Will Come West

1 day 18 hours ago - IBT writes: "Fatal Frame Wii U is coming out in September... in Japan. But the horror game, which looks pretty cool and/or pretty spooky, doesn't h... | Opinion piece | Wii U


10 Most Deranged Video Game Psychopaths

3 days 3 hours ago - WC: Over the years we have encountered some truly horrifying psychopaths who had us second-guessing whether we should insert the disc. Their intens... | Opinion piece | PC


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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