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YS: Memories Of Celceta Review [Plus XP]

34 days 12 hours ago - Plus XP contributor CJ writes: "Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Stranger walks into a town. He’s lost his memory. Seriously RPG’s, s... | Review | PS Vita


Strider Review [Plus XP]

55 days 12 hours ago - Leon from Plus XP writes: "I have a bit of a funny relationship with the Strider games – it’s an old series, and hasn’t had a new entry since Strid... | Review | PC


Outlast Review [Plus XP]

60 days 13 hours ago - Andy from Plus XP writes: "I will never be the same again…. Never has a game made me cower on the spot and not want to move. Never has a game fl... | Review | PS4


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review [Plus XP]

61 days 12 hours ago - RandomMan from Plus XP writes: "As a whole the game is reasonably enjoyable but that’s only when you’re able to fight, when you’re not able to bloc... | Review | Xbox 360


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Plus XP: Dark Souls II Hands On Preview

64 days 7 hours ago - CJ from Plus XP writes: "Dark Souls 2’s opening sequence, previously scissored and pseudo-seen in recent trailers, unfolded within its full, volupt... | Preview | PC


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Review [Plus XP]

66 days 7 hours ago - Leon from Plus XP writes "Imagine this scenario: you find yourself inexplicably locked inside an empty school building, along with fourteen strange... | Review | PS Vita


Resogun Review [Plus XP]

95 days 12 hours ago - Andy from Plus XP writes: "The era of the Playstation 4 is here. Big AAA titles are needed to exemplify the PS4’s awesome hardware. But it also nee... | Review | PS4


Contrast Review [Plus XP]

132 days 12 hours ago - Plus XP Contributor Lisa writes: "Contrast is an indie puzzle game created by Compulsion Games that is heavily inspired by film noir and set during... | Review | PC


The Guided Fate Paradox Review [Plus XP]

142 days 11 hours ago - Plus XP contributor CJ writes: "Renya Kagurazaka is a 17 year old without luck, he’s never won a competition,little ever seems to swing wildly in h... | Review | PS3


New Thing Is The Old Things Is The You Must Do Thing

156 days 1 hour ago - Plus XP Contributor CJ writes: "A little while ago Sony unveiled the Vita TV and surprised everyone. A slice of Sony’s latest handheld which hasn’t... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Batman: Arkham Origins Review [Plus XP]

158 days 11 hours ago - Garvaos from Plus XP writes: "When a great game franchise is passed on to a new developer more often than not gamers usually expect the worst. Take... | Review | Xbox 360


Plus XP: Upcoming Wii U Previews – EGX 2013

160 days 2 hours ago - Leon from Plus XP writes: "Not yet owning a Wii U console, I was still quite excited to try some of the console’s offerings at this year’s EGX. Nin... | Preview | Wii U


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review [Plus XP]

164 days 13 hours ago - RandomMan5000 from Plus XP writes: "There have been quite a few games released this year that have caught my attention. Most of these are games tha... | Review | PC


Armored Core: Verdict Day Review [Plus XP]

167 days 13 hours ago - Plus XP contributor CJ writes about his experience with Armored Core: Verdict Day: "A musing, an intrigue, a non-review, a frustration, a recom... | Review | Xbox 360


F1 2013 Review [Plus XP]

172 days 12 hours ago - Andy from Plus XP writes: "In real life, Sebastian Vettel is zooming away with the Formula 1 World Championship yet again; its gaming counterpart i... | Review | PC


Knack Preview [Plus XP]

174 days 8 hours ago - GuitarGirl24 from Plus XP writes: "Ah, what happened to the good old days? A sentiment echoed by pretty much every gamer at some point in their liv... | Preview | PS4


Plus XP: Skydive Proximity Flight Review

177 days 10 hours ago - Garvaos from Plus XP writes: "Other than the Grand Theft Auto series, there really isn’t any game out there that has covered sky diving. So when Sk... | Review | PS3


Killer Instinct Preview [Plus XP]

179 days 13 hours ago - Random Man 5000 from Plus XP writes: "At this years Eurogamer Expo they showcased the Next Gen Consoles, and one of the games that the Xbox One was... | Preview | Xbox One


Plus XP: Worms Revolution Extreme Review

181 days 13 hours ago - Leon from Plus XP writes: "I used to be a massive fan of the Worms series in my younger years, playing the game with a group of friends after schoo... | Review | PS Vita


Plus XP: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Review

184 days 13 hours ago - Plus XP contributor CJ writes: "One of the true joys of games critique is delving into titles I may normally not look at; titles to which I might h... | Review | PS3


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