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Bad Piggies (iOS, Android) - Review on Popzara

834 days 2 hours ago - Successfully expands the Angry Birds universe while adding new levels of creativity that encourage logical porcine building rather than avian-induc... | Review | iPhone


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (PC, Mac) - Review on Popzara

834 days 2 hours ago - Plenty of new features, balanced gameplay, beautiful visuals, and - of course - pandas make this the best WoW expansion set yet. Full review by... | Review | PC


Labor Pains: Full September 2012 NPD Game Sales Figures + Analysis

834 days 2 hours ago - Hardware sales fell 39% while software sales dropped 14% decrease YOY, despite EA's near-domination with their athletic lineup. Analyst Peter Sk... | Opinion piece | PC


Lili (iOS) - Review on Popzara

834 days 2 hours ago - A beautiful flower-picking adventure that remains, despite its technical issues, one of the most charming and playable iOS games yet. Full revie... | Review | iPhone


Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Jet Set Radio (XBLA, PSN) - Popzara Review

850 days 17 hours ago - Updated high-definition visuals, improved controls and challenging gameplay make this Dreamcast reissue a much welcome blast from the past. Full... | Review | Xbox 360


MiniStick Keyboard Joystick - Review on Popzara

850 days 17 hours ago - Sure, the company promises improved "scores" and "control", but can a little plastic attachment really make all that much of a difference? Full... | Review | PC


Armchair Analysis: Peter Skerritt's Magic 8-Ball Predictions for Q4 2012

851 days 6 hours ago - Peter Skerritt whips out his Magic 8-Ball and makes his projections for the videogame industry's busy Q4 holiday season. The launch of the Wii U... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Double Dragon: NEON (XBLA, PSN) - Popzara Game Review

861 days 13 hours ago - Maintains the spirit of the games and even manages to bring some new ideas to the table while managing to feel like it could have actually been a D... | Review | Xbox 360


Summer Burn: NPD August 2012 Full Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

868 days 11 hours ago - Game hardware sales fell 39% YOY while software sales remained slightly more optimistic with just a 11% decrease from last year. Analysis Peter... | Article | Wii


New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS) - Popzara Game Review

868 days 21 hours ago - A sublime traditional 2D Mario platformer that rewards casual and hardcore fans equally; embraces the familiar and wears it like a big, comfortable... | Review | 3DS


Nintendo 3DS XL (5720611) - Popzara Review

870 days 23 hours ago - The real question many will be asking is whether Nintendo's 3DS XL is really what many have been waiting for - the 3DS' answer to the DS Lite. In m... | Review | 3DS


Hyperkin Game Genie: Save Editor for PS3 (Popzara Review)

886 days 10 hours ago - As long as you keep your expectations in check and are OK with only being able to modify the saves of a select number of titles, then grab yourself... | Review | PS3


Fireworks Fizzle: Full July 2012 Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

894 days 19 hours ago - The game industry saw 32% hardware and 23% software declines from last year as the NPD sales data give even less reason to celebrate. Analyst Pe... | Article | Nintendo DS


Heroes of Ruin (3DS) - Popzara Game Review

895 days 6 hours ago - A decent enough action-adventure that's quite playable and fun in short bursts, though more experienced fans may want to seek out heartier console... | Review | 3DS


Fishing Joy 2 (iOS) - Popzara Review

914 days 17 hours ago - While it’s fun at its core the experience ends too quickly before asking for a handout, ultimately making it just another fish in a crowded sea of... | Review | iPhone


Amazing Alex (iOS, Android) - Popzara Review

914 days 17 hours ago - Slick, cartoony graphics and a soothing, quirky soundtrack help make it a worthwhile gadget puzzler for those looking for something else to occupy... | Review | iPhone


The Amazing Spider-Man (Xbox 360, PS3) - Popzara Review

914 days 19 hours ago - Beenox's latest Spider-Man adventure is truly amazing, as Marvel's web-slinger finally gets a game worthy of the namesake. Full review by Chris... | Review | Xbox 360


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD (XBLA, PSN) - Popzara Review

914 days 21 hours ago - Takes the source material and builds on it just enough to make it stand out, though longtime fans might get frustrated by the physics engine or som... | Review | Xbox 360


METAL SLUG 3 (iOS, Android) - Popzara Review

914 days 21 hours ago - Insanely-detailed artwork, fluid animation, perfect sound effects and a rocking soundtrack make this as perfect an arcade port as you're likely to... | Review | iPhone


NPD's Darkest Knight: June 2012 Full Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis with Peter Skerritt

928 days 1 hour ago - The game industry saw 45% hardware and 29% software declines from last year as the NPD sales data bring even more summertime blues that even (LEGO)... | Article | Nintendo DS


The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post
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