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Saints Row IV (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) - Review on Popzara

581 days 3 hours ago - An excellent cooperative experience and delivers the franchise's trademark juvenile, zany humor in droves; yet still manages to feel slightly hollo... | Review | PC


Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time (iOS) - Review on Popzara

601 days 13 hours ago - Despite its quirks and increased difficulty, this long overdue and fittingly titled sequel remains a fun, playable follow-up that fans will enjoy.... | Review | iPhone


DuckTales: Remastered (PS3, Wii U, PC) - Review on Popzara

610 days 7 hours ago - A duck blur of nostalgia and enjoyment for fans of the original 1989 NES game, but this tale might not be for everyone. Full review by Peter S... | Review | PC


Dragon’s Crown (PS3, PS Vita) - Review on Popzara

612 days 8 hours ago - Atlus and Vanillaware have managed to merge old school fun with new school visuals in perfect harmony with their beautiful (and overly sexy) game,... | Review | PS3


Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Deus Ex: The Fall (iOS) - Review on Popzara

618 days 5 hours ago - Flawed aside, Deus Ex: The Fall remains a slickly-produced, full-featured iOS-based adventure that lives up to the franchise's legacy. Full revi... | Review | iPhone


Mamorukun Curse! (PS3) - Review on Popzara

618 days 10 hours ago - A bit on the short side and can be repetitive, Mamorukun Curse! is still a pretty fun (and cute) shoot-em up that fans of the genre and Japanese im... | Review | PS3


Doodle Jump Kinect (Xbox 360) - Review on Popzara

618 days 10 hours ago - This Kinect translation of the extremely popular mobile app is a slick and functional one, with good motion controls and fresh gameplay. Full re... | Review | Xbox 360


Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) - Review on Popzara

618 days 10 hours ago - Shin Megami Tensei IV feels feels completely at home on the 3DS, is optimized for the handheld, and perfect for on the go play. Full review by... | Review | 3DS


Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection (PS3) - Review on Popzara

618 days 10 hours ago - Konami offers twenty-five years of video game history in this 'solid' celebration of Metal Gear's considerable history for one low price. Full r... | Review | PS3


June Gloom: Full NPD June 2013 Videogame Sales Figures and Analysis

635 days 4 hours ago - Hardware and software sales fall another 30% and 14% YOY as the gaming industry continues to slump down. Full colorful analysis by Peter Skerritt. | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Kingdom Rush Frontiers (iOS) - Review on Popzara

635 days 5 hours ago - Less a true sequel and more a big upgrade, Kingdom Rush Frontiers improves on just about everything that made the original so endearing. Full re... | Review | iPhone


BUGS vs. TANKS! (3DS) - Review on Popzara

650 days ago - A silly premise, surprisingly competent 3D effects, and cartoony action make Inafune's Bugs vs. Tanks! a unique addition to the 3DS' library. Fu... | Review | 3DS


Muramasa Rebirth (PS Vita) - Review on Popzara

651 days 6 hours ago - Slick, gorgeous, and fast-paced; eschews the Wii's clumsy controls to create a more engaging action/adventure game than before, especially for Vani... | Review | PS Vita


E3 2013: Impressions: OUYA Gaming Console - Popzara

658 days 16 hours ago - Nathan attempts to check out the OUYA console, despite the company's troublesome attitude. | Preview | Android


E3 2013: Impressions: Sunflex unu Smart Entertainment Hub - Popzara

658 days 16 hours ago - Nathan looks at the tablet-friendly unu Smart Entertainment Hub from Sunflex. | Preview | Android


E3 2013: Impressions: MadCatz M.O.J.O Android Console - Popzara

658 days 16 hours ago - Nathan plays with MadCatz's new Android-powered gaming console, the M.O.J.O. | Preview | Android


E3 2013: Android Gaming Comes Home (To Consoles) - Popzara

658 days 17 hours ago - An in-depth look at the four biggest Android consoles at E3 2013: M.O.J.O, unu, GameStick and OUYA. | Opinion piece | Android


E3 2013: Hori Shows 3DS Covers, Fighting Sticks, iPad Stick Prototypes - Popzara

658 days 17 hours ago - The Japanese arcade giant shows off their latest console covers, Fighting Sticks, and a surprise for iPad gamers. | Preview | Arcade


E3 2013: Impressions: PlayJam's GameStick Console - Popzara

659 days 5 hours ago - Nathan takes a peek at PlayJam's ultra-portable GameStick game console. | Preview | Android


Contra: Evolution (iOS) - Review on Popzara

659 days 6 hours ago - A decent retread through one of Konami’s best - and long neglected - franchises that remains quite playable in this touchscreen iteration. Full... | Review | iPhone


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