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Share Your Old School FPS Memories

101 days 16 hours ago - PixlBit | "It seems like there’s a fairly big movement to get back to the roots of first person shooters lately, with games like Toxikk, Xibalba, a... | Opinion piece | PC


Nerds Without Pants Episode 51: Community Chest

105 days 23 hours ago - PixlBit | "I'm up against a deadline folks, so I will have to keep this description of Nerds Without Pants brief. See what I did there? Ahem." | Podcast | Culture


Tangram Attack! Review - PixlBit

110 days 4 hours ago - PixlBit | "Even if you can never remember what it’s called, you’ve messed with tangram before. Probably in elementary school when it improved your... | Review | 3DS


Game of The Generation - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

116 days 5 hours ago - PixlBit | "Even though the transition into the newest generation of gaming consoles has been a gradual, whimpering affair so far, it’s pretty clear... | Opinion piece | PC


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The Last Tinker: City of Colors Review - PixlBit

120 days 11 hours ago - PixlBit | "Once upon a time, your average big budget game was expected to be bright and colorful with more realistic looking games being the except... | Review | PC


Nerds Without Pants Episode 50: Holofoil Covers

120 days 12 hours ago - PixlBit | "They said we’d never make it! They said we’d fail after a couple episodes! They said we wouldn’t survive, and yet here we stand, defiant... | Podcast | Culture


Metal Gear Review Rewind - PixlBit

121 days 8 hours ago - PixlBit | "Alright, let’s get the obvious out of the way: Yes, Metal Gear was originally released on the MSX in Japan.  Yes, it looked and played b... | Opinion piece | Retro


Shovel Knight Review - PixlBit

122 days 4 hours ago - PixlBit | "When you think of side-scrolling platformers, it’s hard not to recall old-school classics like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, and Me... | Review | PC


Wrack's Run 'n' Gun to Completion: An Interview with Developer Brad Carney

123 days 15 hours ago - PixlBit | "If you’ve tried Wrack in its current early access version on Steam, you’ve no doubt realized that this isn’t another shooter marching lo... | Interview | PC


Nerds Without Pants Episode 49: Who Watches the Watch Dogs?

125 days 18 hours ago - PixlBit | "It’s an episode of Nerds Without Pants 8 months in the making! Watch Dogs is the impetus for this very thoughtful discussion about our a... | Podcast | Culture


Pushmo World Review - PixlBit

126 days 10 hours ago - PixlBit | "If you’ve played Pushmo on the 3DS, you should have a pretty clear idea of what you’re in for with Pushmo World on the Wii U. Excellent... | Review | Wii U


Ittle Dew Review - PixlBit

126 days 14 hours ago - PixlBit | "It’s hard not to appreciate games like Ittle Dew. Rather than chart new territory, Ludosity has created a solid Zelda send-up that focus... | Review | PC


Doom Preview with Exclusive “Screenshots” - PixlBit

127 days 19 hours ago - PixlBit | "Anticipation was high heading into this year’s QuakeCon, and the excitement was all due to the planned reveal of id Software’s upcoming... | Preview | PC


QuakeCon 2014 for Your Eye Holes

128 days 15 hours ago - PixlBit | "PixlBit brings you a peek into QuakeCon 2014 through (mediocre) photographs of everything that's happening. Check back periodically for... | Image | PC


Squids Odyssey Review - PixlBit

138 days 4 hours ago - PixlBit | "I hated Squids Odyssey. It was too hard, it was just a stupid twist on Angry Birds, and it was going to throw countless levels at me bef... | Review | Wii U


Mario Kart 8 Review - PixlBit

176 days 5 hours ago - PixlBit | "If you’ve played any recent edition of Mario Kart, you pretty much know what to expect from Mario Kart 8. Nintendo has added a few new w... | Review | Wii U


Moon Chronicles - Episode 1: One Small Step Review - PixlBit

182 days 16 hours ago - PixlBit | "I want to heap praise upon Moon Chronicles - Episode 1 for being the fantastic FPS nobody was asking for on the 3DS, but it’s tough to d... | Review | 3DS


PixlBit Talks Orchestral Composition and the Spate Soundtrack with Composer Mike Raznick - PixlBit

182 days 16 hours ago - PixlBit | "It's been quite a journey for the game Spate, from initial conception, to successful Kickstarter campaign, to final release on Steam.  D... | Interview | PC


Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Review - PixlBit

182 days 16 hours ago - PixlBit | "Going into Ragnarok Odyssey ACE I was excited. To find out that the game was a spin-off of the one MMORPG that I actually was fully engr... | Review | PS3


Nerds Without Pants Episode 46: Community Planning - PixlBit

182 days 16 hours ago - PixlBit | "Well, look who decided to show up! Angelo is back, and he’s here just in time for an awesome edition of Nerds Without Pants brought to y... | Podcast | Culture


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