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Lord of the Rings: Conquest PC & PS3 Dedicated Server Downloads

2262 days 8 hours ago - Community members who would like to host their own dedicated Lord of the Ring: Conquest games for PC & PS3 are in luck, as Pandemic has a nice... | Article | 1,12


Digi-Guys: PS3's Long-Awaited WarDevil 'Progressing to Plan' - This Year, Parent Company UTV Suggests Same

2271 days 11 hours ago - Over four years ago, back when fanboys were still dreaming about the "Xbox 2? and "Nintendo Revolution," WarDevil wowed with stunnin... | Article | 1


Merry Killzmas! - Part 3

2283 days 16 hours ago - One more day until Christmas! But before the Designers at Guerrilla Games take a break from putting the finishing touches on the game (so close!),... | Image | 1


Merry Killzmas! - Part 2

2284 days 18 hours ago - Another day closer to Christmas, another wallpaper for you to enjoy! Today's wallpaper features the new Killzone 2 antagonist Colonel Radec, as he... | Image | 1


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Merry Killzmas!

2285 days 14 hours ago - The festive season is near, that can only mean one thing - it's time for another Holiday-themed Killzone 2 wallpaper! Only this year, there's not o... | Image | 1


Killzone 2 Dev Blog: There ain't no such thing as an early programmer

2288 days 8 hours ago - Just as wizards are never late, programmers are never early. But rather than arriving precisely when he intends to, your typical programmer will al... | Article | 1,13,15


Resident Evil 5: Famitsu Ad Confirms [Censored] is Dead

2295 days 17 hours ago - New grim advertisement features the tombstone of one of the series' biggest characters, [censored], possibly suggesting that the death will play a... | Article | 1, 2, 3, 12


PC/PS3 Unreal Tournament III Mods Make a Clubhouse in Home

2296 days 15 hours ago - The Unreal Tournament III mods responsible for making over 160 modded maps, bringing game characters Master Chief and Mark Phoenix to UT III, and r... | News | 1,12


Sony cuts costs, but not brand problems

2298 days 10 hours ago - Sony announced Tuesday it's cutting 5 percent of its full-time workforce, in addition to a sizable chunk of contractors, and delaying investment in... | Article | 1


10 most overrated games of 2008

2299 days 4 hours ago - Fidgit.com: "Many of the following ten games are great. A few came close to being on my top ten list (to be posted tomorrow). I would call a c... | Article | 1,2,3,4,5,12


Resist the Co-Op?

2302 days 21 hours ago - Given the outstanding levels of cooperation and cleverness employed in the making of TSA, two gamers thought it'd be easy to re-use the magic formu... | Article | 1


Survey: Sony HDTVs earn top marks for reliability

2302 days 23 hours ago - That's the consensus of more than 16,000 PC World readers, who also gave props to LG, Sharp, and Vizio. Coming in dead last: Mitsubishi. The a... | Article | 14


Getting a new Xbox 360? Make sure it answers to "Jasper"

2306 days 5 hours ago - The new consoles look the same on the outside; inside, however, you'll find a new motherboard and a smaller graphics chip, and that means (hopefull... | Article | 2


Sony: Home is "Imminent", Avatars "Par for the Course"

2307 days ago - Speaking to website Gamasutra, PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser has described avatars such as Nintendo's Miis as "par for the course"... | Article | 1


Hori's New Wii Controller

2311 days 2 hours ago - When the Wii first hit the streets, gamers were given their first taste of big time fun and control without the use of traditional controllers. The... | Article | 3


Nintendo Outlines Gaming Strategy

2320 days 4 hours ago - Nintendo President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime says video-game sales are likely to survive the economic slowdown, as Dan Gallagher reports. | Video | 3,5


GameTrailers Uses Offending Song in LBP Review

2340 days 3 hours ago - GameTrailers has a history of making PS3 owners howl with outrage, from the GRiD video switching, the claim that PS3 games couldn't be recorded on... | Video | 1


Resident evil 5: 14 Minutes of Gameplay (No Sound)

2347 days 1 hour ago - Clip of fourteen minutes of gameplay from Resident evil... with no sound. | Video | 1,2


Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' Ads Created On Macs

2347 days 20 hours ago - Daniel Eran Dilger After dumping its $10 million contract with Jerry Seinfeld after just three ads (only two of which even aired) Microsoft has c... | Article | 12


Killzone 2's Imperfect Hero

2348 days 11 hours ago - As the new player character in Killzone 2, Sev takes the mantle from Jan Templar, who achieved near-legendary status for his heroics during the eve... | Article | 1


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