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Cardboard Project - The Inexpensive Alternative To Virtual Reality

312 days 1 hour ago - A few Virtual Reality enthusiasts at Google decided to experiment a bit with projecting VR on smartphones. The result? A cardboard enclosure for a... | News | Android


Latest Habitat Update Includes Major Features And Steam Workshop Support

343 days 1 hour ago - "4gency recently announced several new features coming in their v0.20 update for Habitat: A Thousand Generations In Orbit." | News | PC


Audio Recognition Software Tracks Copyright Infringement on Twitch.TV

354 days 18 hours ago - "Twitch, following its purchase by Google, has now incorporated audio recognition to scan past and future videos for unauthorized third-party audio... | News | Culture


Game Music Connect 2014 – First 3 Sessions Announced

357 days 5 hours ago - "Game Music Connect 2014 is the upcoming second annual international video game music conference for aspiring and professional video game music com... | News | Industry


VII Things That Final Fantasy VII Cannot Lose!

Now - We’re going to see a lot of changes before the upcoming FFVII - Remake sees the light of day and we should be okay with that. But here is our list... | Promoted post

Mighty Tactical Shooter - Brains Over Reflex In This Turn-Based Shoot 'em Up

363 days 9 hours ago - "Mighty Tactical Shooter is an interesting game that puts brains and tactical know-how over quick reflexes and trigger-happy fingers. Each turn, pl... | News | PC


Star Trek Bridge Commander 2 Now On Kickstarter

367 days 16 hours ago - "Bridge Commander 2 is set to expand the gameplay and universe provided from the first game. Instead of a sequel, it’s better to consider it a spir... | News | PC


MineThon For AbleGamers – The 72-Hour Minecraft Marathon Starts July 25th

368 days 13 hours ago - "Lead by Ethan Smith, a hardworking group of volunteer streamers will be streaming their last 72-hour Minecraft marathon beginning tomorrow. The en... | News | Culture


[The Indie Game Magazine] Invader Attack 2 Review – Retro-inspired Gameplay with Modern Features

369 days ago - "Invader Attack 2 is a shoot ’em up sequel developed by the one-man team at Codergames. Developed for PC, Invader Attack 2 is meant to offer a seri... | Review | PC


[Indie Game Magazine] Battle Fleet 2 Review - Naval Combat Simulator with...Depth

375 days 13 hours ago - "Today, Capital J Media released the sequel to their hit game, Battle Fleet, a turn-based naval combat simulator. Set in the Pacific Theater during... | Review | PC


There Came an Echo – New Gameplay Video

377 days 5 hours ago - "Back in April, we gave you our first impression of an RTS title currently in development called There Came an Echo. Currently in production at Iri... | Video | PC


Creoterra Announces Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame

377 days 17 hours ago - "Creoterra recently announced the development of their upcoming tactical strategy RPG, Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame, for iPad, Mac, and PC." | News | PC


[Indie Game Magazine] Concursion Review – Mixing Genres For A Unique Experience

379 days 14 hours ago - "Indie development studio Puuba recently released their debut title on Steam, named Concursion. The game is a fast-paced puzzle platformer that put... | Review | PC


Astrons - 2D Science Fiction Vehicle Builder and Adventure Simulator

385 days 5 hours ago - Astrons allows players to build their own vehicle and explore the surface, and under-surface, of a planet with weak gravity. Players can drill for... | News | PC


Scarlet Moon Artists Offers Experienced Video Game Music Arrangers to Big and Small Developers

390 days 14 hours ago - Scarlet Moon Artists is now offering the services of experienced video game artists and composers, such as Hiroshi Sakimoto from Final Fantasy XII... | News | Industry


WATHTA Game Jam Update

392 days 19 hours ago - Here's an update for the #wathtajam, which has two more days for developers to submit female protagonist games. | News | PC


DROD: The Second Sky Available For Pre-Order

397 days 14 hours ago - "Caravel Games has recently made DROD: The Second Sky available for pre-order on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops. In fact, anyone who pre-orders c... | News | PC


[The Indie Game Magazine] Terra Tech Preview - Kickstarter Launch

398 days 20 hours ago - Payload Studios has a game demo available for the public, offered in tandem with the launch of their Kickstarter Campaign. | Preview | PC


[The Indie Game Magazine] Battle Fleet 2 Preview - Naval Combat Simulator

406 days 19 hours ago - This is a preview for the upcoming game by Capital J Media, Battle Fleet 2. The article showcases graphical improvements form the games predecessor... | Preview | PC


Apple’s App Store Approval Process Called into Question

410 days 7 hours ago - The App store currently has a game available for download with a title that has a long list of tags that don't relate to the game itself. | News | iPhone


Project IndiE3 - E3 for Indie Game Developers Everywhere

416 days 19 hours ago - An E3 for indie games and indie developers? Looks like it's really about to happen! This will be the first of what is hopefully an annual event, sh... | News | Industry


YoYo Games, home of GameMaker: Studio

Now - Game development could not be simpler with GameMaker: Studio, the fastest and easiest to use 2D game engine! | Promoted post
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