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7 Reasons You Don't Want To Work in the Video Game Industry

1471 days 19 hours ago - So you want to make video games. Who wouldn’t? It must be amazing creating new e-narratives and cyber stories. Working with a team of talented arti... | Opinion piece | Culture


GB - Quick Look: Cave Story 3D

1484 days 12 hours ago - Brad and Patrick return to the world of caves, but this time everything is in 3Dddddddddddd! | Video | 3DS


The 6 Goriest Death Scenes in Videogame History

1487 days 8 hours ago - Happy Halloween, Dorksters! We hope your holiday weekend went well. We spent are watching the Hellraiser series, both versions of The Thing, and sh... | Opinion piece | PC


6 Videogame Princesses More Badass Than Their Rescuers

1491 days 15 hours ago - Whether as a love interest or an easy plot device, young royal ladies always find themselves popping up in videogames. Strikingly often, these prin... | Opinion piece | Culture


Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

When a Mostly Positive Review Becomes "Controversial"

1494 days 2 hours ago - What do you want from a video game review? Enlightenment? Purchase justification? Quotes to lob at people in your favorite message board? A link th... | Article | PC


5 Ways 'Arkham City' Proves I'm Under Qualified to be Batman

1498 days 11 hours ago - Look, we know it's highly unlikely that we would have ever been Batman, but we just didn't think the option would be completely off the table at th... | Opinion piece | PC


The Dorklyst: The 6 Strangest In-Game Ads in Videogame History

1498 days 15 hours ago - Well hey there, kids! Do you like awesome? Do you like excitement? Then you’re gonna love this Dorklyst countdown of the strangest in-game advertis... | Opinion piece | Culture


Best and Worst Handhelds

1701 days 15 hours ago - Between the Nintendo 3DS, Sony's NGP, and game-friendly smartphones from Apple and its Android rivals, the future of handheld gaming is incredibly... | News | Nintendo DS


Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One: Patiently Waiting

1717 days ago - Ah, what can I say about Ratchet & Clank, other than you are an amazing series. You’re fun, you’re brave, and you’re bold – but – you’re over too s... | News | PS3


Video Game Vault: Final Fantasy

1726 days 8 hours ago - Destin sneaks an RPG into the Vault--and Craig likes it! | Review | PC


Incredible Combat Animations, Atmosphere in New Witcher 2 Footage

1727 days ago - CD Projekt RED’s latest project, The Witcher 2, is set for a May 2011 release. The hype for it couldn’t be stronger amongst RPG-lovers in the PC Ga... | Article | PC

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