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Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare at North Point brings zombies in time for Halloween

648 days 8 hours ago - PCGiA - It's October, so you know what that means: zombie DLC announcements. Zombies tend to show up in pop culture much like how poison ivy might... | News | PC


Lone Survivor developer working on a new project: "Zelda x Demon's Souls"

654 days 4 hours ago - PCGiA - There is not a game in the massive index of things I'm currently looking forward to that I hope fulfills on its promise more than this one.... | News | PC


F1 2012 Review - Best of the series | PCGiA

659 days ago - PCGiA - F1 2012 is intense and will put your F1 driving skills to the to the test far more than the previous games in the series. I’ll admit, I’m n... | Review | PC


Depth: ambitious sharks vs divers-deathmatch game, put on hiatus

661 days 2 hours ago - Ambitious sharks vs divers-deathmatch game, Depth, put on Hiatus. The game's creative director, Alex Quick, enlightens us about the number of facto... | News | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Edge of Space publisher, Reverb, holds donation hostage in marketing stunt

661 days 3 hours ago - Major publishers have been known to pull some jaw-droppingly asinine marketing stunts when faced with the pressure of insuring that the product whi... | News | PC


Balls of steel: 3D Realms crowdfunding new game

664 days 15 hours ago - It amazes me the 3D Realms did not dissolve as a result of the fiasco that was Duke Nukem Forever's development process. At the very least one migh... | News | PC


Mogu'Shan Vaults will be the first - Raids coming to Mists of Pandaria soon

664 days 15 hours ago - In case you haven't already noticed by now, the fourth expansion for Blizzard's MMO monolith just came out this past Tuesday. World of Warcraft: Mi... | News | PC


DICE announces Wake Island Dog Tag Challenge

664 days 22 hours ago - Fancy a bit of friendly competition between gaming platforms? Assuming you're playing Battlefield 3, competition is probably right up your alley an... | News | PC


The Rule of Threes: IPL5 adds a $100,000 Shootmania tournament to its lineup

666 days 11 hours ago - The IGN Pro League's 5th event is still months away, but it's shaping up to be their most exciting tournament yet. Ubisoft's ShootMania is the l... | News | PC


Intel Extreme Masters Guangzhou cancelled

671 days 8 hours ago - In an unfortunate turn of events, IEM will not be coming to China this year and the upcoming stop on their circuit has been cancelled due to geopol... | News | PC


Mojang offers an early look at new Minecraft patch

671 days 12 hours ago - Withers, Bats, Witches, and then some. Come find out what Mojang has in store for the Halloween-themed 1.4 update. Also, don't forget that Minecon... | Opinion piece | PC


Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod is still alive and beta'ing

678 days 11 hours ago - There haven't been many major updates about the Just Cause 2 MP mod lately, leading some to worry about its status. With a huge beta test recently... | News | PC


Dejobaan loaning $100 to one indie dev for use on Steam's Greenlight service

679 days 2 hours ago - The established developer behind gems such as The Wonderful End of the World and Aaaaa! are loaning $100 to smaller developers to get their game gr... | News | PC


Indie dev promoting his work through The Pirate Bay

679 days 14 hours ago - We've heard endless debates on the topic and endured draconian DRM systems for far longer than these systems should have existed. Now, an indie dev... | Opinion piece | PC


Resident Evil 6 will get 3 DLC multiplayer modes

680 days 12 hours ago - If Capcom's past is any indication, expect to be gouged. Inside are some words of caution and details about the three modes. Well, that didn't... | Opinion piece | PC


The Secret World's lead designer confirmed to be laid off

680 days 18 hours ago - PCGiA - Following last month's report about layoffs at Funcom, The Secret World's lead designer admits that he was one of the staff effected by the... | News | PC


WoW is getting challenge mode dungeons

681 days 8 hours ago - Mists of Pandaria is still 2 weeks away, but Blizzard continues to drip feed us details to keep the hype train rolling. The latest MoP feature they... | News | PC

Twitch, Alienware, and Steelseries team up to offer scholarships

682 days 7 hours ago - Popular streaming service Twitch.TV has partnered with two major gaming hardware producers to provide scholarly gamers with $50,000 in scholarships. | News | Xbox


Steam Linux Beta hinted at in CDR DB

685 days 23 hours ago - Steam's content description record database reveals a potential impending beta for the long-awaited Linux version of the service. The snoopers o... | Rumor | PC


Diablo 3 developer journal talks about crowd control in upcoming patch

687 days 20 hours ago - Diablo 3 is a game that never could have lived up to the expectations set by its stellar predecessor and its lengthy development cycle, but the res... | Preview | PC


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