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Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - Thunderbolt Review

1006 days 7 hours ago - There’s something oddly satisfying about heist movies. It’s strange because ordinary, well-adjusted people would condone breaking the law in such a... | Review | PC


Bioshock & Religion: A Look At Extremism

1010 days 2 hours ago - “No gods or kings, only man” – Andrew Ryan This is probably one of the most quoted of Andrew Ryan’s thoughts, and rightly so. It encapsulates th... | Article | PC


Analyzing the Modern Warfare Trilogy: Part 2 – It’s full of plot holes!

1442 days 4 hours ago - In this part 2 of an analysis of the Modern Warfare trilogy, I take a look at the countless plot holes that litter the series. If only the writers... | Opinion piece | PC


Fighting in the Neighborhood: What Guerrilla Games Can Teach Us About Sympathy

1457 days 6 hours ago - "In March 2011, a game called Homefront was released. You may have heard of it. It was THQ’s attempt at joining in on the fun in the modern shooter... | Article | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Tales From The Fireplace - A Trine 2 Review

1473 days 7 hours ago - In the opinion this Nightmare Mode reviewer, Trine 2 is a delightful turn away from brooding and grimdark, even though some aspects of it feel unre... | Review | PC


Jonas' Year 2011 In Retrospect

1482 days 23 hours ago - Nightmare Mode writer Jonas Jurgens takes a look at the year 2011, a year both of unfortunate disappointments and a look at bright the future could... | Opinion piece | PC


Playing the Apocalypse - Part II

1540 days 8 hours ago - "Yesterday, we looked at the roots of the apocalyptic myth, and how that myth has been adopted by games. We examined Valve’s Left 4 Dead, a game th... | Article | PC


Playing the Apocalypse - Part I

1541 days 2 hours ago - "In all the branches of the arts – literature, film, and especially games – the apocalypse, and the events following it, have always had been impor... | Article | PC


Crafting My Ideal MMO

1544 days 6 hours ago - By Jonas Jurgens --- Nightmare Mode "I’ve never cared much for MMOs. I’ve tried out several different ones, only lasting a few hours in each, am... | Opinion piece | PC


Fancy On The Outside, Rotten At The Core - A Sequence Review

1553 days 10 hours ago - Sequence has a makes a genuinely intriguing proposition: What happens when you mix the rhythm and RPG genres? Unfortunately, the developer, Iridium... | Review | PC


Sequels That Should Have Been: Knights of Honor 2

1556 days 22 hours ago - "Knights of Honor (2004) – what a horribly cheesy title – can best be summed up as “Crusader Kings for denser people”. That’s not a bad thing, beca... | Article | PC


Dead Island and Indiscriminate Violence

1571 days 21 hours ago - Violence in games is often set up as an attraction feature in "mature" games. Nightmare Mode takes a look at why the industry has taken that lazy t... | Article | PC


The Necessity of Originality

1581 days 22 hours ago - A comment on Mathew Karch's, CEO of Saber Interactive (Halo: Anniversary), opinion that games don't need to be original as long as they're fun. Thi... | Opinion piece | PC


An Experimental Journey - A Closed World Review

1583 days 15 hours ago - Nightmare Mode takes a look at "A Closed World", a short and intriguing game that tries to answer the question most people ask themselves at some p... | Review | PC


Sequels That Should Have Been: Vietcong 3

1598 days 8 hours ago - "The insects buzz everywhere around you. The strange croaking of some reptile echoes in the green hell. You clutch your gun, and, squinting, you sp... | Article | PC


To Live And Die In Banoi - A Dead Island Review

1600 days 19 hours ago - A journey through the zombie-infested tropical paradise of Banoi is one bloody, but disappointing trip. | Review | PC


Sequels That Should Have Been - Jade Empire 2

1612 days 16 hours ago - "Jade Empire (2005) is perhaps one of Bioware’s least acclaimed titles, overshadowed by games like Baldur’s Gate, Knights of the Old Republic and M... | Article | PC


More Than Just Zombie Bashing - A Dead State Interview

1612 days 18 hours ago - "Dead State is a survival-based RPG that also just happens to have zombies. The zombie apocalypse setting makes the survival aspect more accessible... | Interview | PC


How Much Is That Puppy In The Death Factory?

1618 days 13 hours ago - "I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I saw the commercials advertising this game on Adult Swim. I usually don’t pay much attention to the games they a... | Review | PC


Interview with Gavin Dunne (Miracle of Sound)

1618 days 13 hours ago - "Gaming may have found its proper representative in the world of music! Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with the talented Gavin Dunne, t... | Interview | PC


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