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Crimson Alliance Review | Console Arcade

1614 days 2 hours ago - "...when you boil it down, Certain Affinity has created a fun little game in Crimson Alliance. Sure, it won’t have the Diablo crowd furrowing their... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Ugly Americans Apocalypsegeddon Review

1619 days 6 hours ago - "If you can get enough people to play it regularly, and turn the sound down to shoot the breeze, Ugly Americans: Apocalypsegeddon will probably pro... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Rock of Ages Review

1624 days 6 hours ago - "Best described as an amalgamation of the rolling mechanics of the original Super Monkey Ball, with a dash of tower defence and a sprinkling of pla... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Fruit Ninja Review

1644 days 5 hours ago - "Anyone who’s already gorged on the fruit decimating action via other formats might not find much to persuade them that they need to buy the title... | Review | Xbox 360


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Console Arcade: Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetReview

1653 days 20 hours ago - "With Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet FuelCell have created something that is not only great to play but also impressive to look at, with Gagné’s ar... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: From Dust Review

1659 days 16 hours ago - Console Arcade writes "From Dust is an intriguing and unique update of a genre that has fallen out of favour of late. The player will certainly be... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Bastion Review

1660 days 18 hours ago - "Bastion is a solid title that, while not as innovative as you might have been led to believe, is presented in a style that you can tell has been s... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Gatling Gears Review

1670 days 2 hours ago - "Even those who didn’t like Greed Corp may find this a bit more up their street and while it couldn’t be classed as original or innovative in a mar... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Ms. 'Splosion Man Review

1674 days 16 hours ago - "Ultimately the enjoyment of would-be players from Ms. ‘Splosion Man will be predicated on how much they enjoyed the first. The sense of fun and ch... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Review

1681 days 7 hours ago - "As an experience Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax is second to none. Once the appropriate mindset has been put in place, the player soon ad... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Alien Zombie Mega Death Review

1682 days 20 hours ago - "For those looking for a retro-tinged title that they can pick away at in short bursts, Alien Zombie Mega Death is right up their street, providing... | Review | PS3


Console Arcade: The Adventures of Shuggy Review

1690 days 18 hours ago - "With The Adventures of Shuggy there’s certainly enough content and, much more importantly, unashamed fun contained within it to warrant the asking... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Akimi Village Review

1690 days 22 hours ago - "As a title for those looking to get started in the fine arts of resource management, Akimi Village is a good point to jump in. For those already a... | Review | PS3


Console Arcade: Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury Review

1716 days 1 hour ago - "While it might have cult classic writ large across it and many will no doubt try the demo and shrug, there will be a small, dedicated fanbase out... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Moon Diver Review

1718 days 2 hours ago - "Just like Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, those with a regular band of online friends will find it a fun game that makes perfect sense when a gro... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Sega Rally Online Arcade Review

1725 days 2 hours ago - "The more dedicated fans of the original may feel let down in how the cars feel to handle and will no doubt find gripe about the framerate which is... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Star Raiders Review

1731 days 5 hours ago - "Perhaps the biggest problem is that by three or four stages in it becomes massively repetitive and more than a little boring, meaning only someone... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Nin2-Jump Review

1747 days 21 hours ago - "Currently priced at just 400 Points, Nin-2 Jump is something of a steal for what it offers. As charming as it looks there’s no denying that the ga... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Outland Review

1749 days 3 hours ago - "Tight, highly focused and brimming with confidence, Outland is an excellent experience that skilfully manages to fuse different genres together in... | Review | Xbox 360


Console Arcade: Section 8: Prejudice Review

1756 days 21 hours ago - "Section 8: Prejudice contains all the gun-toting and fast paced ingredients needed to make it a thoroughly enjoyable multiplayer blaster to while... | Review | Xbox 360


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