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The Evil Within Review | CoinOpTV

7 days 5 hours ago - Whether running away from the undead through a dark forest or carefully disarming traps instead of getting sliced in blown in half by them in a cla... | Review | PC


Endless Legend Review | CoinOpTV

7 days 22 hours ago - Here’s the thing. If you begin playing Endless Legend and expect a fast-paced action game based on an ominous trailer you may have seen beforehand,... | Review | PC

Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day Review | CoinOpTV

11 days 9 hours ago - Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day is both weird and wonderful. The game itself is a lot of fun, but it obvious that this game is influenced by Suda 51... | Review | PS3


Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Review | CoinOpTV

11 days 20 hours ago - Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is a solid upgrade on the original release, and offers a good chance to grab a game and all of its DLC to players... | Review | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition Review | CoinOpTV

25 days 9 hours ago - Having seen this game run on Xbox One last year, I was disappointed when the Apocalypse Edition direct port ran so poorly on my relatively new desk... | Review | PC


Anomaly 2 Review | CoinOpTV

28 days 8 hours ago - Anomaly 2 turns tower defense on its head by giving gamers a taste from the other side. It’s a short but sweet ride that’s worth playing for anyone... | Review | PC


Cannon Brawl Review | CoinOpTV

31 days ago - This is a cute little gem that packs a punch you wouldn’t expect, just like the cannons it is so aptly named after. | Review | PC


Destiny Review | CoinOpTV

32 days 9 hours ago - Destiny is a mixed bag of goodies. On the positive side the game handles great, looks gorgeous and sounds fantastic, but when you dig in you’re sta... | Review | Xbox 360


The Sims 4 Review | CoinOpTV

35 days 20 hours ago - At a glance The Sims 4 could have easily been called ‘The Slims 4′ as many of the features that fans loved over time have been mysterious taken out... | Review | PC


Metro Redux Review | CoinOpTV

44 days 18 hours ago - Metro Redux is one of the best values you can get in this new generation of gaming. It contains two games that were fantastic long before being upd... | Review | PC


Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Review | CoinOpTV

49 days 11 hours ago - Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is a solid Japanese role playing game built in the universe of Sword Art Online. There are hours and hours of dee... | Review | PS Vita


Nintendo Amiibo First 12 Figures Packaging

55 days 23 hours ago - Nintendo has revealed the lineup for their first 12 Amiibo figures coming out for the 2014 holiday season. We’re impressed by both the figures and... | Videocast | Wii U


Tales of Xillia 2 Review | Coin-Op TV

58 days 9 hours ago - Tales of Xillia 2 does everything right for being a Tales game. It hits all the right buttons in terms of story, art direction, battling and collec... | Review | PS3


Firefall Review | Coin-Op TV

73 days 18 hours ago - Firefall is free, and can run well even on my moderately powered stock desktop PC from a few years ago. For all of its drawbacks, Firefall is still... | Review | PC


Skylanders SDCC Panel Highlights

81 days 23 hours ago - Skylanders Trap Team momentum is building for the games’ Oct 2014 release and Activision was all over the San Diego Comic-Con last week with a boot... | Videocast | Wii


One Piece Unlimited World Red 3DS Review | Coin-Op TV

96 days 19 hours ago - Where One Piece: UWR undoubtedly thrives is in its visuals. Despite being on the 3DS, I personally had no frame rate issues as I ventured through e... | Review | PS3


Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Review | Coin-Op TV

96 days 19 hours ago - Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn is a fun game that will sadly only be seen by a small audience. The game really will only appeal to fans of Dynasty... | Review | PS3


Sniper Elite 3 Hunt The Grey Wolf DLC Review | Coin-Op TV

98 days 18 hours ago - f you’ve already completed Sniper Elite 3 then this is a great way to jump back into the game for another go-around and you’ll even find yourself p... | Review | PC


Video Games The Movie Review | Coin-Op TV

100 days 4 hours ago - Overall Video Games The Movie is a finely crafted edu-tainment docu-movie. We’re not quite sure if the target audience is meant to be for people l... | Review | Culture


MouseCraft Review | Coin-Op TV

103 days 21 hours ago - The look and feel of MouseCraft is charming enough and the puzzles are engaging if not challenging but the game lacked audio polish. We would have... | Review | PC


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