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What GTA V needs (PCA)

1309 days 23 hours ago - PCA: "Liberty City 3000AD? Grand Theft Armageddon? If there's one thing the GTA series needs, it's fresh ideas. What we really want to see is somet... | Opinion piece | PC


Batman: Arkham City review (PCA): best game of this generation?

1312 days 16 hours ago - pca: In a few year's time, when the dust finally begins to settle on our dearly-departed consoles, it will be time to crown the best video game of... | Review | PC


Console showdown five years on: Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3

1317 days 15 hours ago - PCA: It has been five years since the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 first clashed head-to-head in a battle to win gamers' allegiance. We compare how t... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Hands on: Modern Warfare 3 Survival Spec Ops (PCA)

1324 days 19 hours ago - PCA: Modern Warfare 3 is the most anticipated release of the year and we got to play the Spec Ops Survival mode. It’s essentially a more polish... | Preview | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Top 15 obscure video game consoles for collectors

1324 days 21 hours ago - PCA: "From the Super Lady Cassette Vision to the Apple Pippen, we shortlist 15 ultra-rare consoles that you've probably never heard of." | Article | PC


Top 10 must-play games this season

1331 days 17 hours ago - PCA: Autumn 2011 is set to be one of the biggest seasons on the gaming calender: here's a look at the must-have titles that have been released or a... | Article | PC


Top 5 "real life" video games

1336 days 13 hours ago - PCA: "For most people, playing "live" video games begins and ends with table tennis in the garage (AKA 'Pong'). But some game fans take it to a... | Article | Culture


Hands on: Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3 (PCA)

1345 days 20 hours ago - PCA: "Yesterday, we took a look at the latest builds of EA's hotly-anticipated 'threequels': Battlefield 3 and Mass Effect 3. Check out the gallery... | Article | PC


Gaming through the ages: 25 landmark consoles

1348 days 6 hours ago - PCA: "From the Magnavox Odyssey to the PlayStation 3: we count down 25 landmark consoles from the past 40 years of gaming. (How many did you own?)" | Article | GameCube


Games, grog and (no) girls: launches gaming bar

1386 days 22 hours ago - PCA: "Raunchy games website launches a three story bar in Australia, though the emphasis will be on gaming, not women."  | Article | PC


Everything you need to know about the Nintendo Wii U

1450 days 8 hours ago - PCA: What games will be available for the Wii U at launch? Can it play Blu-ray discs? Will the Wii U controller survive sustained 'gamer rage'? PCA... | Article | Wii


The Cruelest Cuts: games that were banned or modified by the Australian Classification Board

1459 days 14 hours ago - PCA: "Sex, drugs and graffiti: we list the Top Ten games that were victims of the Australian Classification Board." | Article | PS2


Australian WCG kicks off this weekend in Parramatta Sydney

1490 days 12 hours ago - PCA: "If you're anything like us, you probably fancy yourself a bit of a paragon in your video game of choice. We've lost count of the amount of ti... | News | PC


Bulletstorm review: PiMP.TV

1529 days 9 hours ago - PiMP.TV: "Sometimes, big, dumb and loud is exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s what makes WWE wrestling so much fun, the reason Jean Claude Van D... | Review | PC


Top 20 video game worlds

1530 days 5 hours ago - Chris Jager of PCA writes: "In the following gallery, we pay tribute to the best video game worlds in the history of the medium. Our choices are ba... | Article | PS2


The 20 most memorable video game worlds

1532 days 3 hours ago - PCA: "What makes a great video game stay in the memory? While gameplay, graphics and plot all play their part, an often overlooked factor is the wo... | Article | PS2


Top 10 Kinect hacks (so far)

1640 days 14 hours ago - GGG: Kinect hacking is taking off at blinding speed. Microsoft's Kinect motion controller for XBox 360 is less than a month old, and it seems like... | News | Xbox 360


In Pictures: Éowyn launches PlayStation 3 Mubi service

1665 days 1 hour ago - GGG: Sony kicked off the local availability of Mubi, an independent, international and classic movies delivery service at the Chauvel Cinema in Syd... | Article | PS3


Sony's 10 greatest tech flops

1667 days 18 hours ago - GGG: We take a look at some Sony products that didn't win consumers' hearts and minds. | Article | Tech


Creepy video game fan art Part 2: The Bloodening

1669 days 21 hours ago - GGG: "I looked beyond the veil of human understanding, and what I saw drove me to madness..." | Article | PC


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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