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Good Night Sweet Prince: Far Cry 2 and Looking Away

562 days 6 hours ago - In a game as violent as Far Cry 2, it is possible to evoke feeling without heavy-handed narrative crutches. Just ask the buddies. | Opinion piece | PC


Ryse Review: Sons of Dads of Rome (Pixels or Death)

629 days 18 hours ago - Despite its next-gen status and historical setting, Ryse is little more than Call of [Roman] Duty; angry white men perpetuating the same problemati... | Review | Xbox One


How Loud is Too Loud: On Bulletstorm

632 days 5 hours ago - Bulletstorm is a game predicated on bombast and overinflated machismo. Is its over-the-top masculinity a commentary on the first-person shooter gen... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Genre Definitions Can Hurt Game Concepts

651 days 4 hours ago - With so much emphasis placed on categorizing games based on genre, what impact does that have on the developers trying to shape concepts that may n... | Opinion piece | Industry


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Call of Duty: Ghosts: The Movie: The Interview

657 days 6 hours ago - If Call of Duty: Ghosts were a movie, it would look a heck of a lot like Call of Duty: Ghosts: the videogame. Join us for a discussion of gaming's... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Just Like Your Least Favorite Animes: A Review of Agarest (Pixels or Death)

657 days 8 hours ago - Sometimes, when you release an old game on a new platform, the results are less than stellar. Agarest's clunky mechanics and poor pacing demonstrat... | Review | PC


Add Breasts and Stir: On Gender Equality in Videogames

666 days 9 hours ago - It's no secret that gender is a problematic topic in videogames as well as game culture at large. While some people have advocated for the inclusio... | Opinion piece | Culture


How Mark of the Ninja Does Stealth Right

684 days 13 hours ago - While stealth in games has a history of being clunky or frustrating, Mark of the Ninja does a few key things very right to make players feel powerf... | Opinion piece | PC


RPG Club Plays Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines Part 1 (Pixels or Death)

692 days 1 hour ago - For the October edition of RPG Club, Pixels or Death are playing the appropriately Halloween-y Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines. In week 1, we l... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Thunder Wolves fails the Camp Test

798 days 8 hours ago - Most Wanted Entertainment's Thunder Wolves is another entry into the "silly fun high-octane action game" genre. But the game's inability to provide... | Opinion piece | PC


Mass Confusion: Mass Effect 3's Crippling Identity Crisis

811 days 9 hours ago - Mass Effect 3 is renowned as a fantastic action RPG. But by looking first at what defines RPG, Mass Effect 3 starts to look less like a narrative-b... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


What the Humble THQ Bundle Could Mean For Gaming

1004 days 1 hour ago - Pixels or Death's Mike Barrett and Patrick Lindsey share their thoughts on the Humble THQ Bundle, and whether or not it means bad things for indie... | Opinion piece | PC


Why I'm Not Backing Project Eternity

1071 days 5 hours ago - Pixels or Death's Patrick Lindsey talks about Project Eternity, the recent Obsidian Kickstarter, and why he refuses to give it any support. | Opinion piece | PC


Hating Dark Souls: A Love Story

1073 days 1 hour ago - Pixels or Death's Henry McMunn discusses how Dark Souls is brutal, relentless, and hates him, and how he loves the game because of it. | Opinion piece | PC


They Bleed Pixels Is Tough But Fair

1080 days 10 hours ago - Pixels or Death's Patrick Lindsey talks about the difficulty in They Bleed Pixels, and how it challenges without being unfair: "They Bleed Pixel... | Opinion piece | PC


Deadly Premonition as a Lucid Dream

1086 days 3 hours ago - Pixels or Death's Emily Payton describes survival horror oddity Deadly Premonition as an almost lucid dream-like experience: "Deadly Premonition... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Tower of Heaven OST is great music for writing

1094 days 18 hours ago - Pixels or Death's Caitlin Blank talks about the ultra-relaxed Tower of Heaven OST, and how it's great music for writing: "This is where the Towe... | Opinion piece | PC


Proteus as a Videogame Jazz Masterpiece

1094 days 18 hours ago - Pixels or Death's Joshua Dennison compares Ed Key's indie adventure game Proteus with Miles Davis' seminal jazz masterpiece Kind of Blue: "So, t... | Article | PC


The Last Story Is One of the Best Worst Games Ever

1098 days 1 hour ago - Pixels or Death's Tom Auxier talks about Mistwalker's The Last Story, and how amid an utterly failed gameplay experience lurks something truly uniq... | Opinion piece | Wii


Why The Metal Gear Solid Movie Is a Bad Idea

1098 days 3 hours ago - Pixels or Death's Patrick Lindsey talks about the recent announcement of the Metal Gear Solid movie, and why it's not as great an idea as everyone... | Opinion piece | Culture


LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post
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