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The problem with Shenmue 3

17 days 1 hour ago - Rice Digital explores what gamer's can truly expect from the most wanted sequel in gaming. | Opinion piece | PC


DanganRonpa 2: Goodbye Despair Review I Rice Digital

300 days 8 hours ago - Rice Digital takes a look at the sequel to one of the PS Vitas finest visual novel and a series that remains one of gaming's best kept secrets. | Review | PS Vita


Nier Retrospective

396 days 8 hours ago - Rice Digital takes a look back at Nier, one of the most underrated and underplayed games of the last generation. | Article | Xbox 360


Have Square-Enix finally seen the light?

417 days ago - After years in the wilderness, pandering to western audiences and making JRPGs that their fans don't really like - are there signs that Square-Enix... | Opinion piece | Industry


At a Glance: Bishop Games

Now - Bishop Games is a small studio out of Quebec City, Canada. The three-person studio began work on their first game, Light Fall, last year and have s... | Promoted post

Review: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc I Rice Digital

479 days 20 hours ago - Erika Szabo joins the Rice Digital crew with the first of her weekly Vlogs, a review of Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc. | Videocast | PS Vita


Street Fighter Bonus Stage Car commercial

480 days 14 hours ago - Turkish insurance company uses Ryu to wreck a car for its commercial. | Video | Culture


Awesome Videogame Street Art

481 days 23 hours ago - Funstock take a look at some amazing videogame graffiti from around the world | Article | Culture


Love poems about my videogame crushes

506 days 19 hours ago - ILJG takes to poetry to confess his feelings for his videogame loves - with hilarious consequences. | Opinion piece | Culture


Senran Kagura Burst gets 'Life and Hometown' Edition

507 days 19 hours ago - European fans of Senran Kagura will get a newly unveiled 'Life and Hometown' Edition for Senran Kagura - featuring a T-Shirt with Takaki-san's now... | News | 3DS


Senran Kagura is good for the games industry

513 days 7 hours ago - Rice Digital makes a counter argument to Official Nintendo's piece on how Senran Kagura is damaging the games industry. | Opinion piece | 3DS


Gigantic Army Review I Rice Digital

515 days 23 hours ago - Gigantic Army, the Cybernator Homage from Nyu Media releases today. Rice Digital takes a look at this excellent side-scrolling mech-shooter. | Review | PC


Love Plus Review I Rice Digital

516 days 23 hours ago - Rice Digital takes a look back at the often misunderstood Love Plus 'Girlfriend Simulator' for Nintendo DS | Review | Nintendo DS


Cybernator homage - 'Gigantic Army' announced

529 days 8 hours ago - Side scrolling mech-action is back, in the form of the brilliant-looking 'Gigantic Army', a nod to 16bit classics like Cybernator / Assault Suits V... | News | PC


Rune Factory 4 cancelled for Europe

532 days ago - The fantasy farming RPG won't make in Europe, after all. Official statement in the article. | News | 3DS


Europe's Senran Kagura boxart is 100% boobs - out in Feb

535 days 1 hour ago - MAQL have revealed the boxart for Senran Kagura: Burst (3DS) in Europe - and it's sure to raise a few eyebrows / give mums a heart attack. It's als... | News | 3DS


Clocktower Retrospective: Part 1 I Rice Digital

541 days 3 hours ago - Rice Digital takes a look at one of the most interesting, yet underplayed, Survival Horror series ever made. | Opinion piece | Retro


Keiji Inafune talks Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z

571 days 9 hours ago - Inafune goes into detail on the upcoming Ninja Gaiden spin-off. | Interview | Xbox 360


How can Nintendo save the Wii U?

579 days 19 hours ago - Rice Digital takes a look at the key areas that could save Nintendo's flagging console. | Opinion piece | Wii U


Review: Atelier Totori Plus I Rice Digital

584 days 23 hours ago - One of PS Vita's most charming - and often overlooked JRPG's Atelier Totori offers an adventure with a real change of pace and a core of surprising... | Review | PS Vita


The story behind the Resident Evil 4 that never was

591 days 2 hours ago - Did you know Resi 4 was originally going to be like 'The Thing'? Rice Digital gets a first hand account of the story behind Resident Evil 3.5 - the... | Interview | GameCube


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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