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The Problem With The Undead #1: The Infection

931 days 4 hours ago - The first of a three part series discussing the progressive rise and evolution of the survival horror genre and its impact left within the gaming c... | Opinion piece | Retro


Parable: Fighting game scene in the 'Deen

932 days 21 hours ago - "We began in a simple flat. 6 guys crammed into a living room with two set-ups. We were loud, excitable and purely in awe that we’d found other pla... | Opinion piece | Culture


In G Minor #2: Agro

933 days 21 hours ago - Whether it’s an Italian plumber or the world’s fastest hedgehog, gaming has created many recognisable heroes over the years. But surely, these char... | Opinion piece | PS2


Parable: RetroBeats: Duck Tales

935 days 20 hours ago - "Video games in the last 25 years have undergone a lot of changes, as you may have noticed. Obviously they have vastly changed graphically but I wa... | Opinion piece | Retro


Bloodborne (PS4) Review

Now - Ken steps into the world of Bloodborne, prepared to die. | Promoted post

Parable: War of the Roses Review

937 days 2 hours ago - "If I was asked what it is about modern day competitive video games that I loathe so much, I would honestly struggle to answer. Putting it down to... | Review | PC


ZombiU Preview - Parable

939 days 11 hours ago - One of the most widely anticipated showings at the 2012 Eurogamer Expo was the new Nintendo Home Console, the Wii U. When unveiled it was met by eq... | Preview | Wii U


Parable: Retroview: Streets of Rage

940 days 3 hours ago - "Owning a Sega Mega Drive as a child secured one fact: That I would be playing a metric ton of side scrolling brawlers. Golden Axe, Shinobi and Ali... | Opinion piece | Retro


Parable: Rayman Legends Preview

940 days 14 hours ago - "Rayman Legends is the sequel to the critically acclaimed, gorgeous and charming Rayman Origins. Origins bought Rayman back to the forefront of pla... | Preview | Wii U


In G Minor #1: Zeke Dunbar

940 days 21 hours ago - Whether it’s an Italian plumber or the world’s fastest hedgehog, gaming has created many recognisable heroes over the years. But surely, these char... | Opinion piece | PS3


Parable: Dishonoured preview

942 days 18 hours ago - "When Dishonoured was originally revealed it was met by surprise and excitement by a large percentage of the community due to its intriguing reveal... | Preview | PC


Parable: Marvel vs Capcom: Origins

943 days 6 hours ago - "Marvel vs Capcom is a series that splits fighting game fans in half. Those in favour relish the absurd, over the top nature that rewards the playe... | Review | Xbox 360


Parable: Need for Speed: Most Wanted Preview

943 days 9 hours ago - "Already aware that the series was undergoing a fair few changes for the up and coming release of Need for Speed Most Wanted, I wasn’t sure which d... | Preview | PC


Parable: Devil May Cry Preview

944 days 11 hours ago - Any conflicts and arguments for the re-imagining of Dante’s character and appearance aside, there has been a massive concern among long term fans o... | Preview | PC


Parable: Anna Review

944 days 13 hours ago - "Horror games tend to split people down the middle creating two entirely separate pools, the first of which being feverishly in love with the genre... | Review | PC


Parable: Far Cry 3 Preview

944 days 14 hours ago - Far Cry 2 was a technically astounding game that fell extremely short of expectations by being too technically good, often forgetting that accessib... | Preview | PC


Parable: Borderlands 2 Review

945 days 14 hours ago - I adored the original Borderlands release, enough for me to rate it as one of my top 10 releases of the current gen. It bought an interesting blend... | Review | Xbox 360


Worms Revolution | Parable

945 days 20 hours ago - If there’s any characteristic that can forge a bond between a play and a game, it’s humour, something the acclaimed Worms series has been carrying... | Review | PC


Parable: Joe Danger 2: The Movie

948 days 12 hours ago - "Hello Games are by far the happiest gaming developers on the planet. Everything about Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The movie simply screams playfu... | Review | Xbox 360


Parable: Bust-N-Rush Review

951 days 11 hours ago - With an unbeatable objective and the continued possibility to get your personal top score just that little bit higher, it’s no surprise that the en... | Review | PC


Torchlight II | Parable

955 days 10 hours ago - Runic Games’ Torchlight was one of the most lauded WRPGs in recent memory. It received critical acclaim for its astounding art and sound design, as... | Review | PC


Toukiden Kiwami (PS4) Review

Now - Drew slays plenty of demons in his latest review. | Promoted post
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