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Valve is solving virtual reality's input problem

59 days 22 hours ago - Engadget: Among the handful of announcements Valve made at this year's Game Developers Conference was a subtle and hugely important one: Lighthouse... | Opinion piece | PC


Five Things I Didn’t Get About Making Video Games (Until I Did It)

68 days 23 hours ago - Anthony Burch: Before I joined Gearbox Software, I worked at Destructoid as a features editor. I worked there from 2006 to 2010 and specialized... | Opinion piece | Culture


Revisiting Crysis's amazing FPS sandbox: how the series lost its way

207 days 2 hours ago - PCGamer: When developer Crytek launched Crysis in 2007, the entire gaming world let out a collective gasp. How could a game look this good, much le... | Opinion piece | PC


PC Gaming Hardware Market Worth More Than $21.5 Billion Globally

295 days 23 hours ago - PC Gamer: What exactly the PC and console markets entail within the context of the JPR report isn't made clear, although on the PC side of the coin... | News | PC


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Oculus CEO: Intel, Nvidia, and AMD need virtual reality, fixed console hardware won't keep up

410 days 11 hours ago - PC Gamer: Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe believes virtual reality should ignite a new race to increase computing power, much like the rapid iteration... | Interview | PC


Titanfall Oculus Rift support still under evaluation

414 days 2 hours ago - Digital Spy: Titanfall's development team will explore the possibility of adding Oculus Rift support to the game post-launch. Respawn Entertainm... | News | PC


Steam Machine prototype: laying out Valve’s slimline machine

563 days 12 hours ago - PCGamer: Looking again at the specifications for Valve’s own prototype for their Steam Machine one thing jumped out of the page at me – this powerf... | News | PC


Dota 2 accounts for 3% of the world’s internet usage every time an update is pushed out

592 days 22 hours ago - PCGamesN: Size is impressive. Don’t deny it. You’re impressed by the size of this hot dog and you’re daunted by the scale of this shoe. Gabe Newell... | News | PC


The Best Shooters of All Time

667 days 21 hours ago - PCGamer: Before we knew what to name them, we called them “Doom clones.” id Software’s seminal work sparked a phenomenon when it began to circulate... | Article | PC


Virtuix Omni VR treadmill gives gamers the run around from $249

698 days 12 hours ago - Engadget: If the unison of Virtuix's Omni Treadmill and Oculus Rift got your left thumb hungry for a well deserved retirement, then it'll also want... | News | PC


For $900,000, They Want To Build A Crysis Suit For FPS Gamers

700 days 6 hours ago - Kotaku: This is far from the first idea for force feedback clothing we've seen over the years, but it is the most ambitious. What you're looking... | News | PC


As Real As It Gets: here’s an exoskeleton suit for your gaming needs

701 days 22 hours ago - PC Gamer: The Oculus Rift may give us heart-stopping renders of truly believable environments, but aren’t our other senses being underserved by the... | News | PC


CS:GO community to regulate itself through “Overwatch”

710 days 10 hours ago - PC Gamer: Valve are beta testing a community-run self-regulation system for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It will allow certain experienced pla... | News | PC


Denis Dyack Finally Sounds Off On Our Article About Silicon Knights

713 days 3 hours ago - Kotaku: "Seven months after the publication of an article about the troubled development cycle of his studio’s last video game, Denis Dyack is fina... | News | Culture


BitTorrent study challenges videogame piracy misconceptions

718 days 12 hours ago - Wired: A large-scale analysis of BItTorrent file-sharing of videogames has shown that the number of illicit digital copies is not as high as report... | News | Industry


Retail forced Deep Silver to charge $5 for Metro: Last Light's ranger mode

722 days 13 hours ago - Shack: No one gets surprised when a publisher announces retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses for their AAA game. However, very rarely do publishers... | News | PC


Sources: EA Partners Facing Closure

739 days 1 hour ago - GI: "Game Informer has received word from multiple anonymous sources close to the matter that the EA Partners label will soon be shut down. This pr... | Rumor | Industry


NVIDIA reveals Volta next-gen GPU platform

775 days 5 hours ago - Engadget: "We're here at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, and company CEO Jen Hsun-Huang has just revealed the next step in its GPU... | News | PC


Mouse & Keyboard Still A Major Player In FPS Market

804 days 10 hours ago - RPS: "Those remarks seemingly made by Bungie yesterday, that no one plays FPS games with a mouse and keyboard any more, have led to some pretty sil... | Opinion piece | PC


The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 - Final Episode: "End of Days"

809 days 15 hours ago - Crytek has published the final episode of The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 | Video | PC


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