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"considering disobedience"

RE5 teases gamers with only a small glimpse of classic T-Virus zombies

2145 days 2 hours ago - This article takes a look at the brief presence of the classic T-virus zombies in the latest Resident Evil installment. It also examines RE5's sca... | Article | 1,2


Fishing in MMOs

2146 days ago - This article examines fishing in multiple MMOs. The mechanics of fishing in many games is explored as well as reasons why to fish. The writer is... | Article | 2,9,12


CoH/V booster packs enable the customization zealous players

2146 days 13 hours ago - A look at the optional booster and costume packs City of Heroes/Villains offers for $9.99. This article gives a quick explanation of each pack wit... | Article | 12


Quick and simple guide to mission making with CoH's Mission Architect

2147 days 6 hours ago - This is a brief guide on mission making using City of Heroes/Villains' mission architect. The guide explains things simply and quickly for those w... | Article | 12


New looped animations from White Night, a completelly black and white game

Now - White Night is a noir horror game inspired by classic horror movies and games, with a focus on strong visual storytelling. | Promoted post
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