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Is the MMO NPC companion here to stay?

1563 days 4 hours ago - A brief look at the MMO companion and its role in the modern MMO. Whether or no the MMO companion useful and here to stay are topics of discussion. | Article | PC


A guide to playing free, part 1

1654 days 7 hours ago - A short list on what to do and what not to do when playing free-to-play games. Common sense suggestions and tips for saving money are included. | Article | PC


Pirates of the Burning Sea going free-to-play this November

1678 days 19 hours ago - Pirates of the Burning Sea free-to-play release date announced. Expect to sail the seas for free "on or around" November 22, 2010. | News | PC


Vindictus: Evie joins the battle on October 27th

1680 days 18 hours ago - Vindictus will offer players a different type of gameplay with the addition of Evie to the North American servers. Unlike Lann and Fiona, Evie can... | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Free Realms offering lifetime memberships for $29.99

1778 days 3 hours ago - Play Free Realms as a full member without any subscription fee again. From July 16th until August 2nd Free Realms lifetime memberships will be ava... | News | PC


Legendary Champions screenshots, trailer, and beta sign up

1786 days 12 hours ago - Aeria Games latest MMORPG is going into closed beta this summer. Legendary Champions lets players create their own avatars and then become legenda... | Screenshot | PC


City of Heroes' Art Lead teases newest booster pack

1808 days 22 hours ago - City of Heroes' newest booster pack will include mutant costume parts. Art Lead David Nakayama offers details on the pack and a look at some conce... | News | PC


MMO Memorial Day celebrations

1825 days 2 hours ago - A list of Memorial Day celebrations, sales, and events in several different MMOs. Titles include Dungeons and Dragons Online, Champions Online, Al... | News | PC

Runes of Magic's third chapter adds an item set skill system

1826 days 6 hours ago - Chapter III: The Elder Kingdoms expanded Runes of Magic and added a new item set skill system. This system gives players new skills based on certa... | News | PC


Mabinogi Premium Service on sale now

1827 days ago - The 30-day cost of premium service for Mabinogi is on sale. Instead of paying 10,900 NX Credits you only pay 8,700 NX Credits. The sale will last... | News | PC

Heroes of Gaia expansion, Rise of the Guilds, goes live tomorrow

1827 days 2 hours ago - Snail Games browser based MMORTS, Heroes of Gaia, is adding guilds, high-level NPCs, equipment forging, and much more tomorrow. The Rise of the Gu... | News | PC

Halas Reborn comes to Everquest 2

1828 days 2 hours ago - The massive content update called Halas Reborn is now live on Everquest 2 servers. This update adds the New Halas city for new players, two new ra... | News | PC

WAR: Update 1.3.5 hot fix adds Rallymasters, vendors to capital cities

1828 days 2 hours ago - Warhammer Online hot fixed this morning with a few bug fixes and changes. Most notably, Rallymasters and a limited edition dye can be found in Alt... | News | PC

Meet Mother Mayhem and the Seers from CoH's Going Rogue expansion

1828 days 4 hours ago - Two more profiles on characters from City of Heroes are now available. Mother Mayhem and her group of Seers will be watching over Praetoria with t... | News | PC


Return to LotRO for free this week

1828 days 10 hours ago - Inactive players of Lord of the Rings Online can play for free this week. Anyone with a dormant account that is in good standing can play from May... | News | PC


Perfect World International's summer content update trailer, information

1832 days 23 hours ago - Perfect World International's summer content update is live. The summer festival is back, double experience is active, and Demon/Sage Conversion i... | News | PC


Fallen Earth's latest state of the game address and new trailer

1833 days 9 hours ago - Highlights from the latest state of the game address include a new mode of Blood Sports, the addition of weather, and the upcoming release of the F... | News | PC

Train your own pet in LEGO Universe

1833 days 13 hours ago - In LEGO Universe, minifigs will be able to tame, train, and benefit from their very own pets. These companions will be able to do things like snif... | News | PC


WAR: Update 1.3.5 patching today, adding 100% RvR city sieges

1834 days ago - City sieges will be completely RvR-driven in Warhammer Onlne's patch 1.3.5. The game update goes live today and will add a wealth of bug fixes and... | News | PC

Double experience this weekend for Aion players

1834 days 4 hours ago - Another double experience weekend is scheduled for Aion. The double experience will being on May 21, 2010. | News | PC


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