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"considering disobedience"

Defiance servers come down for emergency maintenance

940 days ago - Pursuits consistently resetting have forced Trion Worlds to take down all North American Defiance servers. | News | PC


WoW: How to be a WoW Mastermind

1481 days 11 hours ago - MMOSite says, "World of Warcraft is a pretty standard MMO. Players pick a race, a class, and specialize to play the type of character they want. Th... | Article | PC


RIFT 1.5 Ashes of History Phase 2 Daily Guide

1499 days 7 hours ago - MMOSite says, "RIFT's Ashes of History event has progressed into Phase 2. Guardians and Defiants are still tasked with picking up dailies in their... | Article | PC


WoW: Hallow's End 2011 Guide

1500 days 18 hours ago - MMOSite says, "Pumpkin prices are up, the air is chilly, and little kids will soon be begging for candy. Every Halloween starts like this and with... | Article | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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RIFT 1.5 Ashes of History Phase 1 Daily Guide

1505 days 4 hours ago - MMOSite says, "RIFT's Ashes of History event has finally started. Guardians and Defiants are on their ways to opening up something new in Telara wi... | Article | PC


RIFT 1.5 Chronicle - A Guardian's Guide to The Ceremony of Attunement

1509 days 1 hour ago - MMOSite says, "Commemorating your 50th level in RIFT turns into quite the fight with the only solo chronicle currently available. This instanced ch... | Article | PC


RIFT 1.5 Hammerknell Chronicle Guide

1511 days 21 hours ago - MMOSite says, "Two friends or a brave solo player can enjoy a little RIFT lore by queuing for one of the new Chronicle instances. Chronicles are de... | Article | PC


Dragon Age 2′s second item pack released

1558 days 9 hours ago - StoneCauldron says, "Hawke and friends can enjoy even more armor, weapons, and accessories in the second item pack for Dragon Age 2. The item pack... | News | PC


PvP, the gear gap and poor PvP in RIFT, part 1

1558 days 12 hours ago - MMO Examiner says, "My return to RIFT has been a rocky road. Although I love the game, I've major issue with PvP post level 50. This is a lengthy... | Opinion piece | PC


Star Wars: The Old Republic preordering now available

1592 days 2 hours ago - MMO Examiner says, "Fans can now preorder Star Wars: The Old Republic at retailers and digitally. Physical copies of the game are posted at sites... | News | PC


Opinion: Open world blues

1628 days 22 hours ago - MMO Examiner says: "A large amount of people hate the pick-up-and-play vibe while in an MMO. They complain about dungeon finders, they complain ab... | Article | PC


E3 2011: LotRO's Isengard expansion dated, detailed

1635 days 3 hours ago - MMO Examiner says: "With E3 going on right now, there's as much gaming information floating around than there is hair on a hobbit's feet. As most... | News | PC


Karok comes to Vindictus this June

1644 days 8 hours ago - MMO Examiner says: "Lovers of brutality rejoice! Karok is finally coming to America in June. The savage giant will tower over Lanns, Fionas, and... | News | PC


RIFT: Free server transfers a permanent possibility

1650 days 4 hours ago - MMO Examiner says: "Just a few weeks after RIFT's launch, players needed a way to transfer servers. Servers would fill up quickly leaving friends... | News | PC


WoW: Premium cross-realm dungeon system imminent

1656 days 7 hours ago - MMO Examiner says: "Blizzard believes there is demand for a way to invite a player from another server to do a dungeon with you. A cross-realm dun... | News | PC


Superior MMOs that utilize active combat

1662 days 6 hours ago - MMO Examiner writes: "Combat in MMOs differs from game to game. Some games use a traditional system of combat where the player has an abundance of... | Article | PC


MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy details resources, economy

1666 days 13 hours ago - MMO Examiner says: "In Dawn of Fantasy, and like other MMORTS titles, the player will build up a persistent home city with walls, buildings, an eco... | Preview | PC

The horror of MMO questing

1668 days 22 hours ago - MMO Examiner says: "After several years of killing animals, running errands, and picking up junk, I’ve decided that I hate MMO quests. I want to b... | Article | PC


Three awesome MMO features found in an unvalued game

1710 days 6 hours ago - Examiner says, "With so many MMO games in the market, it’s easy to let some slip by without even a glance. That’s unfortunate because there are MM... | Article | PC


WoW: Zul'aman and Zul'gurub return

1738 days 10 hours ago - The retired raids of Zul'aman and Zul'gurub are scheduled to return in World of Warcraft's 4.1 patch. | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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