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Gaming For Good – You and Me

1001 days 17 hours ago - "Listen, I'm disabled, so are lots of people, but we are all gamers and we can make life better for each other." - PMPB | Opinion piece | Culture


Sleeping Dogs: Hints and Tips

1267 days 15 hours ago - Sleeping Dogs has a lot to offer but it's easy to miss the little things. The following hints and tips should help maximize your fun and minimize a... | Article | PC


Our Gaming Sisters

1451 days 4 hours ago - The other half picking up a controller only empowers us all, and makes happiness all that more likely | Opinion piece | Culture


The Gaming Generation Vs. The Elders

1465 days 11 hours ago - Unfortunately for gamers, a large portion of the generations that proceeded us still think of video games the way they did back in the 1980s. At be... | Opinion piece | Culture


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

$5 for every day she fought cancer

1585 days 8 hours ago - In just 5 days, more than 10,000 Extra Life gamers will play games to heal kids at their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This year has... | Opinion piece | Culture


SG Review: Dead Nation – Road of Devastation

1590 days 23 hours ago - Almost a year after Housemarque’s top-down zombie shooter hit PSN, fans of non-stop zombie slaughter shooter Dead Nation are being treated to a br... | Review | Arcade


When indie developers attack

1593 days 15 hours ago - Indie devs have big ideas and big dreams. Some of them also have big mouths… | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Mass Effect 3: New Character Interactions and Consequences Detailed

1658 days 17 hours ago - In Mass Effect, the decisions you make matter. Do you sign an autograph or do you ignore a fan? Do you kill off the last of a species or risk them... | Rumor | PC


Four Great Games with Great Stories: We Want More like these!

1687 days 15 hours ago - Most games give us a functional “story;” more of a framework to help explain game mechanics, concepts and objectives rather than something to be re... | Opinion piece | PC


Genres over the Years: Platformer to FPS to TPS

1688 days 17 hours ago - How different the landscape looks in terms of the dominant genres. Right now we are in first-person-shooter nirvana, but it was not always so, and... | Opinion piece | Tech


SG: 20 New IP’s You Should Keep Your Eyes On

1704 days 1 hour ago - Here are 20 new IPs to keep an eye on. Some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t. Some could change the industry and a few may just be good for a few... | Article | Xbox

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