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Witcher 3: The PC graphics - impressions of the PC, Ultra Settings, 4K

267 days ago - : We had the opportunity first impressions from the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt take - in 4K, on ​​Ultra settings. | News | PC


GeForce 780 Ti Benchmarks

826 days 20 hours ago - The new NVIDIA’s flagship is much more than GeForce GTX 780 replacement. Despite the fact that reference card will only arrive with 3GB memory, it... | News | PC


First Metro Last Light Benchmark From Scan Magazine.

1001 days 7 hours ago - First Metro Last Light Benchmark From Scan Magazine. | News | PC


Metro Last Light : Video Impression

1007 days 4 hours ago - Metro Last Light : Video Impression | Video | PC


Check PS4 Release Dates for 2016 at

Now - Check our release calendars to see what games are coming out this year. | Promoted post

New Metro Last Light Screenshot

1012 days 7 hours ago - A very high resolution Metro Last Light screenshot has been tweeted from the nVIDIA GeForce twitter account. | Screenshot | PC


Metro: Last Light digital comic is an exclusive preorder bonus

1023 days 18 hours ago - Dark Horse Comics announced a new digital graphic novel today that bridges the stories of Metro 2033 and the upcoming Metro: Last Light, due out Ma... | News | PC


New Metro Last Light Screenshots

1028 days 12 hours ago - New screenshots of Metro Last Light | Screenshot | PC


Andrey Prokhorov: about myself, about life, about work. The final part

1028 days 15 hours ago - Andrey Prokhorov: about myself, about life, about work. The final part | Interview | PC


Nvidia: Next-Generation Maxwell Architecture Will Break New Grounds.

1028 days 15 hours ago - Nvidia Proclaims Three Pillars of Maxwell Architecture | News | PC


Metro: Last Light - The World of Metro

1033 days 22 hours ago - IGN : "A denizen of the Moscow underground teaches us more about the Metro and the people (and things) that occupy it." | Video | PC


Forget Xbox 720 and PS4, go next-gen in your living room now with a small form factor PC

1053 days 7 hours ago - The PS4 will arrive by Christmas this year and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Xbox 720 will as well. But that is a long time to wait and e... | Article | PC


New Metro Last Light off screen screenshot

1059 days 7 hours ago - A picture tweeted by Huw Beynon, Global Brand Manager of Metro Last Light | Screenshot | PC


PC Gamer vs. PlayStation 4: How much does a comparable rig cost right now?

1081 days 5 hours ago - It is a small price to pay to have next-gen gaming right now. | Article | PC


GameStar : Metro Last Light Videos

1081 days 6 hours ago - The videos for Metro Last Light in are slightly different and worth the look. | Video | PC


Metro: Last Light - release as early as 13 March?

1091 days 8 hours ago - As THQ went broke, many fans were worried that the release of Metro: Last Light will once again move around a long time, but it turns out now that... | News | PC


Evidence Mounts About Single-Chip GeForce GTX Titan: First Picture and Another Benchmark Result.

1093 days 1 hour ago - A New Benchmark Result Points to Performance-Breakthrough with GeForce GTX Titan | News | PC


AMD Radeon 2013 Roadmap Confirms No Radeon HD 8000 Series Till Q4 2013

1093 days 9 hours ago - Yesterday, a direct tweet from AMD confirmed that AMD won’t be launching new Radeon series for a while since their primary focus for 2013 would rem... | News | PC


NVIDIA GeForce Titan Is Not GTX 780 – Performance Surpasses GTX 690

1102 days 3 hours ago - A bucket load of rumors have hit the net with various chinese forums leaking details of NVIDIA’s upcoming flagship mammoth ‘GeForce Titan’. The NVI... | Rumor | PC


3news: Metro Last Light preview and interview

1142 days 18 hours ago - Metro Last Light is not a first-person shooter to be enjoyed by casual gamers after another spoon-fed style experience - rather than being an arcad... | Interview | PC


13 Things You Should Know About Metro: Last Light

1149 days 22 hours ago - The first thing I thought while checking out Metro: Last Light during a demo presentation in a Manhattan hotel a few weeks ago,... | Article | PC


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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