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Now GameStop warns of Kinect, Move shortages

1342 days 14 hours ago - Perhaps the warning from Microsoft's Don Mattrick wasn't just hyperbole - GameStop also reckons that motion controllers are going to sell out this... | News | Xbox 360


Initial Kinect Sales Revealed

1350 days 14 hours ago - Microsoft launched the Kinect Sensor on November 4th in the Americas and VGChartz data shows that as of 6th, over 475,000 Kinect Sensors had been s... | News | Xbox 360


Kinect for Xbox 360 sales in top three at launch

1354 days 11 hours ago - Microsoft Corp.'s new Kinect hardware with Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360 ranked in the top three sales at Inc. this week at launch. | News | Xbox 360


High Street ready for Kinect launch frenzy

1358 days 9 hours ago - UK retailers spending millions on marketing; Hundreds of midnight openings planned | News | Xbox 360


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

MS: We’ll sell more 360s this year than in ‘09

1358 days 17 hours ago - Chris Lewis tells MCV that company is targeting 40m console owners who don’t yet own an Xbox 360 | News | Xbox 360


Dance Central not possible on Move/Wii

1359 days 11 hours ago - With its ability to track the movement of 20 limbs, Kinect is well-suited to Dance Central and its hundreds of dance moves. | News | Wii


Kinect review - by little kids

1362 days 19 hours ago - The Microsoft motion controller was unveiled in the front window of Selfridges and will be there for 12 days in the run-up to its release on Novemb... | Video | Xbox 360


MS: Kinect 'day one sell out guaranteed'

1362 days 21 hours ago - MS confirms day one allocations all accounted for, but promises more stock soon; Kinect 'will be the best selling Xmas product' | News | Xbox 360


Xbox 360 4GB Kinect bundle pre-order sales gain post sell out

1364 days 8 hours ago - Advanced demand for Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 4GB bundle that includes the Kinect motion controller and game increased this week at retailer A... | News | Xbox 360


Gamespot: 1 hour of Kinect footage

1364 days 19 hours ago - Join Gamespot as they take a look at six of the games coming out for Kinect at launch. | Video | Xbox 360


Microsoft's Spencer: No 'Mandate' For First-Parties To Use Kinect

1366 days 6 hours ago - While Microsoft has confirmed over 15 first- and third-party launch window titles for the Kinect, the company tells Gamasutra there is no internal... | News | Xbox 360


Kinect will sell for a profit, says Mattrick

1366 days 12 hours ago - Kinect will retail at a profit, Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s interactive entertainment boss, has told the New York Times. | News | Xbox 360


Kinect for Xbox 360 sales gain post Oprah giveaway

1370 days 14 hours ago - Pre-order sales for Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect hardware for Xbox 360 increased this week post a giveaway of the hardware on The Oprah Winfrey Show. | News | Xbox 360


Microsoft ‘working hard’ to meet Kinect demand

1378 days 19 hours ago - Platform holder insists there will be more Kinects available day one than any other Xbox launch | News | Xbox 360


Fable 3 TV ad is a corker

1378 days 20 hours ago - Microsoft has unveiled Fable III's launch trailer - which doubles up as its TV ad - and it's a corker. | Video | Xbox 360


NPD to stop reporting monthly hardware unit sales figures

1379 days 15 hours ago - NPD Group has said it’s to stop reporting on the monthly hardware unit sales figures.Effective immediately, what this means is that this coming Thu... | News | Nintendo DS


Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle pre-order demand climbs

1384 days 8 hours ago - Pre-order sales for Microsoft Corp.'s new Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Special Edition Bundle climbed this week due to stronger demand. | News | Xbox 360


IGN Kinect Preview: Child of Eden is Filled with Happiness

1393 days 13 hours ago - Watch a trailer of Child of Eden and it will look like nothing more than a prettier version of the cult-classic Rez. Play Child of Eden, and you'll... | Preview | Xbox 360


Microsoft and Sky announce full Kinect integration for Sky Player

1397 days 13 hours ago - Sky and Microsoft announced today full Kinect integration with the Sky Player on Xbox 360. It will be controllable with gestures of your hand or... | News | Xbox 360


TGS 2010: Kinect Joyride Video Montage

1401 days 22 hours ago - Here is a montage video for the Xbox 360's Kinect Joyride from TGS 2010. | Video | Xbox 360


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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