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Jolt: Bayonetta Preview

2404 days 21 hours ago - A sexy British female protagonist, wearing tight-fitting garb, in a third-person action game? It isn't what you think. Rather, this is Bayonetta, t... | Preview | 1,2


Telegraph: Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Review

2404 days 22 hours ago - As the sixth Harry Potter film opens across the UK this week, it can be said that JK Rowling's adolescent wizard has finally conquered both the lit... | Review | 3


Apple to pass Nokia in smartphone share by 2013

2404 days 22 hours ago - Apple's share of the smartphone market is growing quickly enough that it could overtake Nokia's in as little as four years, according to data from... | Article | 6,14


Chinese WOW has been offline for a month

2404 days 22 hours ago - Chinese online gamers have been without World of Warcraft for a month now, thanks to a problematic handover to a new operator in the region. S... | News | 12


N4G Game of the Year Awards Nomination Contest

Now - Help us create our Game of the Year nominee list and you could win one of five $100 Amazon Gift Cards. | Promoted post

Dundee computer games jobs under threat from Manchester plans

2404 days 23 hours ago - There are fears plans to create a UK centre of computer games excellence in Manchester could affect Dundee's burgeoning industry. It is claime... | News | 13


Virgin Media's fastest broadband boast okayed by ASA

2404 days 23 hours ago - Virgin Media's advertising campaign for its 50Mb broadband has been okayed by the ASA after rival broadband operator BT logged an official complain... | News | 14

World of Kung Fu Version 1.0.52 will Update With Good Features and New Quests

2404 days 23 hours ago - A new version 1.0.52 of World of Kung Fu will be released this summer. World of Kung Fu is a free-to-play MMORPG featuring splendid Kung Fu skills,... | News | 12


BioWare: Sex scenes "make sense"

2405 days ago - Mass Effect hit mainstream headlines when clueless US news anchors found out it contained saucy fumbles under the covers. BioWare's latest RPG, Dra... | Interview | 2,12


Free wollen Sackboys being sent out in the UK.

2474 days 14 hours ago - The official LittleBigPlanet Youtube page is offering a free (real) Sackboy to every UK Youtube user who subscribes to them before the 1st July. Up... | News | 1,4


LBP 'Edam' Patch Goes Live Tonight

2553 days 15 hours ago - Without further ado, Edam goes live tonight (9pm UK time). This is a little earlier than expected thanks to the Molecules & the testing team wh... | News | 1


Man attacked in street and robbed of rucksack containing Xbox 360

2650 days 20 hours ago - A man was punched in the head and had a computer console stolen from him after being ambushed in the street by robbers. Police are appealing for... | News | 2,11


Hellgate Expansion Being Developed

2651 days 1 hour ago - Despite the fall of Flagship Studios, a new expansion pack for Hellgate: London is in development at Korean publisher HanbitSoft, who confirmed tha... | News | 12


Reports: THQ closing 5 studios, downsizing Juice Games

2651 days 12 hours ago - Various reports are emerging today that THQ has sharpened its battle axe and promptly swung ... at itself. Stuntman: Ignition developer Paradigm En... | News | 13


MyPSP Touchscreen: final proof of concept

2651 days 12 hours ago - Homebrew developer ccspspita, the guy behind MyPSP Robotics, has released the final version of his proof of concept for a fully functioning touch s... | News | 4


Study Finds Solid Link Between Video-Game, Real-World Violence

2651 days 12 hours ago - Violent video games really may make kids more violent, new research suggests. Previous such studies had a big flaw - they couldn't prove wheth... | News | 11


Wrath or rise of the Which King?

2651 days 13 hours ago - WOW Insider writes: "Reader Duck Knight tipped us off to the box-art of the Battle for Middle-Earth II expansion from Electronic Arts. Also kn... | Article | 12


Disney Should Buy Electronic Arts, WSJ Asserts

2651 days 14 hours ago - In a bold call in Saturday's Heard On The Street column, the Wall Street Journal proposed that Disney (DIS) ought to buy Electronic Arts (ERTS). Th... | Article | 13


Kiziko: Resistance 2 Preview, Insomniac Interview

2651 days 15 hours ago - Burbank, California-based Insomniac, the ironclad talent behind Ratchet and Clank, is pretty fond of numbers at present. Big numbers. To be specifi... | Preview | 1


Computers N Stuff: Fallout 3 Review

2651 days 15 hours ago - War. War never changes. It's with these ominous words that Fallout 3 begins, and begins it does – with you being born into the post apocalypti... | Review | 1,2,12


High-definition TV in three dimensions – and no glasses

2652 days 10 hours ago - Tucked away in the Sound and Vision department of Harrods is a 42in LCD television set. As a not-for-sale display model, it draws only the occasion... | Article | 14


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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