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Original Gamer Podcast #148 - Post-SGC, Post-San Japan, Pre-gamescom show

6 days 15 hours ago - Original Gamer: "The guys catch up on the hijinks of SGC and San Japan. They also go over the first news to come out of gamescom 2014, the new Tom... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Original Gamer Review - Firefall

7 days 3 hours ago - Original Gamer: "I’ve spent the last hour staring at a blank word document as I try to figure out a way to introduce Firefall. On one hand, there i... | Review | PC


20 and Out: Gods Will Be Watching

22 days 10 hours ago - Original Gamer: "From Deconstructeam, Gods Will Be Watching is a new take on the point-and-click gameplay. If you're having trouble understanding h... | Video | PC


SGC 2014: Use Your Best Poker Hand to Kill Enemies in We Slay Monsters

33 days 17 hours ago - Original Gamer: "You may have played a dungeon crawler before, but have you ever played a dungeon crawler where your attack is based on the poker h... | Interview | PC


The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Review

Now - Dave checks out the remastered version of Naughty Dog’s latest. | Promoted post

SGC 2014: Meet the Iron Men of Gaming

33 days 18 hours ago - Original Gamer: "SGC 2014 is a wrap and the Iron Man of Gaming has been crowned. Before the champion we decided, several competitors sat with O.G.... | Podcast | Culture


Original Gamer Podcast #145 - The Boring Days of Summer

48 days ago - Original Gamer: "Summer is here and so comes the slow months of gaming. Harlem and O.G. talk about Mario Kart 8, the July game of PlayStation Plus,... | Podcast | PS3


Why the Separation of Men and Women in eSports is Stupid

48 days 22 hours ago - Original Gamer: "An article on PC Gamer revealed that the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) keeps men and women in separate tournament. Not... | Opinion piece | Culture


When a Good Cause Gets Tainted

59 days 5 hours ago - Original Gamer: "This June was an important month for Nintendo. At E3, they stole the show by showing that they, and the Wii U, weren't dead in the... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Original Gamer Review - Child of Light

62 days 3 hours ago - Original Gamer: "8-Bit Eric takes a look at the Ubisoft's classic RPG with the beautiful artistic design, Child of Light. Will the art style help... | Review | PC


Original Gamer - Destiny Alpha is a delightful appetizer before the main course

62 days 4 hours ago - Original Gamer: "Announced during the Sony E3 Press Conference, PS4 owners got their first shot to play Destiny. The Destiny Alpha only lasted a fe... | Preview | PC


Original Gamer Podcast #144 - The Post-E3 Show

62 days 4 hours ago - Original Gamer: "E3 has come and gone, and the boys are talking about what was shown. After the E3 talk, they go into the recent controversies invo... | Podcast | PC


Original Gamer Podcast #143 - Harlem and O.G. watch the Sony E3 Press Conference

70 days ago - Original Gamer: "Sony made a big splash with their press conference last E3. Can they do it again?" | Podcast | PS3


Original Gamer Review - Conception II

88 days 16 hours ago - Original Gamer: "I can honestly say that Conception II would be an incredibly awkward game to try and describe to anyone who doesn’t watch anime or... | Review | PS Vita


Original Gamer Podcast #140 - Just the Two of Us

90 days 22 hours ago - Original Gamer: "Harlem makes his way back to the Original Gamer Podcast. In a podcast that was unfortunately cut short, O.G. and Harlem talk about... | Podcast | PS3


Original Gamer Review - Inazuma Eleven

97 days 12 hours ago - Original Gamer: "Over the years, my interest in them has been waning, and from what I can tell, I’m not the only gamer that feels the same way. In... | Review | 3DS


Original Gamer Review - TowerFall Ascension

157 days 2 hours ago - Original Gamer: "Whenever someone brought up whether the Ouya was worth the money, one game would always come up as a reason to justify the purcha... | Review | PC


Original Gamer Review - Thief

157 days 2 hours ago - Original Gamer: "Eidos Montreal had the huge task of bringing back the Deus Ex series with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. They did wonders with that g... | Review | PC


Original Gamer Review - South Park: The Stick of Truth

169 days 16 hours ago - Original Gamer: "After four years of development, one THQ bankruptcy and a switching publishers, South Park: The Stick of Truth is finally here. D... | Review | PC


Whatever Happened to Defending Artists?

177 days 9 hours ago - Original Gamer: "News came out earlier this week that upcoming game Deep Down would not have any female playable characters due to the game’s story... | Opinion piece | PC


Original Gamer Review - OlliOlli

180 days 16 hours ago - Original Gamer: "Thanks to Activision milking of the Tony Hawk franchise, skateboard games are as dead as guitar games (thanks again Activision). N... | Review | PS Vita


Firefall (PC) Review

Now - Drew digs into this free-to-play MMO shooter. | Promoted post
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