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Celebrate Thanksgiving With Ark: Survival Evolved And The Rare Super-Turkeys

3 days 4 hours ago - Feeling stuffed from all that holiday Turkey? Looking for something to pass the time? Studio Wildcard, the dev-team that never sleeps, is challengi... | News | PC


In Between PC Review: A Happy Ending For A Dying Man - Leviathyn

34 days ago - In Between takes the concept of death and turns it into a thought-provoking and enjoyable game. Have a look at what one of our writers thought abou... | Review | PC


Letter Quest Grimm’s Journey Remastered Review - Leviathyn

82 days 9 hours ago - If you were to cross an adorable RPG and the classic game Scrabble, you’d probably end up with something like Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remaste... | Review | PC


LEGO Jurassic World Review: You Always Need More Teeth - Leviathyn

110 days 14 hours ago - Dinosaurs and LEGO – the perfect 90’s childhood combination. Frankly I’m surprised it’s taken this long for them to be combined into a game, but UK... | Review | Xbox 360


Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

Fallout: Shelter Review - Leviathyn

142 days 3 hours ago - Who knew running a vault could be so easy? See what one of Leviathyn's writers thought about Bethesda's first mobile title, Fallout: Shelter. | Review | iPhone


Kitty Powers' Matchmaking Review - Leviathyn

195 days 2 hours ago - Kitty Powers' Matchmaker provides love for all, and now their love lives are in your hands. Find out what we thought of it in our review. | Review | PC


Supreme League Of Patriots Review – A Hero Unlike Others I Leviathyn

248 days 3 hours ago - Sarcasm, satire and superheroes: Supreme League of Patriots combines 3 of my favorite S’s in a comical, although occasionally frustrating, point-an... | Review | PC


4 PS2-era Series Sony Should Resurrect On The PS4

252 days 16 hours ago - Sparked by an intriguing and recent rumor, have a look what 4 PS2-era games our writer thinks Sony should resurrect on the Playstation 4. | Opinion piece | PS2


Immune Preview I Leviathyn

298 days 20 hours ago - Immune, a post-apocalyptic survival MMORPG from Vidiludi games & entertainment, shows that the end of the world can be entertaining in Leviathyns p... | Preview | PC


Games To Look Forward To From Microsoft at E3 2014

540 days 21 hours ago - E3 is one of the biggest gaming events of the year where companies come to showcase their tasty games coming out soon, and it’s less than a day awa... | Opinion piece | PC


Kaiju Panic Preview at EGX Rezzed 2014 - Leviathyn

592 days 20 hours ago - There were many interesting games at EGX Rezzed this year, one of which is a new indie title by Mechabit: Kaiju Panic. From its adorable art style... | Preview | PC


Getting Hands-On With Space Engineers – A New 2014 Space Odyssey

593 days 1 hour ago - Space Engineers – at first glance you might be tempted to say “Look, it’s Minecraft in space!” And I suppose in a way it is, but it’s so much more... | Preview | PC


Super Exploding Zoo Preview at EGX Rezzed 2014 - Leviathyn

593 days 16 hours ago - Explosive animals. If I didn’t have your attention with that, then allow me to introduce you to Super Exploding Zoo – the latest title from Honeysl... | Preview | PS4


Crazy Taxi: City Rush Preview at EGX Rezzed 2014 I Leviathyn

606 days 2 hours ago - Crazy Taxi – the game that began it’s life as an arcade machine before making it’s way onto the Dreamcast in 2000. Since then it’s hopped on to var... | Preview | iPhone


Video Game Characters We’d Love To Have For Parents on Mother’s Day

608 days 3 hours ago - Mother’s Day: that one day of the year when everyone buys cards and flowers for the woman that brought them into the world. For us here in the UK,... | Opinion piece | PC


Alien: Isolation – The Horror Game We’ve Dreamed Of?

644 days 21 hours ago - After looking at the trailers and teasers being released, could Alien: Isolation be the horror game fans have been waiting for? One of Leviathyn's... | Opinion piece | PC


Why You Shouldn’t Trade In Your Xbox 360 Just Yet

669 days 5 hours ago - Perhaps Santa was nice to you and brought you a shiny new Xbox One for Christmas, or maybe you’ve bought yourself one just to be at the forefront o... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Firefly Online Coming To PC and Mac In Summer 2014

718 days ago - Firefly Online will be making it's way to PC and Mac in 2014 as well as the confirmed iOS and Android releases next summer! | News | PC


Valve Set To Reveal More Details On Their Gaming Hardware Next Week

804 days 21 hours ago - Valve has been dropping hints about their gaming hardware again. This time Valve are set to reveal more details about their gaming hardware next we... | News | Tech


Pokemon That We Think Deserve Mega Forms In Pokemon X And Y

811 days ago - Pokemon X and Y always seem to have something new and shiny. This time one of Leviathyn's writers, Sarah, looks at what Pokemon she thinks should h... | Opinion piece | 3DS


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