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Interview with Julien Delavennat, an aspiring game designer

1019 days 20 hours ago - Have you ever dreamed of becoming a video game developer? Do you love video games so much you want to get into making them? Then read our interview... | Interview | Industry


Review: Haunt - The Real Slender Game | Game Muse

1020 days 5 hours ago - Haunt: The Real Slender Game, is as you can see in the title, another game based of the Slender myth. Now there have been quite the amount of Slend... | Review | PC


Preview: Miasmata - Game Muse

1022 days 18 hours ago - Preview of an upcoming indie game named: Miasmata. A exploration-adventure game with survival-horror elements. | Preview | PC


Interview with Andreas Rönnberg on Cry of Fear

1029 days 10 hours ago - Interview with Andreas Rönnberg, the creator of Afraid of Monsters and Cry of Fear. | Interview | Industry


Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Greatest Video Game Music 2: Review | Game Muse

1030 days 18 hours ago - Is this CD is a celebration of all video game music and quite literally a walk-through guide of what’s the best Video Game music out there? | Review | Culture


The Intruder Interview

1032 days 9 hours ago - Game Muse recently conducted an interview with Roy Theunissan, the developer for the new survival horror game 'The Intruder'. | Interview | PC


Wings of Saint Nazaire Interview

1033 days 8 hours ago - An interview with two of the developers on Wings of Saint Nazaire, Jan Simon and Howard Day. Wings of Saint Nazaire is a space simulator/combat gam... | Interview | PC


Intrusion 2 Review - Game Muse

1037 days 7 hours ago - Intrusion 2 stands up to the good old classics like Contra and the Metal Slug serie. Constant action filled with a variation of enemies, guns and i... | Review | PC


interview with Aaron Foster on Routine

1041 days 5 hours ago - An interview with Aaron Foster on his upcoming game: Routine. A survival-horror game based on an abandoned Moon Base. | Interview | PC


Cannon Brawl Interview

1041 days 15 hours ago - Interview with Peter Angstadt on his upcoming game Cannon Brawl, a 2D action strategy game. | Interview | PC


Interview with Jason Fader about Steam Bandit Outpost

1042 days 9 hours ago - An interview with Jason Fader, President of Iocaine Studios & Creative Director of Steam Bandits. He's going to talk about his upcoming game: Ste... | Interview | PC

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