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5 RPGs We Would Love to See a New Game From

648 days 12 hours ago - Since gaming first began, there have been many RPGs that almost every gamer knows or has played at some point. Everyone knows the Final Fantasy ser... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Bravely Default Review | Obstructed Views

648 days 16 hours ago - If you have not heard all the hype about Bravely Default, the newest Turn-Based RPG for the 3DS, you must be living under a rock. Created by Square... | Review | 3DS


By The Win Podcast: Don't Glyph and Drive

648 days 16 hours ago - This week the guys talk about everything from Flappy Bird, Flappy Bert? Sesame Streetfighter? You have to be kidding me right? They also cover Fina... | Podcast | PC


MAGFest not a con, an experience of a lifetime

685 days 3 hours ago - For those of you who are not aware of what MAGFest is, let me start this article off by giving you a little background. MAGFest is a Music and Gami... | Article | Culture


5 Things to do in GTA 5 Online | Obstructed Views

713 days 14 hours ago - Obstructed Views: So it is safe to say that the mega blockbuster hit Grand Theft Auto 5, is still being played by millions of people around the wor... | Article | Xbox 360


Pokemon X and Y Review | Obstructed Views

761 days 6 hours ago - On September 30th, 1996 the United States was forever changed with the release of two video games: Pokemon Red and Blue. Well, over 18 years later... | Review | 3DS


Indie Spotlight: Hammerwatch | Obstructed Views

809 days 8 hours ago - Do you like games like the classic hit Gauntlet? Well, if you said yes, then Hammerwatch is the game for you. Developed by Hipshot and Myron, this... | Review | PC


Papers, Please Review | ObstructedViews

821 days 11 hours ago - Indie games in recent years have become a staple to our gaming experiences, this game is no exception to that. Papers, Please puts you in the posit... | Review | PC


Tales of Xillia Review | ObstructedViews

833 days 23 hours ago - Obstructed Views is back here again, just a few weeks removed from the first post talking about how Tales of Xillia could possibly be the JRPG that... | Review | PS3


Will Cube World Exceed Minecraft Sales

842 days 21 hours ago - If you are into gaming at all, and even if you are not, you have heard of the game Minecraft. Over the past two years it has completely swept the n... | Opinion piece | PC


Awesome Games You Haven’t Played

849 days 20 hours ago - Now that the we are in the full swing of getting prepared for the Nex-Gen systems, I figured it is about time we look back at some games that were... | Opinion piece | PS2


Tales of Xillia: The JRPG We’ve Been Looking For

851 days 5 hours ago - Since Ni No Kuni, we’ve been looking for another great JRPG to get us super excited. Tales of Xillia has everything that we want in a JRPG and it’s... | Opinion piece | PS3


Kickstarter: Helping or Hurting the Game Industry

852 days 7 hours ago - One of the most popular websites for people to get their newest projects not only recognized and funded is Kickstarter. It’s a place where you can... | Opinion piece | Culture


Top 5 WTF Moments in Games

854 days 14 hours ago - Sometimes when you’re playing a game, have you ever caught yourself looking at something on the screen and just thinking to yourself, WTF? Now, thi... | Opinion piece | GameCube


PlayStation 4 Marketed Better: This is why it will outsell Xbox One

856 days 13 hours ago - At Obstructed Views we all have seen plenty of these arguments going back and forth all around the internet over the last couple of months. Well, i... | Opinion piece | PS4


Ten JRPGs You Should Go Back and Play

857 days 5 hours ago - Well, it’s been a while since Obstructed Views has written anything, so OV thought, why not do an article about something that OV really enjoys? Th... | Opinion piece | PS2


Default Dan- Rewriting the Rules of Platformers, One Coin at a Time

863 days 10 hours ago - If you ask 100 random people what the first video game they ever played, about 92.333 will say one of the dozens of Mario centric games. Mario esta... | Article | PC


Will the NSA eventually affect the gaming world?

864 days 11 hours ago - Obstructed Views: We have all heard the news rumblings surrounding the NSA and all of the issues people have with the government being involved in... | Opinion piece | Industry


Nintendo: Third Party Hardware Company Needed

869 days 6 hours ago - Frank loves Nintendo and owns a Wii U himself, as he has told people in many posts before this. However, when looking at the Wii U against the upco... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Xbox One Exclusives: Still a Glimmer of Hope

869 days 7 hours ago - As noted in a earlier article, Obstructed Views brings to you a list of exclusives for the Xbox One that show that this system still has a glimmer... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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