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"Metal... Gear?!"

Kojima shows white iDroid iPhone case

19 hours ago - Earlier this year an iPhone case was announced that resembles the iDroid Snake uses in Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. Now, a white version see... | Image | Culture


Kojima has been location scouting in... Iceland?

2 days 1 hour ago - After attending Gamescom to present new Metal Gear Solid V gameplay footage, Kojima flew to what appears to be Iceland for location scouting, accor... | Image | Culture


Metal Gear fan remake shutdown, but here's trailer featuring David Hayter

3 days 1 hour ago - Remember the fan remake of the original Metal Gear that was announced a few months back? Well, unfortunately, the project has been shutdown. | News | Culture


Kojima: I'm not at the point in my career yet to be proud of anything

3 days 19 hours ago - "Honestly, there's nothing I'm proud of yet." Kojima said in a recent interview, speaking through his translator Ken Mendoza, when asked about his... | News | gamescom


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Kojima talks about Metal Gear Solid remake, Skull Face inspiration during Gamescom Q&A session

5 days 10 hours ago - After showing new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay at Gamescom’s Preview Event, Hideo Kojima answered some questions in an interview w... | News | gamescom


Pictures: Metal Gear at Gamescom - August 13th and 14th

6 days 2 hours ago - At this year’s Gamescom, Metal Gear has an important presence. Here is a selection of photos by Kojima and other Konami staff members taken during... | Image | gamescom


This is the theatre where MGSV’s preview event will take place

7 days 22 hours ago - Here is a sneak peek at the theatre where the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain preview event will take place tonight. | Image | gamescom


Hideo Kojima arrives in Germany in anticipation of Gamescom

7 days 23 hours ago - In less than two days, Hideo Kojima will present brand new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay during a special event related to Gamescom... | News | Xbox 360


Check out the impressive Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain booth at Gamescom

7 days 23 hours ago - Hideo Kojima is currently in Cologne, Germany, where he will present new Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gameplay during a special Gamescom ev... | Image | Xbox 360


RevolMini Venom Snake arrives at Kojima Productions for final check

10 days 20 hours ago - The prototype of the third of the RevolMini Metal Gear figures, Venom Snake, has arrived at Kojima Productions for its final check. Kojima shared t... | Image | Culture


Hideo Kojima to take part in signing session directly after Gamescom preview event

10 days 22 hours ago - On August 13th, Hideo Kojima will show brand new MGSV: The Phantom Pain gameplay during the Gamescom Preview Show in Cologne, Germany. But that’s n... | News | Culture


This Raiden statue's eye can light up - details and pictures of Gecco's upcoming figure

11 days 22 hours ago - Today, details on the Raiden Metal Gear Rising statue by Gecco, along with a whole slew of photos. The statue is set for release in January of 2015... | News | Culture


Code Talker head sculpt returns in MGSV voice recording session

11 days 23 hours ago - On his Japanese Twitter, Kojima has shared a couple of photos of a recording session. On the pictures, we can see the realistic head sculpt of MGSV... | Image | Xbox 360


New Metal Gear figures shown at Wonder Festival 2014

17 days 15 hours ago - Time for a whole bunch of photos showing the Metal Gear figures that were on display during Wonder Festival 2014 in Japan. They include recently an... | Image | Culture


‘Miller needs to tie his shoe’ in short behind the scenes clip by Robin Atkin Downes

17 days 17 hours ago - Robin Atkin Downes, the actor playing the role of Kaz Miller in Metal Gear Solid V, has posted a new video on Instagram giving another small look i... | Video | Xbox 360


Exclusive Metal Gear Solid Comic bundle to be sold at Comic-Con

40 days 23 hours ago - Aside from an exclusive bronze colored Venom Snake action figure shown off by Hideo Kojima on his Twitter, Metal Gear collectors will be able to ge... | News | Culture


Kojima: Doing something new is difficult, staff often does not understand

42 days 3 hours ago - On Twitter, Kojima expressed some of the challenges that can arise for a creator when he tries to do something new, something that only exists insi... | News | Culture


New photos of Big Boss action figure and statue

42 days 4 hours ago - Hideo Kojima has shared some new photos of upcoming Metal Gear Solid V merchandise. | Image | Culture


Four actors on set for new Metal Gear Solid V motion capture session

45 days 23 hours ago - Earlier this week, motion capture sessions for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain continued. Kojima posted some photos and comments showing a ses... | Image | Xbox 360


Kojima Productions discusses 5 groundbreaking aspects of Metal Gear Solid 1

46 days 19 hours ago - Kojima Station Episode 13 featured a section dedicated to the PlayStation 1 classic Metal Gear Solid 1. The staff discussed several of the game's m... | News | Retro


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