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Softpedia- Sorcery! 2 Review (iOS)

823 days 16 hours ago - SP:The second installment of Steve Jackson' s Sorcery! has just been released and now offers iOS platform users the chance to explore the wretched... | Review | iPhone


NBA Live 14: Exclusive Interview with Producer Ryan Ferwerda

823 days 16 hours ago - BR:The competition is real on the virtual hardwood. NBA Live 14 will release on Nov. 19 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One and EA Sports is serious abo... | Interview | PS4


Softpedia- Battle Worlds: Kronos Review

823 days 16 hours ago - SP;Battle Worlds: Kronos might just be the Panzer General substitute that many fans of turn-based strategy have been looking for, a turn-based and... | Review | PC


Softpedia- Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

823 days 16 hours ago - SP:The Call of Duty series has become one of the most important and profitable franchises in the world, rivaling both movies and books in terms of... | Review | PC


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Rev3games- Xbox One Controller First Impressions - Adam Sessler and Tara Long Go Hands On

823 days 16 hours ago - Rev:The Xbox One's controller is a less drastic evolution compared to that of the Playstation 4.But it still packs a slightly different mold and re... | Preview | Xbox One


Destructoid- Preview: Forza Motorsport 5: Finally, some real quality time

823 days 16 hours ago - DT:Forza Motorsport 5 has been on my Xbox One launch list since its announcement; I knew this was a game I had to have from the beginning. I've pla... | Preview | Xbox One


Destructoid- Crimson Dragon is neat, messy, and not entirely on-rails

823 days 18 hours ago - DT:Unfortunately, Crimson Dragon, as demoed, just isn't all that great. I guess we'll see in a couple of weeks if the full package is any more wort... | Preview | Xbox One


PCAdvisor- Batman: Arkham Origins Review

823 days 20 hours ago - PCA:If in doubt, prequel it. With Batman and his rogue's gallery having been painted into something of corner in 2012's acclaimed semi-open world b... | Review | PC


GameInformer- Our First Flight With Xbox One's Crimson Dragon

823 days 20 hours ago - GI:Fans of Panzer Dragoon should be looking forward to the Xbox One’s launch, as it will also mark the release of the spiritual successor to the dr... | Preview | Xbox One


PCGamer- Child of Light first look: tactical, turn-based combat in a beautiful fairytale world

823 days 20 hours ago - PCG:I’m floating through a dreamy artscape, whisking little heroine Aurora across a watercolour sky in a side-scrolling Eastern European fairytale.... | Preview | PC


Call of Duty Ghosts VGA graphics performance benchmark review

823 days 21 hours ago - Guru:For todays article will benchmark Call of Duty Ghosts. Join us in this preliminary article where close to 20 graphics cards are being tested w... | Article | PC


Activision Blizzard Announces Better-Than-Expected Third Quarter 2013 Financial Results

823 days 22 hours ago - SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced better-than-expected financial results for the thi... | News | Industry


Bit Tech- Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

823 days 22 hours ago - BT:Reviewing a Call of Duty game is a little like reviewing your fridge every twelve months. You know exactly what it does, and while you may not b... | Review | PC


GameInformer-Killer Instinct Comes Out Swinging In Its Xbox One Revival

823 days 22 hours ago - GI:It’s been over 15 years since we last saw Killer Instinct, the Rare-developed fighter whose heyday coincided with those of Mortal Kombat and Str... | Preview | Xbox One


GameInformer- Dead Rising 3 Remedies Old Issues To Great Effect

823 days 22 hours ago - GI:Like many fans of the original two Dead Rising games, I was simultaneously excited and concerned when I saw the debut of its third installment a... | Preview | Xbox One


Eurogamer - Rayman Fiesta Run Review

823 days 23 hours ago - EG:Rayman Fiesta Run just misses out on the majesty of its parent games, sometimes tipping from pleasant frustration into genuine annoyance thanks... | Review | iPhone


Forza 5 and the Next-Generation of Racing - Small Tweaks, Big Changes, and Drivatars

823 days 23 hours ago - Forza 5's release alongside the Xbox One is fast approaching, so Adam Sessler sat down with Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt to discuss the launch title. F... | Interview | Xbox One


Edge- Rayman Fiesta Run Review

823 days 23 hours ago - Edge:That Ubisoft feels such additions are necessary perhaps says something about the level design, which suffers in comparison to its tauter, lean... | Review | iPhone


RYSE on Xbox One - Adam Sessler talks to Crytek about QTEs, 1080p, and more

823 days 23 hours ago - Ryse: Son of Rome is headed exclusively to Xbox One when it launches on November 22nd. Adam Sessler got a chance to chat with Crytek's PJ Esteves a... | Interview | Xbox One


Eurogamer - Preview Zoo Tycoon “We had a goal - to make the prettiest animals in gaming”

824 days ago - EG:Do you remember that moment around eight years ago when you'd realised the next-generation had arrived? Perhaps it was peeking out the side-wind... | Preview | Xbox One


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