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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review | PXJ

517 days 14 hours ago - "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is one of Platinum Games’ finest games and shows that the Metal Gear Solid series can be more than just a stealth s... | Review | Xbox 360


Best of 2012: Top 10 Games of the Year | PixelJumpers

570 days ago - "Welcome to day 5 of the Best of 2012 Awards. We’ve finally arrived to the coveted Game of the Year award. It’s the award that’s given to not only... | Opinion piece | PC


Best of 2012: Editors' Picks | PixelJumpers

571 days 21 hours ago - Welcome to day 4 of the Best Of 2012 Awards. Yesterday we covered the Special Achievement awards, which represented the categories that we deem to... | Opinion piece | PC


Best of 2012: Special Achievement Awards | PixelJumpers

571 days 21 hours ago - Welcome to day 4 of the Best Of 2012 Awards. Yesterday we covered the Special Achievement awards, which represented the categories that we deem to... | Opinion piece | Wii


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Best Of 2012: Genre Awards | PixelJumpers

573 days 17 hours ago - Welcome to day 2 of the Best Of 2012 Awards. Yesterday we covered the Platform awards, which focused solely on exclusive titles but today we focus... | Opinion piece | PC


Best of 2012: Platform Awards | PixelJumpers

574 days 15 hours ago - Welcome to the Best Of 2012 Awards. This year has awarded us gamers with some truly amazing games; Shooters, RPGs, Sports, Adventures, Horror and s... | Opinion piece | PC


Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review | PixelJumpers

687 days 5 hours ago - "While the cooperative campaign’s exclusion from Fall of Cybertron is a step back, the team at High Moon Studios found a way to take a great game a... | Review | PC


The Walking Dead: Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead Review | PixelJumpers

687 days 19 hours ago - "The Walking Dead: Episode 3 is another winner with yet another tantalizing cliff-hanger that sets up what’s sure to be another great entry once Ep... | Review | PC


Sleeping Dogs Review | PixelJumpers

698 days 10 hours ago - "Sleeping Dogs is a blast. It sports fun gameplay, an intriguing story, great characters and fantastic presentation. Some small issues do little to... | Review | PC


Papo & Yo Review | PixelJumpers

703 days 19 hours ago - "Papo & Yo may not be the best indie game, but I would argue it’s one of the best works of interactive art in recent memory. It’s not that there’s... | Review | PS3


Darksiders II Review | PixelJumpers

706 days 18 hours ago - "Darksiders II is a great game but it’s missing something, that knockout punch that would make it a one of the best of this generation. It is fille... | Review | PC


The Amazing Spider-Man Review | PixelJumpers

741 days 6 hours ago - "All said, The Amazing Spider-Man is probably the best Spidey game to date, though I’m not sure if I can say it has the same impact as 2004′s Spide... | Review | Xbox 360


Lollipop Chainsaw Review | PixelJumpers

747 days 19 hours ago - "In the end, Lollipop Chainsaw is a lot of fun, but will only appeal to a certain crowd. I had a total blast with it, but I also know that many wil... | Review | Xbox 360


Krater Review | PixelJumpers

752 days 11 hours ago - "I want to love Krater and I did, for the first couple hours. But things fall apart far too quickly. A general lack of polish seems to coat every f... | Review | PC


The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Review | PixelJumpers

756 days 7 hours ago - "Thankfully, these are the only issues present in an otherwise fantastic experience. Beyond that, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Editio... | Review | PC


Max Payne 3 Review | PixelJumpers

787 days 18 hours ago - "What Rockstar Games has accomplished with Max Payne 3 is nothing short of amazing. Whether it’s the dark, mature story, the simple yet intensely s... | Review | PC


Game Of Thrones Review | PixelJumpers

787 days 22 hours ago - "I’m a big fan of anything Atlus publishes and I love the TV series for Game of Thrones. This game just didn’t live up to my expectations though a... | Review | PC


Diablo III Review | PixelJumpers

788 days 10 hours ago - "Diablo III is a fantastic experience from start to finish, and then from start to finish again and again. It excels at what Blizzard has always be... | Review | PC


PixelJumpers - Starhawk Review

799 days 23 hours ago - "Starhawk has it’s fair share of issues, including flawed ground combat, a tedious campaign and somewhat unbalanced multiplayer, but if you’re will... | Review | PS3


Xenoblade Chronicles Review | PixelJumpers

803 days 20 hours ago - "Japanese games, meanwhile, have stalled, and as a result we haven’t seen any games offering up anything new for quite some time. Xenoblade Chronic... | Review | Wii


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