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"Oh my..."

Reasons why PC Gaming isn’t dead in 2011 – Part 2

1818 days 17 hours ago - Simon from NAGF writes: "Wow, I’ve been slacking with this feature! Over a month ago, I wrote part one, detailing why I feel PC gaming refuses to l... | Article | PC


Hands On: A Hardcore Gamer’s View of the 3DS

1823 days 4 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "You can’t stop that Nintendo lot. They’re spreading all over the UK at the moment faster than a porn star’s legs to promote... | Interview | 3DS


The Astonishing Correlation Between Kids’ Cartoons and Terrible Games

1831 days 13 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "My nephew helped open my eyes the other day to something seriously wrong in both the gaming and animation industry. I’m one... | Article | Culture


The BBFC Talks Modern Warfare 2, Censorship and How They Keep Gaming Standards High

1834 days 5 hours ago - John writes, in this NAGF exclusive, "The timing couldn’t have been more coincidental. Just as we get our interview back from the wonderful James B... | Interview | Culture


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Have we Become a Generation of Unpaid Game Testers?

1836 days 14 hours ago - Simon from NAGF writes: "In all my gaming years I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a flurry of incomplete, buggy games being released. It may just b... | Article | Culture


‘If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it’ – Crystal Dynamics Talk Tomb Raider Trilogy With NAGF

1839 days 3 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "Tomb Raider Trilogy touches down exclusively for the PS3 in March. But we had a few questions we wanted to ask the guys ove... | Interview | PS2


These Angry Birds Cupcakes Look a Real Tweet!

1844 days 10 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "Sorry for the dreadful pun, we couldn’t resist! On one of our jaunts to the Twitterverse earlier today, we came across user... | Article | Culture


Get Yourself Into Competitive Gaming This Weekend With ESL

1851 days 7 hours ago - Simon from NAGF writes: "This article is not aimed at those like me. Those who have been following competitive gaming for a good five years now. De... | Article | Culture


Top 5 Games Where You Don’t Get Sacked For Doing an Awful Job

1853 days 17 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "Games have evolved to a state where you can get jobs in them and – hey! – do boring and mundane things as you would in real... | Article | Culture


The Five Scariest Video Game Prisons

1855 days 5 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "My mum was arrested for theft and murder the other day. Whilst sat in the prison, sighing and filling out the necessary pap... | Article | Culture


The Quick-but-comprehensive Guide to Indiana Jones Video Games

1858 days 13 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "I turn on BBC One after work – what’s this? Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? One of my favourite films and, in my opin... | Article | Culture


New Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Trailer Arrives

1861 days 3 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "We're big fans of Kingdom Hearts here at NAGF (don't laugh) and were delighted to have this drop into our inbox just now -... | Trailer | Nintendo DS


Five Things we DON'T Want to See in the Next Mortal Kombat

1861 days 17 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "Though there’s some great games in the history of Mortal Kombat the catalogue also has its fair share of absolute stinkers.... | Article | Culture


Five Great Examples of Human Modelling in Games (Featuring Lovely Celebs)

1862 days 9 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "Whilst looking forward to L.A. Noire, we’ve decided to reminisce a bit and highlight the best rendering jobs developers hav... | Article | Culture


Reasons why PC Gaming isn’t dead in 2011 – Part 1

1865 days 5 hours ago - Simon from NAGF writes: "So here we are in 2011 – another sparkly New Year and PC gaming is still chugging along in the wake of those shiny console... | Article | PC


Why 2011 is the Year for Thinking Man's Games

1867 days 12 hours ago - Action games have had their time. First person shooters are starting to stagnate. Gamers’ minds are craving more to tease and tantalise their intel... | Article | Culture


2010, and the Sexual Liberation of Female Game Characters (NSFW)

1868 days 5 hours ago - Whilst 2010 will be remembered as a wonderful year for gaming, NAGF will highlight it for another reason. To them, 2010 was the year when the femal... | Article | Culture


NAGF's Top Ten Gaming Characters Over the Last Ten Years

1871 days 13 hours ago - John from NAGF writes: "What a decade it’s been! As gamers we’ve been well and truly spoiled for choice across all genres. There’s been so many gam... | Article | PC


NAGF's Five Favourite Fallout: New Vegas Glitches

1882 days 5 hours ago - There's been more than enough time now since Fallout: New Vegas's release for a mass of glitchy videos to appear all over the internet. Here are NA... | Article | PC


Why You Need to be Good at Fighting, Not Writing, if you Want to be a Games Journo

1882 days 17 hours ago - John from NAGF explains the perils of games journalism in its current state, and how diplomacy, tact and public relations are overshadowing opinion... | Article | Industry


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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