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Saints Row IV Could Have Featured A Dragon

488 days 20 hours ago - TSA: "Saints Row IV could have featured a dragon, according to Volition’s Jim Boone. The news that the already crazy third person action adventure... | News | Xbox 360


The PS4′s Top Ten Features

497 days 6 hours ago - TSA: "The PS4′s got a lot going for it: it’s cheaper than the immediate competition, has a growing line-up of exclusives and seems to be ticking al... | Opinion piece | PS4


DriveClub, And The PS4′s Fight For A Racer Of Its Own | TheSixthAxis

517 days 13 hours ago - TSA: "DriveClub doesn’t have it easy. It’s not the only racer to launch on Sony’s new PlayStation 4 later this year, and it faces competition from... | Preview | PS4


Sony To Focus On PS4 At Gamescom

518 days 13 hours ago - TSA: "Sony will focus on the PlayStation 4 this August at the annual gamescom games convention" | News | PS4


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Hotline Miami – My New Favourite PS Vita Game

518 days 19 hours ago - TSA: "Like your games with a bit of a bite? You’ll want to buy Hotline Miami when it lands on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this week then. I wasn’t to... | Article | PS3


Gran Turismo: From One To Six

559 days 17 hours ago - TSA: "The truth is, though, looking back, that the series has always been at the pinnacle of what has been possible on admittedly limited hardware.... | Article | PS2


Countdown For New Sony Game “Panopticon” Appears

565 days 19 hours ago - TSA: "Something called “Panopticon” has appeared on the official Sony website, with a countdown (or, rather, count-up) that will expire next week." | News | PS3


Sony Planning “Some Intriguing Game Announcements” This Week

568 days 14 hours ago - TSA: "In previous years Sony has made several announcements in the weeks before E3 (which is next month) – titles revealed this way include LittleB... | News | PS3


Preview: Remember Me – One Thousand Reasons To Bite Your Nails | TheSixthAxis

568 days 19 hours ago - TSA: "Remarkably, almost out of nowhere, Remember Me has ended up being hugely impressive, with a perfectly balanced, adaptive combat system that m... | Preview | Xbox 360


Opinion: The PS4′s Share Button Needs To Be All Or Nothing, Publisher Censorship Won’t Work

569 days 7 hours ago - TSA: "If you can’t share the last bits – and I appreciate this is publisher dependent – then what’s the point? Hey, look, I just started the game,... | Opinion piece | PS4


PS Vita Is Dead; Long Live PS Vita

571 days 12 hours ago - TSA: "Many expected Black Ops: Declassified or even Resistance: Burning Skies to be the system selling games so desperately needed by the Vita. Nei... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


“Beyond: Two Souls” Special Edition Appears Online

571 days 13 hours ago - TSA: "A number of retailers have started pre-orders on a special edition of Beyond: Two Souls. The steel book encased version includes an addition... | News | PS3


Preview: PS4′s DriveClub – Ten Years In The Making | TheSixthAxis

574 days 14 hours ago - TSA: "How long can a game concept remain just that, without ever coming to fruition? Ten years, if you’re the ambitious Matt Southern, Evolution’s... | Preview | PS4


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Preview | TheSixthAxis

593 days 20 hours ago - TSA: "You’re half cyborg, half human, and quite literally all bad-ass 80s action hero, thanks to Michael Biehn of Terminator and Aliens fame, who l... | Preview | PC


Soul Sacrifice Hands On | The Sixth Axis

593 days 20 hours ago - TSA: "Soul Sacrifice, Sony’s first party answer to a still absent Monster Hunter, doesn’t really warrant such a lazy comparison. The Japan Studio d... | Preview | PS Vita


“The Sony Of Today Is A Different Sony To Five Years Ago” – Guerrilla Technical Director

594 days 18 hours ago - TSA: "Speaking back in February at Sony’s PS4 reveal, Guerrilla Games’ Michiel Van Der Leeuw has said that “The Sony of today is a different Sony t... | News | PS4


Why Sony Needs Another PS4 Event Before E3

594 days 18 hours ago - TSA: "We’re in a bit of a strange situation right now. We don’t know when the next Xbox will be announced, or have any real details about it beyond... | Opinion piece | PS4


“Journey Collector’s Edition” Now Available In Europe

594 days 18 hours ago - TSA: "The Collector’s Edition of Journey is now available in Europe, without fanfare but it’s there, for £15.99. The triple pack contains Journey,... | News | PS3


Hands On: Velocity Ultra [PS Vita] | TheSixthAxis

613 days 17 hours ago - TSA: "Initially I was worried when Futurlab announced this new version of Velocity, the original has a lot of charm despite its status as a PlaySta... | Preview | PS Vita


Deux Ex: Human Revolution On Wii U Will Be “Definitive Version”

615 days 15 hours ago - TSA: "Deux Ex: Human Revolution on the Wii U will be the “definitive version”, according to a statement this morning from Square Enix. Dubbed, the... | News | Wii U


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