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Twisted Metal Info Explosion

1990 days 11 hours ago - David Jaffe, the all-around awesome industry wise guy and creative mind behind the recently announced PS3-exclusive Twisted Metal, has let loose a... | News | PS3


PlayStation 3 Could Be First Home Console To Fully Embrace Digital Distribution

1992 days 10 hours ago - E3 is coming to a close, and with it goes many memorable moments from across the gaming industry; PlayStation Move, killer exclusives and brand-ne... | Article | PS3


E3 Show Floor in PlayStation Home is Pretty Awesome

1992 days 16 hours ago - Think the image above was taken at E3 2010 in Los Angeles? Well guess what, it wasn’t! Sony recently unveiled their digital version of the E3 show... | Article | PS3


PlayStation Home Down For Maintenance Tuesday, Big News On the Way?

1994 days 17 hours ago - PlayStation Home Community Specialist Locust_Star has just informed the community that the social gaming service will be down for maintenance this... | News | PS3


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New Michael Jackson Game Inbound

1994 days 20 hours ago - Ubisoft has just dropped a major bombshell and is looking to re-ignite the legacy of the most legendary pop star of all-time. | News | Xbox 360


Madden NFL 2011 Calls in Voice Support and 3v3 Online Matches

1995 days ago - Madden NFL has been the go-to football game franchise for over 20 years now. The way we play has always felt like a video game counterpart, but acc... | News | Wii


Sony Has Open Net as Kinect Fails to Impress

1995 days 14 hours ago - "Fans and media alike were present earlier tonight as Microsoft decided to go ahead and present their upcoming motion sensor, essentially EyeToy cl... | Article | Xbox 360


PSLS Heads to Los Angeles, Stops by Kojima’s Peace Walker Signing

1995 days 17 hours ago - "Legendary developer, visionary, director, all around good guy, Hideo Kojima, is currently on his way around the globe promoting the latest install... | Article | PSP


FIFA Makes Huge Splash in PlayStation Home

2006 days 3 hours ago - "Fans of the FIFA series and gamers alike will definitely be getting their “kicks in” this week in Home. Having just released today in PlayStati... | News | PS3


Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype Review - PlayStation LifeStyle

2006 days 14 hours ago - "The HD, side-scrolling PlayStation 3 shooter Soldner X: Himmelsstrumer is not only difficult to say but somewhat difficult to play as well. Soldne... | Review | PS3


PlayStation Home v1.36 Full Patch Notes Released

2008 days 11 hours ago - "PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX has just released the full patch notes for Home update v1.36 and, although small, we have them here f... | News | PS3


PlayStation Home Core Client Update Coming This Week

2009 days 20 hours ago - "PlayStation Home Community Manager CydoniaX has just revealed that users of the ever-growing social network will be in for quite an interesting w... | News | PS3


Milestone Crunch & Game Makin' Lessons

2011 days 12 hours ago - David Jaffe writes: "Hey ya'll- sorry been away for a few days. Game is in milestone crunch on all fronts and there is just no time to breathe.... | Article | Industry


Proof That Sonic Team is Finally Listening

2013 days 22 hours ago - "Sonic Team has been in a state of deep decline over the past several years, while recently attempting to re-attain their good name with their upco... | Article | Wii


Kung-Fu LIVE Developer Calls Out Microsoft

2014 days 7 hours ago - "In the most recent entry on the Official PlayStation Blog, Teemu Maki-Patola, Virtual Air Guitar Company CEO and main man behind the upcoming PSN... | News | PS3


Game reviews on Metacritic: why we avoid inclusion

2014 days 12 hours ago - Ben Kuchera for ArsTechnica writes: "The world of game reviews is often difficult to navigate. Everyone uses different scores, and a large emphasis... | Article | Industry


PlayStation Home Goes Old School

2026 days 9 hours ago - PSLS writes: "Those of you out there who frequent PlayStation Home will be pleased to know that an all-new, relatively large space is on its way an... | News | PS3


Sony Gives Gamers the Chance to Attend E3

2034 days 5 hours ago - PSLS writes: "Let’s face it, if you’re a gamer, then there’s probably no other place that you would rather be come mid-June than the Electronics an... | News | PS3


nDreams Promises Something "Very Special" for PlayStation Home

2043 days 1 hour ago - PSLS writes: "It's been awhile since we've heard anything from nDreams, the company behind the tremendously popular "XI" altern... | News | 1,15


Are Video Games a Form of Art? Yes… and No

2049 days 13 hours ago - PSLS writes: "If you've been reading up on your gaming news over the past few days, you've probably read Roger Ebert's latest comments o... | Article | 11


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