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PSLS Explores Gamescom in PlayStation Home

1840 days 21 hours ago - PSLS: "This past Thursday, Sony went ahead and made the epic decision to not only share their recently released Gamescom space with all European Ho... | Article | PS3


LittleBigPlanet 2’s Logic Capabilities are Insane

1840 days 22 hours ago - PSLS: "It’s no secret that the original LittleBigPlanet set the bar for complex user creations, with gamers going as far as creating working calcu... | News | PS3


VGC Top Ten: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Games

1841 days 14 hours ago - VGC: "Last year VGChartz ran a series of articles that ranked the top ten games for a number of modern systems including the 360, Wii, and PS3. Th... | Article | Arcade


Need For Speed Autolog Trailer Gives New Meaning to ‘Bragging Rights’

1843 days 7 hours ago - PSLS: "EA has just released the latest trailer for the upcoming and totally revamped Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, and not only does it take braggin... | Video | PC


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

GamesCom Coming to PlayStation Home This Week

1843 days 13 hours ago - PSLS: "Much like the awesome public space that went up during E3 this year, it looks like Sony st at it again, but this time with a whole lot of Ga... | News | PS3


Toys R Us Officially Begins Selling Used Games

1846 days 22 hours ago - PSLS: "Over the past year or so, most of us had heard the news that Toys R Us had been taking in used games. The retail chain was willing to take... | News | GameCube


Naughty Dog Took “Several Weeks” To Develop Uncharted 2 Dynamic Theme

1848 days 4 hours ago - PSLS: "Naughty Dog, perhaps the hardest working, most ambitious game development team of our time, are well known for pointing out just how much ti... | News | PS3


August 17th: New UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer Skins and Dynamic Theme

1848 days 6 hours ago - US PS Blog: "While this may not come as a surprise for some of you – as part of Naughty Dog’s continuing support of our multiplayer community, we’r... | News | PS3


Star Wars Q&A Commences in PlayStation Home Tonight

1850 days 13 hours ago - PSLS: "Those of you Star Wars fans out there, who don't mind popping into PlayStation Home every now and then, have a reason to take notice, as Pab... | News | PS3


Limited Edition Madden 11 Etched PS3 is Something to Behold

1851 days 8 hours ago - PSLS: "In celebration of the launch of Madden 11, EA’s upcoming Madden Gras celebration is officially underway in New Orleans. Lo and behold, the f... | News | PS3


Sony Implements All-New PlayStation Network Notification System

1855 days 4 hours ago - PSLS: "While relaxing early this morning, I found myself cruising around the XMB when I received a message regarding the Earthworm Jim HD full-game... | News | PS3


Huge PS3, Blur, DJ Hero Deals Coming Next Week

1855 days 14 hours ago - PSLS: "Whether you’re considering purchasing a new PS3 or perhaps just picking up a few new title, particularly Blur or DJ Hero, then you have some... | News | Wii


PlayStation 3 is Now Official Game Console of New Zealand

1858 days 13 hours ago - PSLS: "Remember that New Zealand TV station that found it necessary to go ahead and blatantly copy the awesomeness that is Kevin Butler for their... | News | PS3


Inception Is My Gears of War

1864 days 18 hours ago - Dan Hsu writes: "I recently saw a NY Times headline that said something about how we all might have existential crises because we're living in an a... | Article | Xbox 360


Leaked Final Fantasy XIV Dialogue Has Us Laughing Already

1866 days 19 hours ago - Japanese role-playing games like those in the Final Fantasy series are certainly not strangers to awkward, semi-controversial moments and badly tra... | News | PC


Gigantic Video Game Sale Hits Toys R Us Next Week

1868 days 19 hours ago - Are you one of those thrifty gamers out there who may be holding back on game purchases because there just haven’t been many big sales? Well, wait... | News | GameCube


UFC 2010 Deal Will Knock You Out

1881 days 4 hours ago - "THQ’s smash-hit fighter UFC Undisputed 2010 has only been out for a few short months, but it appears massive deals are popping up which will give... | News | PS3


Okay, kids, play on my lawn

1891 days 1 hour ago - Roger Ebert writes: "I was a fool for mentioning video games in the first place. I would never express an opinion on a movie I hadn't seen. Yet I d... | Article | Culture


PS3 Version of Devil’s Third Will Support 3D

1897 days 21 hours ago - World-renowned developer, Tomonobu Itagaki, recently announced his latest game, Devil’s Third, which he will be creating with THQ. The Dead or Aliv... | News | PS3


THQ: Two Big Announcements Coming That Will Blow Your Mind

1897 days 21 hours ago - THQ are really showcasing their strong presence in the gaming industry, with successful games such as Darksiders and their popular UFC video game f... | News | Xbox 360



Now - Legends of Gaming Live will take over the whole of Alexandra Palace, from the 4th - 6th September 2015. Packed with exhibitors showcasing the lates... | Promoted post
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