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Silent Hill: Homecoming Unbanned In Australia

2213 days 3 hours ago - Dan Chiappini for GameSpot.com writes: "Australia's strict video game classification regime claimed several high-profile game casualties durin... | News | 1,2,11


Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Details

2213 days 5 hours ago - Dana Olson on Tawkn.com writes: "Here is the list of confirmed Master Drive titles included in the upcoming Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collectio... | News | 1,2,11


Metacritic Responds To Early Review Fiasco

2215 days 2 hours ago - Mike Hartnett on Tawkn.com writes: "The other day a story made the front page of N4G showing how Xbox360 fanboys went ahead and gave Killzone... | News | 1,2,11,13


Do Videogames Strengthen Marriages?

2220 days 20 hours ago - Mike Hartnett at Tawkn.com writes: "I've come across many MANY couples at my job and it seems as though those who have a marriage that somehow... | Article | 11


Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

Noby Noby Boy Trailer

2232 days 15 hours ago - Colin McFedran writes: "Noby Noby Boy is the first PlayStation PSN title to be made from the creators of Katamari. Having never done drugs I a... | Video | 1


Clarifying The Hacked Home Situation

2233 days 5 hours ago - Dana Olson writes: "Many other sites are reporting that PlayStation Home has been hacked. However, the reports I read aren't very clear about... | Article | 1


Nominate For TAWKN.com's 2008 Game Awards

2235 days 15 hours ago - Dana Olson writes: "You've seen the awards coming from the other sites, but now, it's your turn! We'll be collecting nominations for the... | News | 1,4,9,11

Local Multiplayer Lacking In Most Racing Games Today?

2235 days 16 hours ago - Mike Hartnett on TAWKN.com writes: "I purchased my PS3 used along with the game Heavenly Sword from a friend in October 2007 but I really want... | Article | 1,2,11


Support The Child's Play Charity This Christmas

2237 days 8 hours ago - Dana Olson of Tawkn.com writes: "Take a minute to stop and think about our passion that is gaming. Now think of all the young kids out there i... | News | 11


Unlock Namco Treats In Home

2237 days 17 hours ago - After some grade A investigatory work, Colid McFedran writes: "Head on over to the Hong Kong PSN to get the Namco Arcade Beta. You'll get trea... | News | 1


Happy Birthday PlayStation

2247 days 8 hours ago - Colin McFedran on Tawkn.com writes: "A mere 14 years ago the PlayStation was released in Japan on Dec 3rd. 1994 was a great year of first... | News | 1,4,9,11


Direct Feed Of Home

2254 days 7 hours ago - Colin McFedran on Tawkn.com writes: "We all (?) know that Home is lacking in interactivity during the beta test... but if you'd like to see ho... | News | 1


David Jaffe Comments On God Of War III

2256 days 18 hours ago - In a recent post on his blog, God of War I director David Jaffe comments on what's he's seen so far regarding God of War III. Ok, so he doesn't say... | News | 1


Home v1.0 Dance Off

2259 days 6 hours ago - In his latest blog entry on TAWKN.com, Dana Olson writes: "Home is an online gaming community for the PlayStation 3. It features much dan... | Video | 1


PSP 3000 Hacked - Datel Gives The Green Light To PSP 3000 Service Mode

2261 days 18 hours ago - User/Admin. Zeus on MaxConsole writes: "MaxConsole can exclusively reveal that the brand new PSP 3000 model is now perfectly hackable thanks t... | News | 4


PS3 Wireless Keypad Gets Date, Price

2262 days 7 hours ago - Rob Purchese writes: "Sony has told Eurogamer that the wireless keypad for PlayStation 3 will launch here on 28th November for GBP 24.99." | News | 1


The Azure Palace Has Returned

2263 days 1 hour ago - Dana Olson writes: "The Azure Palace has now returned. Hopefully Sony is making changes to the moderation system for the future, so things lik... | News | 1,11


NHL 09 Patch Goes Live

2274 days 1 hour ago - After many suggestions from fans, EA has finally released an all-new patch for NHL 09 which is quite impressive/large. EA Sports Developer David Li... | News | 1,2,11


Dissidia To Feature Data Install

2275 days 5 hours ago - Do you know how certain games on the PS3 perform a data install so that load times are drastically reduced? Well, it looks like that same feature w... | News | 4,11


Cliff Bleszinski Just Doesn't Understand Mirror's Edge

2275 days 7 hours ago - In an interview with GamePro, Cliff Bleszinski did his usual Gears of War talk, but one thing stood out towards the end of the interview, his lack... | Article | 11


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