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Ridge Racer Fans Show Hatred For Series Reboot

1550 days 1 hour ago - Recently Namco have released trailer for the all-new Ridge Racer game, Ridge Racer: Unbounded. What do long time fans of the series think about it... | News | PC


LittleBigPlanet 2 Review -

1553 days 2 hours ago -'s review of Media Molecules latest blockbuster, LittleBigPlanet 2 | Review | PS3


Are You Really A Gamer?

1569 days 11 hours ago - Nyleveia take a deep look at what makes a "true gamer". Offering advice and suggestions of how you can get the absolute most out of gaming and avo... | Opinion piece | Culture


PlayStation 3 Piracy – The Ugly Truth

1573 days 1 hour ago - A write up on how PlayStation 3 piracy has and will affect the platform and what options Sony have to combat it | Opinion piece | PS3


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

A Humble Request

1582 days 17 hours ago - A humble request from the guys over at for the recently developments in the PlayStation 3 scene to be given a little thought before th... | Article | PS3


A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda Review -

1595 days 23 hours ago - Nyleveia's review of Extend Studio's newly released game, A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda. The first in a 5 episode series. | Review | PC

Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Review -

1600 days 2 hours ago - Nyleveia's review of Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet, Griptonite Games first foray into PS3 development. | Review | PS3


Little Big Guide - Advanced level design

1600 days 20 hours ago - An informative and fun look at how to design better looking levels for Little Big Planet 1 and 2, With a really nice guide video and useful tips! | Article | PS3


Truth or Lies Review -

1600 days 20 hours ago - Truth or Lies falls flat on its face. Nyleveia's review explains why you should save your money for something worthwhile. | Review | PS3


Hot Wheels: Track Attack Review -

1601 days 16 hours ago - Nyleveia's review for THQ's Hot Wheels: Track Attack. "Graphically, at least for single player, theres not much to dislike, with bright colours an... | Review | Wii


Sly Trilogy Review -

1603 days ago - Review of Sly Trilogy for PlayStation 3, covering the features and a nice comparison of the graphical differences between the PlayStation 2 and Pla... | Review | PS3


Megamind: The Ultimate Showdown Review -

1604 days 10 hours ago -'s review for Megamind: The Ultimate Showdown, quite possibly the easiest PlayStation 3 game ever made. | Review | PS3


Getting the MOST out of gaming

1604 days 22 hours ago - An interesting view on how changes in technology have contributed to the "fanboy" effect, and what steps you can take to enjoy gaming for the games... | Article | Culture


Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (PS3) Review -

1608 days 16 hours ago -'s review of EA's latest Need For Speed installment, covering the games various modes and features as well as a Q&A with one of the dev... | Review | PS3


Gran Turismo 5 Review -

1610 days 21 hours ago - The second part of Nyleveia's comprehensive Gran Turismo 5 review, covering the features and graphical differences between Gran Turismo HD Concept,... | Review | PS3


Gran Turismo 5 Graphical Review -

1620 days 11 hours ago - An in depth look in to the graphical problems present in Polyphony's latest addition to the Gran Turismo franchise, as viewed from the perspective... | Review | PS3


Nyleveia: Fallout New Vegas Review

1638 days ago - Fallout: New Vegas is the latest major installment in the retro-futuristic Fallout series, developed this time by Obsidian Entertainment. For those... | Review | PS3


The Shoot Review

1643 days 20 hours ago - A nice little review of The Shoot and how well the PlayStation Move does at pretending to be a lightgun. | Review | PS3


Time Crisis: Razing Storm Review

1648 days ago - A good review covering the differences in control methods between the GunCon 3 and PlayStation Move for the new Namco shooter, Razing Storm. | Review | PS3


PS3 Jailbreak Dissected and Analysed

1716 days 1 hour ago - A pretty good rundown on the hardware used for PS Jailbreak including pin layout for a possible microchip used. | Article | PS3


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