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What do you think of Resident Evil 5's controls?

2562 days 17 hours ago - There is a storm brewing over the controls: will the full game include "run and gun" style controls or won't they? At first Capcom said t... | News | 1, 2


Resistance 2 Single Player Post Game Thoughts

2585 days 15 hours ago - When Resistance 2 was announced and up until it's release, I swore I would not only buy the game, but I would finish it as well. That day has come... | Article | 1


PS3 Home Glitches - Get Your Own Private Server

2591 days 19 hours ago - Get your own, empty private server by making use of a glitch in the Home server system right now! | Video | 1


More Home Glitch Videos and Secret Door Codes

2595 days 7 hours ago - "Team Alpha at it again, this time we have a few new Home Glitch videos including one that you can do in someone's Owned Space... | Video | 1


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

More Home Glitch Videos

2597 days 3 hours ago - TEAM ALPHA is at it again. Check out 4 new glitch videos showing you some neat tricks you can pull off in Home. Why? Cause you know you want the... | Video | 1


PS3 Home Glitches - Sully's Bar: Get Behind the Bar!

2598 days 18 hours ago - Big night here for TEAM ALPHA as we've cracked yet another glitch found in Sully's Bar in the PS3 Home. Other groups like to tease. We like to sh... | Video | 1


New HOME Glitch - Get Under the Mall via Stair Glitch

2599 days 10 hours ago - Get underneath the mall via a stairway glitch that allows you to walk on the rails. You then fall into the waterfall and presto, you fall straight... | Video | 1

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