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"Playing games :)"

Big Ant Studios goes into voluntary liquidation; staff still secure with $6.7 million debt

927 days 6 hours ago - Stevo writes: "It's a difficult time in the video game development industry with Melbourne-based Big Ant Studios the latest in a line of cash flow... | News | PS2


Interview: Joel Kinnunen, Vice President of Frozenbyte on Trine 2: Director's Cut

934 days 17 hours ago - Stevo writes: "The Nintendo eShop on the Wii U has so far been a success with many developers jumping on board. To discuss Trine 2: Director's Cut,... | Interview | Wii U


Should Nintendo change their business model to accommodate mobile games? In short, no.

939 days 6 hours ago - Stevo writes: "Over the last few years Nintendo has been criticised over not porting their existing games to mobile devices or creating unique mobi... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


No plans for Wii Mini in Australasia, at least for now

942 days 11 hours ago - Stevo writes: Last week a new Wii console revision, the Wii Mini, was confirmed to be a real thing and be launching in Canada on December 7. Unfort... | News | Wii


Grim Dawn

Now - The cave was infested with the walking dead. Zombies controlled by the Aetherials. I summon my raven and hellhound and they wade into battle. | Promoted post

Bayonetta 2 gameplay coming this week

965 days 6 hours ago - Stevo wrote: "In a tweet just this afternoon, Platnium Games' Hideki Kamiya, who is overseeing development of Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U, has confir... | Rumor | Wii U


The Classification system isn't working, and there's a clear reason why

978 days 6 hours ago - Stevo writes: "From what I understand the classification system is designed to make people aware of the content in a video game, a film or televisi... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Region locking, and why Nintendo won't drop it

1000 days 7 hours ago - Stevo writes: "A massive debate is going on between gamers and companies at the moment regarding region-locking of video games and video game conso... | Article | Nintendo DS


Australia & New Zealand retail Wii U price round-up

1012 days 14 hours ago - Stevo writes: "We've been to the website of each and every Nintendo retailer in Australia and New Zealand to see where you can get the cheapest pri... | Article | Wii U


NZ Wii U prices confirmed by Nintendo - $469 Basic, $569 Premium

1013 days 5 hours ago - Stevo writes: "Last week we told you that EB Games is selling the Wii U's basic pack for $479, and the premium at $579. Today Nintendo has confirme... | News | Wii U


New Zealand Wii U prices listed as $479 basic, $579 premium

1018 days 21 hours ago - Stevo writes: "The website for New Zealand retailer EB Games has posted the prices for the Wii U. The basic pack will retail at $479, and the premi... | News | Wii U


The Bayonetta 2 "fan" reaction is ridiculous

1020 days 10 hours ago - Stevo writes: "We see people angry over things all the time, and that generally isn't a problem. However, when so called "fans" of the Bayonetta to... | Opinion piece | Wii U


Interview: Nintendo Australia's PR & Product Representative - Jamie Wilson

1031 days 18 hours ago - Stevo writes: "We have done many great interviews in the past, including ones with Magnus Pålsson, the man behind the VVVVVV soundtrack, and Nic Wa... | Interview | Nintendo DS


Australian developer Straight Right working with BioWare on Mass Effect 3

1038 days 10 hours ago - Stevo writes: "Melbourne based developer Straight Right Games have announced on Twitter and Facebook that they are working on Mass Effect 3 for the... | News | Wii U


Remember those "ridiculous" Wii U rumors? Some of them were actually right

1042 days 8 hours ago - Stevo writes: "Remember when there were the Project Café rumors around April of last year? Remember how they were all ridiculous and impossible to... | Article | Wii U


Australian 3DS XL price round-up

1044 days 13 hours ago - Stevo writes: "The 3DS XL is out in stores tomorrow, and so we've tried to see where you can get the best deal. Just so you know, we have contac... | Article | Culture


The Download vs. Retail debate: What is the better option?

1049 days 21 hours ago - Stevo writes: "With Nintendo releasing New Super Mario Bros. 2 in both retail stores and on the Nintendo eShop, and with more games to be released... | Article | Wii U


Wanted: Wii U remakes

1057 days 14 hours ago - Stevo writes: "Ocarina of Time 3D and Star Fox 64 3D are two great remakes which are amongst the most popular games that have so far been released... | Article | Wii U


Review: Need for Speed: ProStreet (Wii) | Nintendo Nation

1064 days 2 hours ago - Stevo writes: "EA takes the over-the-top story elements out and focusses on the racing in Need for Speed: ProStreet for Wii." | Review | Wii


How much are you paying for Skylanders?

1071 days 11 hours ago - Stevo writes: "To me Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure has always seemed to be a rip off in my opinion. I decided to investigate further and see how mu... | Article | PC


Missingno. in Action - Three great eShop titles yet to be released in Australia

1075 days 7 hours ago - Stevo writes: "With no more Pokémon puns whatsoever, I check out three great eShop games that are doing well overseas but are yet to be released in... | Article | 3DS


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