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Notch Tweets His Views On Piracy

1441 days 4 hours ago - Gavin writes: "Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this IS one of those news posts where a journalist immediately runs to the presses because "Notch said so... | News | PC


GB: Interview with Eric of Train Frontier Express

1448 days 17 hours ago - Gavin writes: "One of this year Summer Uprising games that stands out from the crowd of games that generally either feature death of some sort or t... | Interview | Xbox 360


GameBreakers: Interview with Take Arms dev James Petruzzi

1455 days 11 hours ago - Gavin writes: "Today I sit down with one of the men in charge of Discord Games, the developer behind the anticipated Xbox Live Indie Games Summer U... | Interview | Xbox 360


Lo-Ping: Ask a Toy Soldiers: Cold War dev a question

1466 days 11 hours ago - "Later this week Lo-Ping will be conducting an in-depth interview with Jason Ilano, member of Signal Studios and director of the acclaimed Toy Sold... | News | Xbox 360


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Welcome Back Extended, you might get an extra free month of PS+

1487 days 14 hours ago - Due to the Playstation community reveling in this newfound power they have over Sony where if they complain Sony will bend over backwards to please... | News | PS3


Duke Nukem and His Place In Today’s Industry

1498 days 15 hours ago - Lo-Ping's Kyle writes: Duke Nukem has been a hot topic among gamers these past couple weeks, so I thought I’d take write up a brief piece giving my... | Opinion piece | Culture


Excuse Me, Bioware: What The F#*% Are You Doing?

1546 days 15 hours ago - So Western RPG hot-spot Bioware is one of gaming’s Sacred Cows. They’ve given us such gems as Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: Knight... | Opinion piece | PC


Hackers have your PSN Data, here's what we and Sony think you can do about it.

1555 days ago - It’s no longer a theory, it’s been publicly announced that hackers have undermined the security efforts of a multi-billion dollar corporation and s... | Opinion piece | PS3


Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Polls Facebook Users about DLC: Slammed

1596 days 15 hours ago - Psyguy writes: Today, the official facebook page for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 asked users what they thought about the new DLC. Here are couple of my fav... | Article | Xbox 360


Lo-Ping: Halo Reach, A late review from a Gamer like you.

1600 days 11 hours ago - Ben Writes: Hey all. I’ve never actually done a review before, nor do I really have any editing software to make a fancy one. I did, however, reall... | Review | Xbox 360


Lo-Ping Podcast Episode 6: Tim gets interrupted a lot.

1600 days 23 hours ago - Today Lo-Ping brings you a much-belated podcast! Since our hosts Comrade and Brian were indisposed at the time, this episode stars Ben, Tim, Robert... | Podcast | PC


Like Minecraft? Like Playstation Move? What if they were combined?!

1602 days 10 hours ago - Seriously, ever sit there and wonder “Gee golly willickers, I wish I could combine Minecraft’s blocky goodness with the Playstation Move!”? Yeah I... | Video | PC


Decide the fate of FortressCraft!

1605 days 1 hour ago - In a move that you don’t often see from developers, let alone one that has come under as much flak as this guy, DjArcas is letting the FortressCraf... | News | Xbox 360


Lo-Ping: PsyGuy Reviews Pokemon Black & White

1605 days 2 hours ago - Psy Writes: I’ve got 2 badges – I would say that I’ve experienced “enough” to give a somewhat accurate review. The quick review is that it’s mor... | Review | Nintendo DS


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Confirmed

1605 days 16 hours ago - SuperPsyGuy writes: If you liked Sonic 4 well get ready to change your pants because Sonic 4 Brand Manager Ken Balough has officially announced dev... | News | Wii


Lo-Ping: Interview with GG-Guys creative minds Psyguy & Dave

1606 days ago - The other morning I awoke with a very friendly response to my request of an interview from none other than Psy of gg-guys, a webcomic that I’ve bee... | Interview | Culture


Lo-Ping: New FortressCraft Trailer showcases multiplayer!

1607 days 20 hours ago - The little “Minecraft Clone” that could is getting closer and closer to completion. To show how far this game has come recently a brand new trailer... | Video | Xbox 360


L.A. Noire Trailer Shows GameStop Pre-Order Bonus

1608 days 12 hours ago - A New trailer for Rockstar Games’ upcoming L.A. Noire has been released. The short trailer shows off the “Naked City” case, available exclusively a... | Video | Xbox 360


Lo-Ping: Richard Hammond’s Tech Head is Pretty sweet

1608 days 12 hours ago - Richard Hammond is known in the UK for co-hosting Top Gear and various other shows ranging in content from Guy Fawkes to children’s science shows.... | Video | Tech


Lo-Ping: Dawn of War 2: Retribution Review

1610 days 14 hours ago - Some of us have been waiting a while for the Warhammer 40k series to continue with Retribution. For this is the game we may finally see the end of... | Review | PC



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