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How to do Bloodborne's three best secretive moves

36 days 11 hours ago - Polygon: Bloodborne may not technically be a Souls game, but don't let the name fool you: From Software's latest title is cast from the same mold a... | Video | PS4


HTC exec: Expect “a slightly higher price point” for Valve’s Vive VR

43 days 19 hours ago - Arstechnica: After I gushed about the impressive virtual reality experience offered in a hands-on demo of the HTC Vive (developed in conjunction wi... | News | Tech


Reality check - HTC on whether VR is going to change the world

44 days 2 hours ago - In the last few years, VR has gone from a one horse race to having a number of different players. For a long time, Oculus alone was the VR scen... | Interview | Tech


Making sense of Steam's refund policy

44 days 8 hours ago - This week, Steam users on Reddit noticed Valve had recently updated its subscriber agreement, and in the process sparked a debate about its refund... | Article | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

Resident Evil Revelations 2 review | Eurogamer

44 days 14 hours ago - The quality of the first Revelations was an achievement in itself, given how mediocre Resi spinoffs had been until that point (no, Code Veronica do... | Review | PC


How One Man Invented The Console Adventure Game

50 days 22 hours ago - Wired: I am of course describing the epochal game Adventure that Warren Robinett created in 1979 for the Atari 2600 console. Robinett was 26 when h... | Article | Culture


Boxed games prices reach new high in 2014

51 days 17 hours ago - The average selling price of a game rose last year to over £31. That’s according to GfK Chart-Track and Entertainment Retailers Association, wh... | News | Industry


Microsoft's Vision For Games: Unifying Xbox And Windows 10

52 days 8 hours ago - Microsoft Has a vision for the future of gaming: A unified experience across Xbox One and Windows 10. Xbox head Phil Spencer laid out that plan... | News | Xbox One


Two Free Maps Coming To Evolve On Xbox One First

52 days 12 hours ago - Two new free maps, Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry, are heading to Evolve soon. The two maps take place below the planet's surface in a... | News | PC


The Second Generation of Xbox Live

52 days 12 hours ago - They were gathered together in a hotel to play a game. J. Allard, Robbie Bach and a handful of associates. The many heads of Xbox. It wasn't going... | Article | Xbox 360


Sid Meier's Starships review | Eurogamer

52 days 13 hours ago - Sid Meier's Starships shares one crucial theme with Civilization: Beyond Earth, the game whose story it loosely continues. Both titles hinge on a v... | Review | PC


One year later, Sony’s new Morpheus prototype is still VR done right

60 days 13 hours ago - Arstechnica: This, more than anything else, is what has me excited about gaming with the Morpheus. The PlayStation Move is so well suited to virtua... | Opinion piece | PS4


Red vs. Blue: Which Team Should You Choose?

64 days 15 hours ago - Chess may have its "black vs. white" color scheme, but for video games it's often "red vs. blue." It's the kind of matchup that you find in dozens... | Article | Culture


The state of Linux gaming in the SteamOS era

65 days 12 hours ago - There's one primary reason that Linux gamers can enjoy nearly 1,000 professional, commercially distributed games today, and it goes by the name of... | Article | PC


China’s Tencent invests in Orcs Must Die developer Robot Entertainment

65 days 12 hours ago - Robot Entertainment, the Texas game studio that created Orcs Must Die!, has received a minority investment from Chinese gaming and Internet giant T... | News | Industry


Gold rush: Why do we crave lustrous loot?

65 days 12 hours ago - Bungie’s Destiny sees players don the heavy mantles of Guardians. These are elite champions able to focus the light of Earth’s mysterious benefacto... | Opinion piece | PC


The rise of Warner Bros

65 days 12 hours ago - It might be easy to dismiss the success of Warner Bros’ video games division. Warner is an entertainment powerhouse with billion-dollar brands l... | Article | Industry


Pneuma: Breath of Life review | Eurogamer

65 days 13 hours ago - Deco Digital's impressive first-person puzzler Pneuma: Breath of Life is not a religious game - that's to say, it's not a game that espouses a part... | Review | PC


How do you choose the consoles you release on? A publisher's advice

81 days ago - Jason Perkins: This is the question that developers ask the most, and the most difficult to answer. The reality for us is that we’ve had successful... | Article | Dev


Destiny's Talented Artists Showcase Their Beautiful In-Game Models

81 days 10 hours ago - A group of artists at Bungie have flaunted their creative flair with a series of galleries of various weapon models and characters in Destiny. | Image | PC


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