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F1 2015 Suffers Delay, Teaser Trailer Released

6 days 11 hours ago - We were all looking forward to the next-gen showing of F1 2015 next month, unfortunately, that no longer is the case, Codemasters have revealed. | News | PC


NGB | Not a Hero Review

13 days 16 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "The best way to describe Not a Hero is basically “Hotline Miami meets The Raid”. A colourful, brutal and hilarious take on the 2(and a... | Review | PC


NGB | Mortal Kombat X Review

19 days 20 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "In short I believe Mortal Kombat to be the king of variety (will it never end?) in fighting game terms. If you like your solo adventure... | Review | PS4


NGB | Grand Theft Auto V PC Review

20 days ago - NGB Wrote: "Grand Theft Auto V is up there with some of the best games ever made, it is the king of open world games with quality that matches its... | Review | PC


The Witcher 3

Now - All the lore you need to know. | Promoted post

NGB | Broken Age Review

31 days 10 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "Ultimately Broken Age is an experience to be cherished. An uncomplicated game with a solid narrative, beautiful sound and visual design... | Review | PS4


NGB | Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

63 days 23 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a great game. The story, while somewhat cheesy, is less overblown and gung ho than the recent numbered e... | Review | PS4


NGB | Bloodborne Review

65 days 22 hours ago - NGB wrote: "Despite the ‘attack is the best form of defence’ approach (works superbly by the way), just like the Dark Souls games that came before... | Review | PS4


NGB | LEGO Jurassic World Preview

73 days 1 hour ago - NGB Wrote: "There are a few things you can usually expect from a LEGO game; solid platforming, breaking things, building them and humour. After spe... | Preview | PS4


NGB | Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Review

73 days 11 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a decent Final Fantasy title, don't get me wrong, but for me, the things that they did different just didn't... | Review | PS4


NGB | Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Review

74 days 3 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "Hotline Miami 2 was in a very difficult spot. Had it solely done more of the same as the first, it would have endured criticism for not... | Review | PS4


Getting The Band Back Together – A Rock Band Retrospective

74 days 6 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "The stage lights burn hot on my face as I clutch the guitar, my left hand carefully positioned over the neck, right hand ready to hit t... | Opinion piece | PS4


NGB | Mortal Kombat X Preview

77 days 2 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "It’s safe to say I left my hands-on time with Mortal Kombat X very much impressed. The game looks great, runs smoothly and it seems lik... | Preview | PS4


NGB | Tormentum: Dark Sorrow Review

79 days 2 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "That said, Tormentum: Dark Sorrow is thoroughly successful in its attempts to build a disconcerting world to play through. Its tendency... | Review | PC


NGB | Zombie Army Trilogy Review

80 days ago - NGB Wrote: "So, it’s good that Zombie Army Trilogy works well where it really should, in spite of faltering in a few other areas – namely the longe... | Review | PS4


NGB | Dying Light Review

80 days 13 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "The story isn’t great, featuring some weak characters, and the lip syncing is horrible, but that doesn’t take too much away from what i... | Review | PS4


NGB | Helldivers Review

82 days 4 hours ago - NGB Wrote: "Helldivers is a fun, action-packed and utterly addicted experience. The game isn’t perfect, with little gripes here and there, but on t... | Review | PS4


EGX 2015 Ticket Sale Date Revealed

82 days 22 hours ago - Gamer Network have today revealed that tickets for EGX 2015 at the NEC in Birmingham will go on sale on Friday, March 20th at 11am UK Time. EGX... | News | Industry


NGB | ScreamRide Review

83 days 1 hour ago - NGB Wrote: "I found ScreamRide immensely fun. Countless times I was kept on my toes trying to beat a lap under the time limit that I lost track of... | Review | Xbox One


NVIDIA Launch Two SHIELD Tablet Bundle Offers

84 days 1 hour ago - NVIDIA have today launched two new fantastic bundles for the SHIELD tablets. From today until March 31st, those who purchase a 32GB 4G LTE SHIEL... | News | PC


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Havoc DLC Gameplay

84 days 16 hours ago - NGB Wrote "Call of Duty’s first DLC hit the Sony platforms last week, which meant I got a chance to check it out. With four maps and a nice “advanc... | Video | PS4


Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post
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