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Destiny Post Release Impressions | Non-Fiction Gaming

4 days 4 hours ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer James takes a look at Destiny. What does the first week have to offer? "First impressions with Destiny are good and I... | Review | PS4


4 Games That Deserve Remakes

4 days 6 hours ago - The Non-Fiction Gaming writers share what games they want remade. "Naturally, when a gamer starts thinking about games from their youth, they be... | Opinion piece | Retro


The Sims 4 | Non-Fiction Gaming Review

4 days 6 hours ago - The Sims 4 début last week already topping the charts in some countries; developed by EA and The Sims Studios. AusCasualGamer's latest video review... | Review | PC


Lethal League Review - Non-Fiction Gaming

13 days 4 hours ago - Aus Casual Gamer takes a look at the fast paced action of Lethal League. "The unique gameplay design is created through the 1 – 4 players all sm... | Review | PC


Celebrate the new TV season with Filmwatch

Now - With the 2014-2015 TV season right around the corner, come join us on Filmwatch as we celebrate and give all you TV lovers something to enjoy! | Promoted post

Why I’m in Love with Silent Hill Shattered Memories

17 days 4 hours ago - Aidan discusses more survival horror games, this time with Silent Hill Shattered Memories. "The sense of isolation builds quickly and is present... | Opinion piece | Wii


Why Amazon Bought Twitch

23 days 4 hours ago - Shae Smith of Tech Insider discusses why Amazon is getting further into gaming with the purchase of Twitch. "Twitch isn’t Amazon’s first step in... | Opinion piece | Industry


Diary of a League of Legends N00B

23 days 4 hours ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer Emma K comes late to the MOBA party to give League of Legends a try. "I’m still scared by my first DOTA experience 5 y... | Opinion piece | PC


5 Unpopular Games We Loved Anyway

23 days 5 hours ago - The Non-Fiction Gaming staff look into games that were underrated or written off. "Today we discuss video games that received little to no love... | Opinion piece | PC


How To Get The Most Out Of PAX Australia 2014

26 days 18 hours ago - Non-Fiction gaming writer, Dan pools the knowledge of a few convention veterans to put together a PAX survival guide. "Well, whilst they may app... | Opinion piece | Culture


4 Popular Games That Didn’t Live Up To The Hype

37 days 18 hours ago - The Non-Fiction Gaming writers share their experiences with some popular games that didn't quite live up to the expectation. "Did you ever play... | Opinion piece | PC


Does Every Survival Game Need an Enemy?

37 days 18 hours ago - Aidan discusses survival games like The Forest and Rust. Is the simulation enough or does there need to be antagonists? "Survival games often dr... | Opinion piece | PC


Destiny Beta Impressions - Non-Fiction Gaming

46 days 6 hours ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer Senior Stiv discusses his time with the Destiny Alpha and Beta. "There I was taking on wave after wave of Fallen and H... | Preview | PS4


Games We Hate (That We Keep Playing Anyway)

46 days 6 hours ago - From the article: "Was there ever a game you hated? A game you loathed so much you wanted to break the controller? Something that made you angry... | Opinion piece | PC


Where in the World Is Local Co-Op?

46 days 6 hours ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer Aidan discusses multiplayer gaming. "Ever since stable Internet services were able to be provided for gaming, there ha... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


5 Crucial Things Saints Row IV Did Better Than GTA V

46 days 6 hours ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer KRS puts GTA V and Saints Row IV side by side. "By no means is (GTA V) terrible or lacking in some rather fun moments,... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Custom Moves the New Trend in Fighting Games?

46 days 7 hours ago - Aidan discusses the new features in Mortal Kombat X and Super Smash Bros. Custom Moves. "Older Fighting Games Offer Custom Skins, Now We Are Loo... | Opinion piece | PS4


Why eSports May Be A Career Sooner Than You Think

60 days 12 hours ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer Aidan discusses the eSports industry in the wake of a 10 Million dollar DOTA 2 tournament. "Although competitive gamin... | Opinion piece | PC


Atelier Rorona Plus Review | Non-Fiction Gaming

60 days 16 hours ago - KRS reviews Atelier Rorona Plus, "Atelier Rorona Plus is a refreshing JRPG which eases players into its deep item crafting system before steadil... | Review | PS3


What Games Are On Your ‘Pile of Shame’?

70 days 2 hours ago - The Non-Fiction Gaming staff share some of the games they are ashamed to have never finished. | Opinion piece | Culture


The Forest Alpha Impressions | Non-Fiction Gaming

70 days 4 hours ago - Non-Fiction Gaming writer Aidan takes a stroll through The Forest in its early stages. "It sort of feels like the friend who gets up on a karao... | Review | PC


PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post
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